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Championship Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 20 September 2003




Steward: Stephanie McBride

I would like to thank SATS for the invitation to judge CD. Betty organised everything superbly, under difficult circumstances, and  everything ran like clockwork. Thanks also for the refreshments, which were first class. 11 dogs worked out of 16 entered. The standard of work in the nosework section was very variable, with some excellent performances, and some which need a lot more work to be able to qualify. Control , as ever in CD, was mixed, and the stays and jumps took their toll. Well done to the three qualifiers.

1st. Dave Clark (GSD) D. SIEGERHAUS STORM. A superb round by Dave and Alf, barely putting a foot wrong. Alf really enjoyed working, and made the round lo, easy. Good luck for the future. 95 .5

2nd. Sally Baker (Weim) B. IVYMOOR HESTER. Hettie worked well today, with a very well executed square, and fully deserved her qualification. 85.

3rd. Leigh Ward, SON OF A GUN (WSD) D. Tarot only recovered 2 search articles, but a very well worked C & A round gave enough marks for a good qualification. 83.

4th. Sue Macpherson (Lg Munsterlander) D. RAYCHRIS KING'S BEST. Rio's square did not give quite enough marks for a qualifier, but he worked an excellent control round. NQ 85.5.

Thank you to Stephanie for an excellent job stewarding, and for being such good company. Let's hope we see you back in Trials before long. 




Tracklayers: Kate Wykes & Dennis Webb

Steward: Gill Macgregor

Thanks to S.A.T.S. for asking me to judge the U.D. Stake at  their September trial. Trials manager was Betty who ran a friendly trial with her team of helpers. Tracking was on the forest and the weather was very hot.  My tracklayers  were  Kate and   Den  and  my search/control steward was Gill.  Escorting the  competitors to their  tracks  was  Dave. Thank you all for giving your time to help. Eight dogs entered, three qualified.

1st        After  a  run-off  for  1 st  and  2nd places: John Wykes, FLYNNTASTIC  R ED  J AFF OF TARNFORCE (BC) D. 192. Good nosework followed by a faultless control  round. very well done.

2nd         Diane   Boxall,   BOXALONG  BOY (WSD) D. 192. Another good  round  made you joint first, excellent work, well done.

3rd         Caroline   Ashford,    WOLFIIART'S ULFHETHIN (GS D) D. 162. Worked very hard on the track going wrong just at the end. With a good control round you qualified, very nice to watch.

4th          Norma Ansell,  GEFNI WALKS ON WATER (GSD) B. 150.5 UD only. Last dog to track  at the hottest part of the day, this dog worked very hard on the track and stuck at it but going  wrong on the third leg  from the end,  but  with   a  good  control  round  you stayed in the places. Well done.




Tracklayers: Doug & Sheila Shearer Steward: Ruth Payton

Thank you to S.A.T.S. for the invitation to judge the WD stake. To Betty Mayes, Trials Manager, for all her hard work in the organisation of the trial. To my tracklayers Doug and Sheila, thank you very much for laying tracks and when doing so, trying to make it easy for me to see the dogs without too much walking on the forest. Thanks to Ruth Payton for laying all the squares, stewarding the C. & A., and fo r being my chauffeur too and fro , and general dogs body throughout. My thanks also to Ruth's deaf dog Mace, for barking continuously throughout the C & A rounds for both days. I thoroughly enjoyed my two days judging and hope that competitors enjoyed my test. 12 dogs entered, all ran. I was treated to some excellent nosework and C. & A. To those that qualified well done, you deserved it and to those that didn't, keep trying, it won't be long.

1st Suzanne Jaffa & GOB (ASD) 194/200. well done, lovely nosework (don't forget to buy some boots) and a full mark C. & A. round. A pleasure to watch.

2nd Anne Bussey & GRAD (WSD) 183 .5. Good nosework and full mark control, well done.

3rd Liz Roberts & GLAYVA (GSD) 183. Well done. Hope you've stopped shaking now, your dog worked really well in spite of your nerves. Oh, and thanks for the use of your jacket. Well done.

4th Angela Sanders & JACK (WSD) 175. Well done. Jack did a lovely track but unfortunately decided Mum should find the first article, a bit costly. Nice C & A, and he did the sendaway Well done Jack.




Track Layers: (Wed) Pete Carroll, and Terry Brace (Thurs) Pete Carroll and Colin . .Harrison (Fri) Pete Carroll and Steve Horscraft.

Search Stewards: (Wed) Heather Hardaway (Thurs & Fri) Jill McGregor C&A Steward: Val Upton.

Thanks to SATS Committee for having the courage to offer me my first ticket appointment. Even bigger thanks to Betty Mayes for standing in as Trials Manager at very short notice and as usual doing an excellent job. Without Betty we would not have had a tri al and I 35 know it was not made easy for her. Thank you Betty. With only 30 entries, I had a fairly easy 4 days, which was just as well, consideri ng the state of me. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Dolly and myself to say thanks for all the Good Wishes, Cards and understanding. At present he is doing OK and is slowly healing, but we have a long way to go. Thanks also to Bill Hardaway for his help and support before the trial checking and working my test. Also Den and Frances Webb who also laid and worked my test on the Forest.

To tracklayers Pete Carroll (3 days) Terry Brace (Wed) Colin Harrison (Thurs) and out of "retirement" Steve Horscraft on Friday. It was great to see him, brilliant tracks as usual; he laid the winning track, th e 3rd place track and another qualifier. Search Stewards, Heather Hardaway on Wed, Jill McGregor on Thurs and Fri , put my gold chain and nail fi le just where I wanted them! - every time. To the Base, from where we were, all seemed to go very well, no lost competitors, almost!!! ! And plenty of food and drink from Bobby Shaftain, lovely to see you again. Dave Spicer, Escort, he only lost us once ! Thanks Dave. On Control Day, Val Upton stewarded for me, and kept me in order, Thanks Val, congratulations on making Vinny up to W. T.CH at Poole the following week .

My articles were chosen to bring a smile and perhaps amuse the competitors and relax them a little, also, of cause with Ashdown Forest in mi nd. On the track, a plastic hair roller, a Champagne cork, and a Beer mat. In the search ; a 2in wooden ring, an Emery board (nail file), a tin lid and a "gold" chain in cellophane bag at one of the poles. All articles were found, in the end no one article proved harder than another. 28 dogs tracked, 13 qualified after the Nosework, I on 3 & 4 (Tony with Rob), 4 on 2 & 4, 3 on 3 & 3, 3 on 2 & 3, 2 on 3 & 2; 5 Labs (oops !!) 1 Weim; 1 G. Ret; the Gundogs did not let me down!! 4 collies and I GSD; Jill and Lucy with an excellent track. After C&A, 9 qualified TDex:

1st Way ahead of the field on 212.5 . Tony Locker & W.T. Ch. HARTSHILL ROB (WSD) Congratulations, you both made it look easy, the track was great, in rough ground, 3 & 4, Track 96, search 34. It was an honour to judge and a pleasure to watch. Your C&A round was pretty good too! 33119.5.

2nd and Reserve CC, on 20 1.5 Graham Brampton & JUST WILLIAM (WSD) Another good track 95, with 2&4, full mark search, Well done, Another good Control round, 33 .5/18.

3rd 200. Tony Lockyer & HARTSH ILL NUTMEG (WSD) What can I say, 2 dogs on the Forest, mad fool!! !Track 94, Full mark search, 2 & 4, again great to watch, both Tony's tracks were up on camp hill, and for those in the know, not the best bit of the forest, so very well done. C&A, 31/20.

 4th 198.5 . John Currie & KINGSLODGE ACE OF SPADES (BC) Tracked on camp hill again, in the heat, Excellent track, 98,(2&4) search 34. Gave "Best Track" cup to John and Ben, it was close but they had the edge on the day. C&A 26.5/20.

Also qualifying TDex:

Anne Clarke & TARNEDGE SOLAR (Lab), 196

Angela Pm1er & HECTOR OF CARI SBROOKE (G/Ret) on 193.5.

Sheila Tannert & STYPERSON TERN (Lab) on 193. Control round was a pleasure to watch, can I have heel work lessons!!!

Sharon Carter & IVYMOOR JAY (Weim), 18

Carole Brooke & LONGCOPSE CYCLONE (Lab) on 186. Well done, another excellent track on the first day in very hot weather.

Thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions, and making my first ticket enjoyable, Good Luck to all in the future. Also to those who suffered helping me to get the Champagne corks, good wasn't it? 


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