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Championship Trial
Venue: Hailsham
Trial Held: 13 March 2010

TM, CD WD TD Stake


After all the rain we had in the months and weeks before the trial, the rain finally stopped on the Saturday before we started. The week was dry and cold and it was amazing how quickly the ground dried up. TD tracked on winter wheat, WD on beans, and the CD competitors had very nice long grass.

Our TD judge this year was Les Theobald with Chris stewarding and Peter Brooks standing in for Chris on the Friday. Mark Lewindon laid the early TD tracks and did a great job, with Dennis Webb doing the last few tracks; Carole Brooks escorted the TD competitors. Thank you all very much.

TD championship all in one day is very hard work for all concerned. But with SATS being so far south now it is working well. No one likes the M25 and with fuel prices going up it did help cut the cost for a lot of competitors, but TD all in one day is not for everyone.

Lee Payne was our WD judge; his steward was Sue Redshaw with Les Allen and Ruth Payton doing a wonderful job of laying the WD tracks with great precision. Les Allen was also my base steward when not laying tracks. Manda McLellan judged CD, and her steward was Gennie Chapman. They too did a great job. Thank you all very much.

Catering is the most important job at any trial and Linda Allen did a fantastic job of feeding everyone; this job is always very hard work. I know all the helpers and competitors would wish to say a Very Big Thank You to Linda for serving up hot and tasty food all week.

Final I would like to say Thank You to Chris Wadham, who handed over his farm to us for the week, and all the people I have mentioned who make our hobby possible.





Steward: Gennie Chapman

Thanks to SATS for the judging appointment, to Frances Webb, the Trials Manager, for all her hard work, and to Gennie for her company and stewarding.  Frances gave us 2 lush grass fields to work in, which gave the dogs a good chance to work well. Gennie laid all the squares identically and competently stewarded the C/A rounds, upping the volume as necessary!

There were 6 entries, 5 ran and 2 qualified.  Search articles were leather, hose and a piece of Mapei waterproof tape 4" x 1". No dog had difficulty with any article.

1st JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, handled by Margaret Robinson, 88.5, Q.  Excellent nosework and good control with full point agility.  The only blip was the sit stay.  A stunning dog destined for the top in Margaret’s capable hands. Well done.

2nd CWMTAWE BLACK MAGIC, Lab, handled by Barbara Ottley, 86.5, Q.  This dog demonstrated great nosework, full point stays and agility.  The only weakness was in the heelwork.  Overall a very good all round performance. Well done.

3rd GEFNI DARE TO DREAM, GSD, handled by Jill Blinch, 76.5. NQ.  Excellent control round, only losing 1 mark but unfortunately not quite enough in the nosework section nor the agility. 

4th STONECROSS TOMMY, WSD, handled by John Reynolds, 76, NQ.  Good nosework and agility but unfortunately not quite enough on the control.

5th TADMARTON DARK REMY, Lab, handled by Carole Brooke, 74.5, NQ.  Very busy in the square but somehow only managed to recover 2 articles.  Missed out on control by 0.5 with no sit stay.  Good jumps. 

Hopefully by now the 3 dogs that didn’t qualify here have qualified elsewhere and all of the dogs have gone on to greater things!  Best of luck everyone; I enjoyed judging you all and hope you enjoyed the round.




Tracklayers: Ruth Payton, Les Allen

Steward: Sue Redshaw (Control + Squares)

Thanks to SATS for the invitation to judge, and especially Frances Webb for all her hard work both before and during the trial, to Sue for laying all the squares, stewarding the control round and keeping me company during the two days, and to my two tracklayers for laying consistent tracks and finding all of their articles! 

A fortnight before the trial Frances showed me the tracking land, which was fairly sparse winter beans.  Living 25 miles away enabled me to keep a close eye on the weather, which just got drier and drier, so I guessed that the tracking would not be easy.  I tried to set a pattern which was neither too easy nor too hard for the stake, taking into account the hard conditions, but unfortunately almost all of the dogs failed by the third leg. 

My control round started with the stays, which is something that I wouldn’t normally do, however with only 5 dogs per day I may well have been in the position of running a stay with 1 or 2 dogs had people failed the control and gone home!  The control round started with heelwork, quite a lot of it but it was done well away from any distractions in order to show the dogs at their best.  The  retrieve followed the heelwork, then the sendaway, which was about 140 yards going downhill then uphill to a hedge - this caused problems for quite a few of the dogs, with many of them looking lost as there were no obvious markers to aim for.  Next came the jumps which were generally well done.

Despite 3 of the dogs failing the stays all competitors stayed to complete the control and nosework.  I’d like to thank them all for accepting my decisions and remaining cheerful despite their disappointments and wish them the best of luck in the future.

1st Ian Brown with TRI ONE JETRIL, 180.  Excellent nosework.  Brecon was the first dog to get around the track, earning her a round of applause, and she then managed to get all 4 articles out of the square.  Decent control with a good sendaway, a worthy winner.  Well done.

2nd Betty Briley with JETRIL MUSTANG, 149.5.  Unfortunately broke the stays but Bronco amazed us all (including Betty) when he got around the track then pulled 4 out of the square.  I understand that this was to be Bronco’s last trial and finishing with that nosework was a great last moment for you.

3rd Sue Martin with ASK ME NICELY, GSD.  One of only 3 dogs to make it to the first track article and got all 4 out of the square.

4th Anne Bussey with LAETARE YUMA, BC.  Good C/A round




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon (first 6 every morning) and Dennis Webb

Steward: Chris Theobald

I would like to thank the committee of Southern Alsatian Training Society for the invitation to judge at the trial. Thanks to Frances for a well run trial and looking after us all week. Thanks to my experienced team of tracklayers and steward who never put a foot wrong and were great company. A big thank you to Linda Allen in the kitchen for the supply of food whenever we wanted it.

We were very lucky with the weather escaping the rain, but very cold on all days. 31 dogs entered.

1st IR WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, WSD, handled by Mrs Diana Collie, , Track 96, Articles 30, Search 35, Total: 210.5. A very worthy winner. Congratulations and good luck at the KC’s

2nd WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, handled by Margaret Robinson, 98, 30, 35, Total: 207. A costly hurdle jump, but was awarded the best track trophy

3rd SUNSHINE PIP, Cross, handled by Pat Williams, 97, 25, 35, Total: 204.5. Same total mark as her husband, but as neither were available for a run off I awarded 3rd place to Pat as she had the higher track and article marks.

4th SUNSHINE ANTIC, BC, handled by Nick Williams, 98, 20, 35, Total: 204.5. Well done

Also Qualifying TDEx:

WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, handled by Tony Lockyer, 201.5

LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, Cross, handled by Anne Shepherd, 199

LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER, WSD, handled by Margery Lee, 197.5

LAWINICK RIOJA, GSD, handled by Mary Drewitt, 195.5

WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, handled by Liz Hickman, 193

TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Cross, handled by Margo Brothwell 189 ½

MISH MASH MISHKA, Cross, handled by Sue Drake, 183

DARIAN IN YOUR SMILE, BC, handled by Chris Brooks, 177

Once again, many thanks to the society, all my helpers and the competitors for a very enjoyable week.

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