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Open Trial
Venue: Hailsham
Trial Held: 23 September 2012



Steward: Elizabeth de Unger

Thank you to SATS for inviting me to judge the Introductory Stake, to Frances Webb, Trials Manager, for all her help and expertise, Linda Allen for all her wonderful cooking skills, Les Allen for his help with the stays and  Elizabeth who kindly volunteered to steward for me (I hope it helped to keep your mind off the forthcoming KCC’s).

6 Entries – 5 ran

Despite the very wet conditions we had five handlers braving the bad weather.  I set a test that I hoped was helpful to both dog and handler, giving them the advantage of watching the square articles being laid and the option of playing with a toy (not squeaky) between exercises and a visible bright yellow marker for the down hill sendaway.  

1st Mrs. A. Clarke with CHACKMORETON SAFFRON, GR, B.  A lovely Golden Retriever who worked really well for her mum with super focus and control, only losing 3 in the nose work with full marks in the C/A.  The first place was well deserved, a pleasure to watch. 

2nd Mrs. V. King with KINGSPRIDE SOLAR POWERED, GSD, D.  Sunny is a big German Shepherd who was very reluctant to give up his dumbbell, but did his mum proud and redeemed himself by not moving in the down stay when two of the dogs decided to have an argument.  Very well done.  

3rd Mr. W. Hardaway with VIKKAS CRUISE OF BURNAWAY, GSD, D.  Brendon, another lovely Shepherd with full marks for the jumps, was qualifying until the hiccup in the stays.   With Bill’s experience this is something I am sure will soon be sorted.  

4th Jackie Murphy with TADGH OF THE GLEN, GSD, D.  It was so nice to see this lady working really hard on her German Shepherd, giving him lots of encouragement throughout the exercises.  Unfortunately the argument in the stays between two other dogs got the better of him today and he had to go and find his mum.  

5th Mrs. M. Lucey with SAMENCO MIDNIGHT MAJESTY, Dobermann, D.  Milo’s sendaway and square needs more work but he had a real fun day until in the stays the rain got the better of him and he decided to go and find his mum, and then was reprimanded by the  Shepherd next to him.  

Thank you to all the competitors for competing under me and accepting my decisions; keep up the good work and let’s hope for better weather at the next trial.





Steward: Lynne Watkins

Tracklayers: Sandra and Mark Lewindon (Friday), Lauren and Mick Tustain (Saturday)

I would like to thank SATS for the invitation to judge the above stake and to Frances for running such a relaxed, yet efficient trial.  A very special thank you to my steward, Lynne, who did a superb job, put everyone at ease and was great company throughout, and to my tracklayers, Sandra, Mark, Lauren and Mick, who did a great job putting the tracks down exactly as I had asked and giving each team every opportunity to get round.

The catering facilities at the base (in the Barn) are extremely limited but somehow Linda manages to keep everyone fed and watered; I know how much preparation is completed before we leave to come down to SATS, so a very well deserved thank you.

We had 12 entries and all 12 ran.  The weather was kind to us on both days, dry and generally bright and pleasant; control was completed in the morning followed by tracking in the afternoon.  Frances had managed to find us the only stubble field on the farm -  the alternative would have been rolled plough, so pretty good land for this stake.  The track articles were a 6 x 0.5  inch round piece of willow and the end article was a 2.75 inch square piece of rubber mat.  The square articles were a cartridge case, 3 inch garden hose, 5 x 0.25 inch rubber garden tie and a piece of brown carpet 2.5 x 1.5 inch.

1st Christine Brooksby with RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, B, 190.5, Q.  A very steady dog, only dropping one point in the control round but a bit tight on the jumps, going on to complete a very good track with a full point square.  Chris is newly back into trials and has worked hard to get Meg qualifying at this level.  A very well deserved result - good luck in UDEx.

2nd Sue Redshaw with MEADOWSHOT MACGRAW, Lab, B, 185, Q.  A super young dog being worked by a very experienced handler; good control round, a little work required on the sendaway, which probably made the difference between first and second place - once again things were a bit tight around the jumps.  However she went on to do an absolutely blinding full mark track, only dropping a couple of points in the square.  Good result all round.

3rd Graham Blake with TOBIAS COLLIER, WSD, D, 179.5, Q.  Graham is new to trials and to say that he was pleased with their performance and result would be a massive understatement.  Another good control round; needed a second attempt on the long but otherwise ok on the jumps.  Went on to do a very strong track, but somehow managed to miss the first article despite a strong indication - all part of the learning – and all four out of the square.  Well done, Graham, a great result for you both.

4th Lee Lampert with HUXTABLE IZZY, BC, B, 169, NQ.  As you would expect from Lee a very strong control round, although some work is needed on the sendaway; unfortunately had a few issues with the long and the scale (12.5) which cost you the qualification on the day.  They completed a very strong track, which Lee was absolutely thrilled with, just dropping 3.5 points; missed an article in the square but I think Lee was still on a high from her track!

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves; it was a pleasure to see the relationship between dogs and handlers.  For those of you who qualified - well done; for those that didn’t quite make it, you are not far away; it won’t be long before I see the results indicating you have qualified.  Good luck.

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