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Open Trial
Venue: Hailsham
Trial Held: 17 September 2011




Steward: Barbara Perrin

Thank you to SATS for inviting me to judge the Introductory stake at their open trial.  As ever, the usual happy atmosphere prevailed and Frances Webb with her team pulled out all the stops to make sure everything ran smoothly.  Special mention has to be made of Linda Allen, who ensured everyone was exceedingly well fed, with hot food at the ready.

A big ‘thank you’ is due to Barbara, who gave every competitor the best of chances and was great company - she even said she’d steward again!

All 8 teams entered worked.  The great thing about Working Trials is that it’s rare to leave without being pleased with some aspect of your dog’s work and none of these dogs disappointed.  In fact, all qualified their nosework and most qualified the control as well; it was the agility that took its toll.  However two dogs were successful in all three sections.

1st Christine Brooksby with RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, B, 90.5, Q.  Meg did not like the thistles in the nosework, but with loads of encouragement from Chris achieved a full mark square.  She then went on to drop very few marks in her competent control round.  A well earned qualification and first place.

2nd Katheryne Tollemache with KISINANA BRIG, Lab, D, 86, Q.  What enthusiasm from this big black boy.  Pepper found it almost impossible to wait for his square, such is the obvious joy he gets from this exercise.  Katheryne channelled his energies very well to achieve this qualification.

3rd Marion Burchell with QUILTERS FARAKALLAN, ASD, D, 85, NQ.  This team is new to the sport with Marion planning to learn all she can with 7 year old Callum.  She knew the jumps would prove their downfall but gaining full marks in all other exercises reflects the stunning nature of this dog’s work.  The square was completed with style in a mere 37 seconds.

4th David Currier with CLASOCA TIGERS EYE, Weim, D, 82.5, NQ.  A blip on the jumps today prevented what would have been a well earned qualification.  This team will do well in the future.



Stake: WD


Tracklayers:  Mark Lewindon and Les Allen

Steward:  Sandra Lewindon

Thank you to SATS Committee for the invitation, Frances Webb for organizing the Trial and Linda Allen for all the catering at the base.  Also to Les Allen -  the lucky person who had both the qualifiers going round his tracks - Mark Lewindon whose skill and experience at marking out the fields and laying tracks is second to none, and of course Sandra Lewindon, who did a very efficient job whilst keeping the atmosphere for the competitors happy and relaxed.  I certainly enjoyed my day with you all.

WD was on the Saturday with an entry of 6 of which 4 worked their dogs.  Due to the lack of rain recently the rolled plough tracking fields proved to be a challenge for the dogs not used to this type of ground.  Luckily, whilst we were working the C/A in the morning we did have rain, which helped to soften the topsoil.  The conditions proved to be too hard for two of the dogs, but I am pleased to say we obtained a 50% success rate.  The C/A was very well completed by all the dogs, who all qualified in those sections.  Strangely, although I did award them different marks for each exercise all four dogs had a total of 32 for the C/A!

1st Ruth Payton and CORIES BLAZING  STAR AT KALIAZAR, CDEx, UDEx, 192.5, Q.  Luna quite clearly took Ruth round the track, the dog’s experience on this type of ground in training paying off today.  They were the only team to complete the track and then retrieve all 4 articles from the square.  A very competent Control Round completed a well earned COM.

2nd Heather Donnelly and WOOLRAM LOTHARIO, CDEx, 168.5.  Heather’s experience showed today on the track as it was very much a team effort.  Sadly they went wrong on the very last corner but with a good C/A round obtained their COM.

3rd Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, CDEx, NQ

4th Dave Self and LAURINCO RED KITE, CDEx, NQ


Stake: TD


Track Layers:  Dennis Webb, Judy Meekings

Search Steward:  Peter Brooke

Control Stewards:  Peter Brooke, Judy Meekings

I would like to thank SATS for inviting me to judge the TD stake, and Frances Webb for all the hard works she puts in to make the trial possible.  Linda in the barn kitchen does a great job feeding us all; her egg and bacon sandwiches are really welcome out in the tracking fields and a hot lunch at the base very enjoyable.  My track layers, Dennis and Judy, were excellent.  Not only did they lay the tracks but they also had to go out and retrieve all the articles.  The articles were a small piece of wood on the 7th leg, red cartridge on 10th leg and a reasonable sized blue carpet at the end of track.  My husband Peter laid the search squares, the articles being in the middle in a 5 pace square.  11 dogs retrieved 4 articles, 5 dogs retrieved 3 articles.  My husband also stewarded the control round, poured my coffee, carried my bag, reloaded my gun and generally kept us all in order (he is ex-army).  Judy was a great help with control as she put names, numbers etc on the score sheets and got the competitors to us, so no time was wasted - thanks Judy.

We had 19 entries, 16 ran and no qualifiers.  The tracking was on rough, very dry, harrowed stubble with no green showing through.  The weather on Friday was very dry, windy and quite warm as the day went on; we had rain on Friday night and Saturday morning was cold, very windy with short sharp showers.

I must mention that 2 dogs did 13 legs of the track, finding the 2nd article which was a red cartridge case, but both went completely wrong on the only angle.  They were Sandra Lewindon with Banjo and Heather Donnelly with Puds; both dogs worked so hard it was incredible to watch.  Sandra worked Friday and Heather Saturday.  Both owners decided not to do the control round for valid reasons.  I have to say that all dogs attempted the track, and all the handlers accepted the fact that conditions were very difficult with very good grace and most of them did really good control rounds later.

1st Les Allen and GARRETHALL QUENYA, CDEx - WDEx, Lab, B.  Kira worked very hard for you, Les, she did 6 legs of the track but found it too difficult.  4 articles from the square 34, full mark jumps, heelwork and speak.  Kira just needs a little more work on the redirect.  NQ

2nd Robert Willatts and GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, CDEx - WDEx, FCR, D.  Ripley managed 2 legs of the track, 4 articles from search square 34, full mark jumps, very good sendaway/redirect, but needs to work on the speak, something which does not come easily to a competing gun dog. NQ

3rd Nick Brunner and EASTER PRINCE, CDEx - WDEx, Cocker Spaniel, D.  Rubin did 3 legs of the track, before heading for the next track behind us, 4 articles from the square 35, full marks for speak and heelwork, 9.5 sendaway/redirect, full mark clear jump but on this occasion he could not manage long jump and scale (he’s so small).  NQ

4th Sue Russell and GLENALPINE DANNY, CDEx - WDEx, BC, D.  Danny managed 1 leg of the track, turning off towards the angle on 13th leg; full mark square in 2 min 31 secs, full mark jumps, very good sendaway/redirect (must be those magic balls).  Danny just needs a bit more practice at speaking.  NQ

Rosemary Turner and NYLA did the fastest square, all 4 articles 35 marks, in 1 min 34 secs.  Very nice to watch.

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