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Championship Trial
Venue: Hailsham
Trial Held: 17 March 2012


This year we ran four stakes and for SATS had a good entry in each; in TD we had 36, in WD 9, UD was 6 and CD 13. Thanks to everyone for entering.

A huge thank you to the two farmers for allowing us the use of their land and facilities - that is Chris Wadham for the tracking stakes and the use of one of his barns as a base, and to Neil and Clare at Pekes Farm for a super field for CD.

Thanks also to Arden Grange, who continue to be our sponsors despite the tough economic climate - your support is invaluable.

This was my first time as trials manager and if I had one over riding concern it related to the tracking land, the quality of the crop and its availability.  It was agreed that we would be allowed to use the wheat fields, which all had a pretty good growth.  The day before the trial I was escorting the judges down to inspect the tracking land and to set up the control field to be met by a tractor and spreader very efficiently putting Nitrate down!  The good

news is that we saw it being applied so no dogs were put at risk and we were able to take some action to switch

fields to an early bean crop, not ideal but no other alternatives were available.

My thanks to Frances Webb who guided and supported me and also for helping with some of the admin tasks involved.

So many people gave up their time so willingly to help, Liz de Unger who judged the UD and WD, Roger Shrimpton who judged the TD, and Sandra Lewindon, who not only judged the CD but tracklaid with Dennis Webb for UD and WD.  Thanks also to Mark Lewindon and Richard Cornwell, who tracklaid for TD.  Lynne Watkins stewarded for Roger all week and Liz’s stewards were Steph Allsopp and Carole Brooke, with Mary Prentice stewarding for Sandra.

A very special thank you to my other half, Linda, who somehow manages to keep everyone fed and watered extremely well with the most basic of facilities (that is some understatement!); I know how much work goes into the prep for this before we have arrived at the base.  She also plays a huge part in generating a good relaxed atmosphere in the base.





Steward: Mary Prentice

My thanks to SATS for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their Championship Trial.   I had a great time and was privileged to see some very promising dogs.  Thirteen dogs entered and they all ran.  The field was perfect for the event, rectangular, flat and with a nice clover and grass mix.  The weather could have been kinder, with most of the dogs working in cold rain.  It stopped for the stays and did not affect the performance of any of the dogs, which worked to a high standard.

My thanks also to all those involved in the trial, before, during and after, so much work by some very dedicated people.  This was Les Allen’s first time managing a trial and he was both conscientious and thorough.  From both a judge’s and a tracklayer’s point of view, he considered and anticipated all my needs and requirements.  This trial is always a well run friendly event, usually managed by Frances Webb - a tough act to follow but Les did a grand job.  Frances was there in the background giving assistance and guidance and still managed to work her lovely young dog in the CD too; Monty’s going to be a stunning dog Frances, good luck for next time.

I’ve done most jobs at a trial and think one of the hardest has to be the kitchen.  Linda Allen took on this task and performed admirably, trying to force feed me at every opportunity (as if I needed it!).  I can only think that Linda and Les must have been exhausted by the end.  Thank you both for your hard work.

Lots of people work very hard behind the scenes and this trial is no exception.  My thanks must go to Dennis Webb for sorting out the jumps and all the other running around.  Thanks must also go to the farmers for allowing us the use of their property, without them we would not have our sport.  For this trial, Chris Wadham for the use of the base and Neil and Claire at Pekes Farm for the use of the field.

I was very lucky to have Mary Prentice for my steward today.  Mary carried out her duties very professionally and was great company in the field.  Thank you very much, Mary, for giving up your day to get so cold and wet and giving the competitors the best opportunity.  We had the added benefit of a steward’s steward today!  Marion came along to watch the trial and ended up helping on the field.  Thanks Marion!  Steph Allsop was my second stay steward, spending a long time in the field in the cold and wet.  Thank you, Steph, for your help.

My final thanks to the 13 competitors for entering under me and allowing me the opportunity to see their dogs working.  I know that you didn’t all qualify today, but, some of your dogs are very close; it won’t be long, better luck next time.

1st TYTRI ROMAN JACK, BC, 97.5, Q, owned and handled by Les Theobald.  With Les’ experience it’s not a surprise that Jack performed so well today, in fact, the only dog to get full mark jumps.  What is a surprise is that Les thought he was going to lose Jack in January, he was such a very poorly dog.  Can’t tell you how happy I am that he not only made a full recovery, but working so well, also qualifying and winning the UD open stake yesterday.  You make a great team and I’m sure there will be a glittering future ahead.

2nd LENYAM MARAUDER OF PHILKINDY, Lab, 96, Q, owned and handled by CC Guard.  What a handsome dog. Harry is, very lively and full of character and I’m sure that in CC’s very experienced hands this is another dog destined for the top.  Good luck in your future trials.

3rd GAUNTLETSRUN MOON RIVER, BC, 93, Q, owned and handled by Terry Hannam.  Mepps is a very eye catching, happy dog, who performed very well today and was a pleasure to watch.  A very good standard in all the exercises; well done, Terry, and my very best wishes for your future trials.

4th FORM BEE, GSD, 88, Q, owned and handled by David Green.  Cody is a lovely big GSD, who thoroughly enjoyed herself out on the field today.  Oozing with spirit and joy of living, another dog that was a pleasure to watch.




Tracklayers: Sandra Lewindon and Den Webb

Stewards: UD, Carole Brooke; WD, Steph Allsop

Thanks you to SATS for the invitation to judge the UD and WD, to Les Allen for running an excellent trial and to Frances Webb for arranging the land and helping generally.  SATS are lucky to have a very helpful farmer – a big thank you to him.

I had two excellent tracklayers in Sandra and Den and two equally good stewards in Carole and Steph, who did a great job, both laying squares and stewarding the C/A.  An enormous thanks to all of them.

Linda Allen is a treasure and kept us all well fed – thank you, Linda.  I was given splendid hospitality in the home of Pete and Carole Brooke, and I really enjoyed the whole trial.


6 entered and ran, 4 qualified the nosework and 2 overall.

1st Alan Sword with MANPOL SPECIAL EDITION, GSD, D, 184, Q.  Ziggy has a lovely attitude and temperament.  Good track, full mark sendaway and jumps.  A well deserved win – well done.

2nd Anne Shepherd with MILLIE MOONBEAM, Cross, B, 179, Q.  Another dog with a lovely attitude.  Millie did a good track, finding both articles and all four square articles.  Well done

3rd Sally Baker with CLASOLA DASKA, Weim, B, 153.3, NQ.  Vita only lost half a mark on the track, finding one article.  Sadly, the square let her down.  A competent C/A.

4th Bob Burns with GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, D, 151.5, NQ.  Monty also did an almost perfect track, finding both articles.  A dog with a lovely attitude.


9 entered, 7 ran, 5 qualified the nosework, 3 overall.

1st, after a run-off  Ian Brown with TRI ONE JETRIL, WSD, B, 181, Q.  Brecon did an excellent track, finding both articles and three from the square.  Best sendaway of the day.  A worthy winner – well done.

2nd Manda McLellan with LITTLE TIGER, Cross, D, 181, Q.  Tiger did a good track and the best square of the day, finding all four articles in 4 minutes.  Well done.

3rd Ruth Payton with CORRIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, BC, B, 174, Q.  Lunatic did a good track, finding both articles and 3 from the square.  A lovely attitude in the control round.  Well done.

4th Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER N GLORY, BC, D, 173.5, NQ.  Lennie did the best track of the day, finding both articles and 3 from the square.  He also did a very competent control round, but sadly failed the jumps.  He will soon qualify.

Lastly, thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.  I enjoyed judging you.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon and Richard Cornwell

Steward: Lynne Watkins

Thanks to SATS committee for the invitation to judge the TD stake at their Championship trial.  Trials Manager Les Allen and his team of very able helpers organised a friendly and very well run event.  I enjoyed my time with you all very much and I thank you again for your hospitality.  Special thanks to Frances and Dennis Webb for looking after me in their lovely home, again I felt very welcome.

Linda Allen did  a splendid job in the catering department, as far as I know on her own - she was very keen to make sure we all had what we wanted out in the field; thanks again. Linda.

My very experienced tracklayers over the four days were Mark Lewindon and Richard Cornwell.  Thanks again, lads, you did a great job in weather ranging from thick fog to pouring rain.  I was never in doubt that all tracks went down as fairly and consistently possible.

My Search, and C/A steward was Lynne Watkins; what a lovely lady, she carried out her duties throughout the week extremely efficiently, yes and with a smile - with having to look after me as well must have tested you at times.  You did a great job, Lynne, and SATS should be proud of you.

On behalf of the competitors and myself thank you all once again for your time and efforts.

I  met Les on Tuesday afternoon to look at the tracking fields, which were lush winter wheat, when unfortunately the farmer decided unexpectedly to spread fertilizer all over the land we were to use!!  There was no alternative but to use the reserve land, which was thinly drilled beans, which would mean that tracking would be virtually on bare earth.  To say I was concerned as to how the dogs would cope was putting it mildly!!

On Wednesday, the first day, the weather was cloudy, and four out of  five dogs completed the track so things did not look too bad, but it went downhill after that when only two out of nine dogs got round on Thursday, when the day started very misty then got quite warm.  Friday was very cold and  three out of nine dogs got round.  Saturday was cold and wet and only one out of eight dogs got round. 

There was an alternative track pattern for those competitors with more than one dog.  The tracks had twenty one legs and were nine hundred and eighty paces long; track articles were knotted cloth 3" long, rubber garden tie ¼" diam,  3.5" long, carpet 1"x 1.5" long.  Search articles were plastic strip 0.5" x 3.5" long,  knotted cord 5" long, rubber 0.5"x 2.5" long, wooden dowel 2.5" long.  Of the thirty six entries thirty one took part, with just ten dogs getting round the track, but, as they say, that’s trials.  But I was most impressed with the way the dogs applied themselves in what to me were difficult conditions, some dogs had to be called off - they just would not give up.

The control round started with the speak; the dog was left with the steward, the handler accompanied  me twenty five of my paces to a fence where leaning on the fence, facing away from their dog,  gave me their name etc; they where then asked to get their dog to speak.  I was looking for at least six barks while I counted slowly to ten - this was then repeated.  On rejoining their dog heelwork was next to the sendaway point.  The sendaway was one hundred and fifty of my paces uphill to the tree line then redirect approx, one hundred and eighty paces at right angles across the valley to a fence in the hedgerow with white tape tied to the top.  Then normal pace heelwork to the clear jump for the start of the agility.  I thought that the overall standard was quite high with some very good sendaways and agility rounds.  I must admit that I was disappointed at how few competitors took part in the C/A.  I am not totally convinced of the merits of the one day champ, TD trial but one of the advantages seemed that competitors who were not successful in the nosework had the opportunity to do the C/A round if they wanted.

At the end of the four days there were six teams with qualifying marks.

1st and Challenge Certificate Winner Tony Lockyer with LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD,  210, Qual TDEx.  Track 97.5, Arts 30, Search 34.5, Control 28, Agility 20.  Tracked on Wednesday and made it all look so easy, four out of the search square in no time.  Got her left and right mixed up on the redirect, apart from that near perfect throughout.  This is Isla’s second Ticket but because I awarded her first she will not get her Champion Title - but that will be very soon in coming, no doubt about that.  Well done again Tony and Isla.  Good luck at the KCC’s.

2nd and Reserve Challenge Certificate Pat Herbert and GLENALPINE MOO, BC, 203.5, Qual TDEx. 98, 30, 27.5, 28, 20.  Tracked on Thursday, and delivered another superb track, as we have come to expect from Pat and Moo.  Three out of the square still put them in a strong position after the nosework.  The look on Pat’s face when Moo did the run-out on sendaway was something special.  Let’s hope you have now got it sorted.  Well done.

3rd Lee Payne with WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, BC x GSD, 199, Qual TDEx.  90, 25, 34, 30, 20.  Tracked on Saturday and did not find it easy, a good team effort.  Followed by a very nice search square, Lee seemed a bit surprised by it all!  No problems at all on the Control and Agility.  A really good all round performance.  Very well done.

4th Tony Lockyer with  WTCh  DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 196.5, Qual TDEx.  93, 20, 34.5, 30, 20. Tracked on Wednesday and had to work hard, leaving one article on the track; followed this up with a very good search square.  One of the better control rounds, as we have come to expect from Tony and Gyp.  Well done.

Also Qualifying TDEx:

Margaret Robinson with JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, 179

Qualifying TD:

June Fillingham with CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, 173

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