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Championship Trial
Venue: Hailsham
Trial Held: 14 March 2009



Steward: Sue Redshaw

Thank you to SATS for inviting me and providing me with a large grass field, a friendly steward, and pleasant weather! As usual with this stake the dogs looked well-trained one minute and blank the next (!) but all seven had the capability to get a qualification, so keep going if you didn’t make it this time.  Congratulations to those two who did.

1st Stella Smyth and BLUE JAMBEROO AT MORROW, ACD.  26 for nosework, just because he was inattentive at the start of the retrieve.  45.5 for a good control round, 15.5 for agility – total 87.

2nd Barbara Ottley and CWMTAWE BLACK MAGIC, Lab.  Needed a lot of extra commands to keep her mind on the job, but saved by an excellent sendaway on the control (37) and a good square on the nosework (26.5).  Gained 17.5 in the agility, giving a total of 81 marks.

3rd NQ, Nick Brunner and RUBIN, Cocker Spaniel.  Until the stays had only lost 2 marks, but found the bitches in the line-up too attractive.  I’m sure you’ll sort it!

4th NQ, Ian Brown – only one article out of the square on this occasion, but otherwise worked well.




Tracklayers: Dennis Webb and Ruth Payton

Steward: Heather Hardaway

I am grateful to the Committee of SATS for the invitation to judge the UD Stake at this trial. The event was superbly organised by Trials Manager, Frances Webb, who kept me well informed before the trial and ensured smooth running throughout the day.  Sustenance on the day was in the capable hands of Linda Allen, who made sure we were never hungry or thirsty.  Den, Ruth and Heather carried out their tasks efficiently, which allowed all competitors a fair and equal test.  My thanks to you all.                                                                                                                                             

UD was on Thursday 12th March; 11 entries, 10 worked, with all work completed on the one day.  Tracking was on winter corn, very sparse, ground muddy to very muddy in places. The day started overcast with a stiff breeze which strengthened throughout the morning.

Track articles were rubber matting,  approx 3" x 2.5", and a stick, 4" x 0.75" diameter.  Search articles were a piece of stick, 3.25" approx, strip of green wellie, 5" x 0.5", a metal washer, 2.5" diam x 1/8", leather 4" x  0.5"

1st Mrs Anne Bussey, LAETARE YUMA, CDEx, BC, D, 185.5, Q UDEx.  Anne and Gwillum tracked on one of the wetter areas.  A quick and industrious worker, Gwillum had a couple of wide casts and some minor deviations, gaining 81 track marks and both articles.  33 for the search, having dropped the washer twice. Demonstrated excellent control throughout and handled with empathy and expertise - a very worthy winner.

2nd Mrs Barbara Ottley, CYMTAWE BLACK MAGIC, Lab, B, 184,  Q UDEx.  The first track of the day, Barbara and Lundy got us off to a cracking start with 84 and both articles on the track.  Gained 34 for the search, with one dropped article.  Heelwork was the only flaw in an otherwise first class performance.

3rd Mr Les Allen, ANTILL BAZKO, GSD, D, 163,  Q UDEx.  Les and Baz romped round the track, never in serious trouble, although some wide casts and deviations, not helped by the wind, gave a track mark of 76 with one article.  The search was good, with only one poor pick up, gaining a mark of 34.  This team has the basics of all the elements and just needs some careful tidying up to perform with confidence.  Well done.

4th Mr Richard Cornwell, LAKATAMIA NORTON, CDEx, GSD, D, 174.5, N/Q.  This team had the highest track mark, 84.5 with both articles, which was followed by 32.5 for the search.  Control was more than adequate; the difficulty today was in the agility section. Hopefully this will soon be sorted and a bright future awaits.

Finally I should like to thank all the competitors for entering, and for their sporting attitude which made it an enjoyable day for Heather and me and, I hope, for them.




Tracklayers: Dennis Webb and Ruth Payton

Steward: John Reynolds

My thanks to the SATS committee for the invitation to judge their WD Championship stake; to Frances for running a very happy trial and to Sue Redshaw for welcoming me into her home; to Linda Allen and Sharon Carter for the catering and to Mother Nature for such lovely weather.

To my team of helpers - you were great fun to be with and very conscientious towards all the competitors - giving each of them the opportunity to show off their dog.  Thank you all for your time and company.  John - thank you for keeping me entertained!

1st Lauren Marlow and JOTUNHEIM KID, Mali, 186, Q WDEx. Lauren, you handled Dennis beautifully.   A well deserved win - good luck in Ticket. (N/w 87.5/20/27, C/A 31.5/20)

2nd Joyce Tibbets and OAKENHEART PHANTOM, GSD, 185, Q WDEx. Quin really worked well, good qualification.  Good luck in Ticket. (87.5/20/30, 29/18.5)

3rd Mary Prentice and MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, BC, 183, Q WDEx.  Good job Kiltie found the first track article.  The rest of the round was lovely to watch. Well done both. (86.5/10/34.5, 32/20)

4th Janet Parker and NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, 179.5, Q WDEx.  Another one who missed the end article, but Echo came up trumps for the rest of his round.  Well done.  (85.5/10/31, 33/20). 

Tracking was on winter wheat, which was relatively well grown.  The majority of dogs tracked well and all did good searches.  The least well done exercise was the sendaway, which was only 120 paces to a boundary fence, there being a couple of draws either side which affected several of the dogs.  Those that had redirects got there and got the marks.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching your dogs work.




Tracklayers: Richard Cornwell, Sue Redshaw

Steward: (throughout) Laura Bardwell

Criminals: Stan Ford (innocent man?), Richard Cornwell, Bert Maynard, Steve Grange

Recall Steward: Mark Skillin

Scribe: Anne Bussey

Thanks SATS for the invitation to judge PD at your Hailsham trial.  Thanks to Frances and Dennis Webb for their hospitality throughout the three days - it was home from home.

Thanks also go to Linda and Sharon in the kitchen; their catering was first class.  Thanks also to all the people listed above, who all did a brilliant job and all in their way made my job much easier.  And a special thanks to Laura, who puts up with all my grumbles when things do not go as I expect, and invariably gets wrongly blamed.

I set a straight forward test in all sections with no gimmicks, no surprises, and to be honest expected all of the five runners still to be there at the start of the patrol round.  Sadly, this was not to be, losing two teams in the nosework section and one in control.

At the start of the patrol round we had two teams in a position to qualify over all, and one just wanting to do the whole test; so to the final positions.

1st Mick Tustain and IKE.  A first class performance in all sections gave this team a well deserved ticket.  Nosework 102.5, Control 32.5, Jumps  20, Patrol 145, Total 300.

2nd Dave Marchant and MURPHY.  Another good performance in all sections gave this team a well earned reserve ticket.  108, 29.5, 20, 127, Total 284.5

3rd Amanda McLellan and STORM.  Obviously not Amanda’s weekend, but a deserved third place as when things went wrong this team stuck at it, and Amanda kept a smile on her face throughout.  62, 34, 15, 80, Total  191.  

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