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Championship Trial
Venue: Hailsham
Trial Held: 15 March 2008

Trial Managers Report

Our judge’s this year were Judy Meekings TD, Paul Morling UD and Marney Wells CD. I would like to thank them all very much for giving up their time and doing an excellent job.

All the stakes were on winter wheat, but due to very heavy rain, a few days before the trial many of the proposed tracking fields were under water. Our farmer soon found us some more fields. But the day before the trial started we had Hurricane force winds and rain, not the best time to be putting up jumps.

We started the trial on Tuesday in the wind and rain, on Thursday and Friday the weather started to improve but not much, Saturday was the best day. All the track layers did an excellent job, Ruth Payton, Richard Cornwell, and Dennis Webb laid the TD tracks.  My UD tracklayers were Lynne Watkins and Sue Redshaw, thank you all for your very hard work.

At base helping was Barbara Ottley, a very good base steward & escort. Sharon Carter did an excellent job with the food and stewarding CD at the last minute, thank you both very much.

Congratulation to all who qualified and commiserations to those who didn’t, you all worked very hard.

I would like to say Thank You to everyone who was involved in any way in making this trial a success. To all the competitors, thanks for entering and being so cheerful.  It was great to see you all. Finally many thanks to Dennis & Carole for keeping me sane when all the out of the ordinary things happen.

Frances Webb

This was the first one day CH TD trial since, I think, the 1980’s. We felt it was worth trying as, with the ever increasing cost of petrol, trials is in danger of becoming a sport for the well-off. With many people making long double journeys there is also the environmental impact which needs to be thought about.

From our point of view we thought more people would be prepared to brave the M25 if they only had to do it once.

Frances received quite a few favourable comments – some from those who couldn’t even enter this time- though of course we knew other people were against it. But it will be interesting to see if anyone else tries it – I think eventually there will be no choice!.

Betty Mayes

Chairman SATS




Steward: Sharon Carter

Thanks to SATS for asking me to judge the CD Stake at their championship working trial. There was a lovely happy, relaxed atmosphere, possibly helped by my only having to judge four dogs but, I am sure, due in no small part to Frances Webb’s calm and controlled attitude to managing the whole thing. Thanks to Frances as well for putting me up for the night. Sharon not only took on stewarding for me at the last minute, and did a brilliant job (the original idea of having my friend, Anne Bussey, stewarding went horribly wrong when she foolishly caught some horrid virus – thankfully, she appears to be recovering now) but provided cooked food in the base which was in a large barn a few yards from where we had the CD. All very convenient.

Thanks, of course, to the competitors. None of whom qualified, but all got something positive from the day which should help at future trials.

1st Angela Sanders with STARSHOT BUCCANEER AT SZIKRAS, HWHV, (D), 82.5, NQ.  Tyler is a delightful character who could easily have qualified today.  Good heelwork, recall and stays.  Retrieve and square were lovely and the only reason he did not qualify was that Angela was so excited that he had done the long jump for the first time at a trial, she threw caution to the wind and ran out to praise him rather than bring in any control.  Well done, I am sure it will not be long before he gets his CDEx.

2nd Don Laskey with GEFNI BUMPER BUNDLE, GSD, (B). Neve worked steadily in the square and retrieved all of her articles with just a bit of mouthing. Good control round with full mark heelwork off lead and a good recall. Best agility marks of the day. The only problem was the down stay, a bit of work on that and CDEx will be no problem.

3rd  Ruth Payton with JEBAH OF KALIAZAR, BC, (D). 71, NQ. Jebah is certainly a dog of independent spirit!  More than capable of doing every exercise when he decides to.  His sendaway was the best of the day, even with the distraction of a bird taking flight right in front of him.  A little unsure around the jumps, but I am sure Ruth will be able to sort that bit of training out in the near future.  Well done.

4th Sylvia Cook with WESTMIDS ABI OF GOLDOAK, GSD, (B). 66.5, NQ.  I know Magda has had a few problems around the jumps – well, not today!  She was excellent.  Full marks for her scale!  Very well handled by Sylvia. Good attitude to her nosework and a cracking recall.  Another dog who will not be long in gaining her CDEx.

I was surprised that the sendaway appeared difficult; it was only 80 paces to a telegraph pole.  I realise that you may not train to a telegraph pole but should you not be thinking of sending the dog out in that direction and stopping it at the telegraph pole?  Just a thought.



Judge: Paul Morling

Tracklayers: Sue and Lynne

Steward: Les Allen

I would like to thank Frances and SATS for the invitation to judge at this trial, and for the hospitality of Frances and Dennis for putting me up.  To my tracklayers Sue and Lynne, and my steward Les, who all did a great job, thanks a lot.

1st Jacqui Tucker, WAGGERLAND WYRD, WSD, 187.5, Q.  I’ve never seen a dog work as fast before – great to watch.  I hope you go far.

2nd Allyson Tohme, JAKE AT JOTENHEIM, GSD, D, 182, Q.  A driven dog, very well handled.

3rd Robert Willatts, GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, FCR, D, 179, Q.  If you want to see a Flatcoat work, keep an eye on this team.  Well done.

4th Rosemary Turner, KHAMLYSKER KWIK KRACKER, GSD, B, 163.5, Q.  Nice round, well done.

To everyone who entered under me – thank you, and the best of luck in the future.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Den Webb, Ruth Payton, Richard Cornwell

Steward: Carole Brooke

My thanks to SATS for the invitation to judge at this somewhat innovative trial, with TD being run with all work in one day – not a new concept, but one not used for a number of years.  Although there has been quite a bit of controversy about the decision to run the stake this way, with arguments flying about in favour and against, in the event the biggest factor in the result was the weather, and that would have been the case whatever way the stake was programmed.  I have to say that some "last day" atmosphere was lost, but on the other hand, handlers who had failed the nosework early in the week were able to work the control round if they wished, without the stress, for some, of a large audience.   The suggestion by some critics that a judge of a one-day trial would be unable to concentrate and judge consistently over a week I regard as an insult.  We expect Ticket judges to maintain concentration on nosework for maybe seven days, with sometimes up to 17 or 18 dogs a day, so why should it be more difficult to cope with 10 dogs per day doing all exercises?  I found that it was, in fact, easier to maintain concentration with a short lunch break and then a complete change of exercises – something that judges in the lower stakes are expected to do at every Championship trial.

My tracklayers did a super job, battling early in the week with appalling weather.  The trial started in howling gales and torrential rain, eased slightly to merely gale force winds but no rain, and then improved somewhat at the end of the week, with Friday and Saturday being reasonably dry and calm.   Thank you all for your stamina and skill in laying accurate tracks in dreadful conditions, and in finding all articles missed by the dogs.  And many thanks to Carole, who consistently laid squares all week, preventing articles from getting blown away, and scribed for the control and agility.  Thanks also, Carole, for the comfortable, friendly accommodation – it’s always a treat to stay with you and Peter.  I would also like to thank Frances, who had so much to cope with apart from the difficulties involved in running a trial, and everybody who helped make the whole trial run like clockwork.  Without all these unsung heroes we wouldn’t have trials at all.

The weather undoubtedly played a very large part in the results, with only 1 qualifier on the first day, none on the second and 1 on the third.  With better weather, there were 3 qualifiers on Friday and a final 1 on Saturday.

1st Tony Lockyer and DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, D, Q, 193, TDEx.  Gyp worked a brilliant track on Saturday, only losing one mark, but if "Eagle-eyes" Tony hadn’t spotted the second article, he wouldn’t even have qualified, never mind won his second Ticket.  Three from the square and a very tidy control round – the only full mark sendaway – gave him a well deserved win, and, subject to KC approval, the title of Working Trials Champion.  Very well done.

2nd Jill Carruthers and JASUETER RED GARNET, GSD, B, 191, TDEx.  Another lovely track from Jill and Kim, who worked on Friday, with all 3 track articles.  A third (or even fourth?) article from the square would have made all the difference!  Jill was thrilled to get 7 for the sendaway, which was done very well, and the Reserve Ticket was well deserved.

3rd Les Theobald and TYTRI TESS, BC, B, 185.5, TDEx.  This was Tess’s first TDEx, after a long time trying.  I find this hard to believe, as she worked like a real pro, with good marks in all exercises - except the speak!  Worked on Friday.

4th John Wykes and FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC, D, 180, TDEx.  Jaff worked on Thursday, in windy but dry weather, and worked a steady accurate track.  He found the sendaway difficult, but the rest of his work was of a high standard.

Also qualified:

Anne Fowler and WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, BC, B, 179, TDEx.  Anne and Floss worked on the first day, in driving rain, and worked absolutely brilliantly to qualify in those conditions, with 90 for the track.  You must be very proud of her, Anne.

Eric Nicholls and TYTRI NIKKI, BC, D, 172.5, TD.  Eric and Pep worked on Friday, and although Pep found the track difficult, he stuck at it with determination, and finished successfully.  Well done.

I must give some honourable mentions:

Barrie James and Kay, who worked on Tuesday, in the worst of the weather, and battled tenaciously almost all the way round, sadly with no articles.  What a worker!

Anne Collen and Tessa, the first dog to work, was the only dog to get a full point square, but sadly only recovered the end article from the track.  Anne then worked her sister’s dog Crystal, who got three articles from the track, but only one from the square.  Pity they couldn’t do a swap!

Margaret Robinson and Lace, who did a lovely track, with all three articles, and then uncharacteristically failed the scale.

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