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Championship Trial
Venue: Beachy Head
Trial Held: 03 June 2016


Stake: CD



Steward: Shirley Simpson

Many thanks to Frances and SATS for the invitation to judge the CD at their Championship trial.  We had perfect conditions – warm but not hot, and a nice breeze for the squares.  The land was plentiful, with long-ish grass, so I chose articles of a decent size but in a colour that the dogs would have to find with their noses, not their eyes.  All of the dogs qualified in the nosework section and Shirley only had to pick up two articles from the 11 squares worked.

I was impressed with the nosework but, as so often happens in CD, stays and jumps took their toll.

Thank you all for your entries and for accepting my opinions with courtesy.

1st                Jane Davey and ASTRA LYNX, BC, D, 87, Q.  Looking at my notes, clearly the best dog on the day in all elements of the round.  Well done.

2nd              Sandra Lewindon and LITTLE MISS JYNX AT BRACOKELI, WSD, B, 82, Q.  Sandra is only just in control and I found myself holding my breath watching this enthusiastic little dog, who loves to jump.

3rd               Steph Allsopp and ASHLINDT MIRAGE, GSD, B, 76, NQ.  The leading dog, including a full point sendaway, until Star decided she was not going to do any of the jumps.  What a shame.

4th               Jan Parker and KHAMSKYER ROMAYA, GSD, B, 72.5, NQ.  This pair did a good round in the control, all the jumps and qualified the nosework but broke the down stay.  Gutted!

Finally, thanks to all who looked after me during the day, and to Shirley for stewarding and keeping me in line.


Stakes: UD and WD


My thanks to SATS for asking me to judge the UD and WD Championship stakes at this very well run trial by Frances Webb and “the power behind the throne” Den.  The weather unfortunately ranged from strong winds to rain to sun, so each day’s conditions were somewhat different; however, that’s the way of trials.  To the catering team and base people, Sharon Carter and Lee Newman, - you were superb.  I should also like to thank Dave Green for escorting not only the competitors but also myself and the nosework stewards from one tracking area to another.

To my tracklayers in WD, Jane Clarke, Lauren Marlow and Linda Bowden, and in UD, Jane Clarke and Lynn Watkins, many thanks for your consistent hard work.  My nosework stewards for WD, Steph Allsopp, and in UD, Cathy Wilmhurst - you laid the squares as I required and were great company; many thanks.

My control steward for both the WD and UD rounds was Jane Gray, who did a first class job and managed to ensure all competitors ended up in the right place at the right time!  Thank you.

UD Stake:

Tracklayers: Jane Clarke and Lynn Watkins

Steward: Cathy Wilmhurst

C/A Steward: Jane Gray

Eight dogs were entered.

More work is required on the squares and the majority of people lost valuable marks on “chomping” and dropping articles.  The square articles were a plastic credit card, a cork, piece of green stick and a piece of carpet.  The track was eight legs, with the first article a cartridge case and the end article a tennis ball.  All dogs who got to the articles recovered them.

SATS UD Tracks

Unfortunately, we lost three dogs in the stays due to sitting up at varying times.  The sendaway was 55yds to a bush, with three dogs obtaining eight marks or above.  The heelwork was generally poor.  In the agility section four dogs out of eight obtained full marks.

1st           LITTLE MISS JINX AT BRACOKELI WSD, Mrs Sandra Lewindon, 181, Q UDEx.  Congratulations on your qualification.  Good track.

2nd         FLINTFIELD FAITHFUL FELLA Lab/Ret, Mrs Elizabeth de Unger, 177, NQ.     Good all round work.  Pity about the down stay.

3rd          Mrs Val Thomson’s TRACEYN ASHLEA, GSD, handled by Gavin Thomson, 176.5, NQ.  The agility just let you down today.

4th          PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, Lab/Ret, Mr Peter Brooke, 171, NQ.  Good agility and retrieve.


WD Stake:

Tracklayers: Jane Clarke, Lauren Marlow and Linda Bowden

Search Steward: Steph Allsopp

C/A Steward: Jane Gray

The conditions varied which was reflected by the number of dogs qualifying on the nosework.  Generally, the squares were performed well, with two competitors and their dogs obtaining full marks.  The square articles were a piece of green wood, orange hose, leather and a chalk stone.  The track was twelve legs with the first article a piece of wood and the end article carpet.


Unfortunately, the control and agility section left something to be desired.  Extra commands given by handlers to try to maintain the dog in the heelwork position led to docked marks.  Not one handler obtained full marks for heelwork nor the retrieve exercise, which was disappointing.  The sendaway however was well done, with no one obtaining less than half marks.  It was 110yds down the hill to a white pole in front of the hedge.  It was apparent that some dogs were trained to white poles, since several of them were drawn to it.  In the agility section two dogs out of thirteen dogs obtained full marks.

To those people who didn’t qualify or only just qualified, you know where the work needs to be done.

1st           MIDDLEANN DREAM MAKER, GSD, Mr Adrian Quick, 173, Q WDEx.  Congratulations, well-handled; best wishes in the future

2nd         THE ZETA, WSD, Mrs Sue Ashby, 156, Q WD.  So close and well handled.

3rd          LITTLE DEBEN JOE, Shepherd/Collie, Mrs Diane Ling, 148, NQ.  Such a pity about the down stay.

4th          KALIAZAR CHAOS  BC, Mrs Ruth Payton , 140, NQ.  Good control work and superb square. 

Thank you to all the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions and I wish you well in your next trials.

My last thanks must be to Wills and Alli Higgs, the farmers, for allowing SATS to use their land and for providing such brilliant accommodation for the judges and helpers, and the base.  These facilities are second to none and hopefully SATS will be able to keep them for many years to come.


Stake: TD

Tracklayers: Len Newman, Dennis Webb and Linda Bowden
Search and C/A Steward: Caroline Martin

Many thanks for to SATS for the invitation to judge the TD ticket.  It seems like years ago since I had the initial conversation with Frances and Sharon about judging, but the wait was well worth it!!!
Thank you, Frances, for all your hard work, both prior to and during the trial, not to forget that when everyone has left and arrived home you are still sorting stuff out!  I don’t think that some people appreciate how difficult a trials manager’s job is, even when it all goes to plan.
Thanks also to Sharon, who was head chef in the kitchen, ably assisted by her sous chefs Jane, Lé, and Frances!  Lé Newman organised and then cooked us all fantastic meals in the evenings.  Superb, it really was.  We had such a laugh and the spirit and camaraderie was excellent.  I really haven’t laughed so much for ages.  We also had the inevitable ‘trials’ discussions on all manner of subjects.  Great to hear other’s opinions and their angle on trials.  It wasn’t all serious though, and to see Lé laughing uncontrollably on several occasions was lovely.  Great people, and thank you so much for making us so welcome.
My team out in the field were:- Len Newman who laid all the early tracks, Dennis Webb who laid all the middle lot and Linda Bowden who laid the final batch but on one day was poached by WD.  However, we thankfully got her back. Caroline laid all the squares and stewarded the C/A.  I am thankful to have had such a professional, competent and friendly bunch out there all week.  They gave their very best every day and did their utmost to ensure that each competitor had the very best opportunity of success.  On a personal note, thank you so much for all your help and superb company.
Beachy Head can be a tad on the breezy side!!  Oh, and it can rain!!  And it can be sunny and sometimes it’s all three at once!  And as you can imagine, we had everything the meteorological office could throw at us.
Day one we had lashing rain with an extremely strong wind and last day we had a gentle breeze and a nice bit of sun.  Len got drenched laying the first batch of tracks, so nipped back to the cottage, changed completely, and returned when they were worked, and promptly got drenched again!  All of which he took with his usual trademark good humour.
The ground was far better than I have experienced before at SATS, and that is reflected in the results.  12 qualifiers!!!  Yes 12!!  So anyone having a touch of the seconds about entering next year, get down there and have a bash!!!
My track pattern was 19 legs and 930m in length.  Because conditions can be so challenging I had no cutbacks in, but I did have a couple of open angles which did throw some handlers, but not the dogs.  My articles were (i) half a wooden curtain ring (ii) 3cm x 2cm piece of leather and a 2-inch x 3-inch piece of green carpet.  Square articles were (i) 2-inch piece of garden cane (ii) 0.5 inch x 1.5 inch piece of green rubber (iii) 0.5 inch x 1.5 inch green stiff canvas (iv) 2.5 inch green washing line.
C/A started with heelwork followed by sendaway, which comprised 130m downhill to a hedge in which was a strategically placed pole, then call back and re direct right 90m to a partially collapsed cone.  I marked the sendaway 5 and 5, however, due to the layout of the field, competitors were unable to watch other’s sendaway.  So this enabled me to watch each competitor work the test cold without the advantage of seeing how others had faired.  Sneaky I know, but it did give me a more realistic test.  Speak was next, on the move until the teams reached a pole when they asked the dog to be quiet, and then after 5 seconds another 5 speaks, then quiet.  This was followed by fast pace, which inevitably caused a few of the dogs to speak again because of the dynamic nature of the exercise.  Then it was jumps, clear, long then scale.
There were some stunning rounds completed, truly amazing in the conditions.  But for some the conditions were just impossible, all of which were taken in good grace.  Trialists are exceptionally good sports, loads of congratulating or commiserating with each other.
It was great to watch your dogs, and a pleasure to judge them, thanks for entering.

1st and CC     Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE WISP, Qual on 215.  Wow, wow, wow!!!  What a team Sheila and Inca make.  97.5 on the track in ‘breezy’ conditions, then four out of the square in quick time.  Great to watch Sheila handle Inca when it got a bit sticky on the last corner, which is the only problem they had.  They really are a class act which showed in the C/A - awesome heelwork and speak and cracking sendaway.  So pleased for you, Sheila, well done and good luck at the KCC’s next year.
2nd and Res CC     Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Qual on 211.5.  Consistency is synonymous with this team.  Always in the mix.  To track in the conditions they had was nothing short of incredible.  Tom always gives his all, and on this occasion he did so in abundance.  Total commitment throughout.  Super control round, as ever, but a blip on the clear jump was costly.  Well done, Di, it was a pleasure to watch you both.
3rd     Barry Gilbert with WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, Qual on 209.5 and Best Track.  Barry and Cozzie whizzed round the track in double quick time with his trademark accuracy - 98 for the track and three articles.  Very impressive.  Left one in the square, but this was followed by the best control round I have seen from them, only dropping half a mark on the speak.  Very impressive from a quality team.  Well done, Barry, and good luck in the future.
4th    Tony Lockyer with WTCh TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, Qual on 200.  Nice nosework, although Bob didn’t find it easy.  Unfortunately, left one in the square, but as ever kept working tirelessly.  Nice sendaway followed by full mark jumps.  Another consistent performer who is always there or thereabouts.  Well done, Tony, on another qualification and place.
Also Qualified:
Christine Gregory with THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, 199.5.  Oh, I do like a Goldie!!!!  Dilly tracked nicely with three articles recovered.  Worked her socks off to get three out the square.  She followed this with a really nice C/A round, including a full mark sendaway.  Very impressed with this team, and am sure we will see a lot more qualifications from them.  Well done, Chris.
Charlie Taylor with GLENALPINE NIKKI, 199.  Charlie called on all his experience to ensure Nikki had a successful track with three articles.  A couple of sticky moments, when a quality handler came to the fore and got her out of trouble.  Four out of the square meant Len was off to lay run-off tracks!!  Nice sendaway, but a blip on the speak was to prove costly.  Well done on your qualification, Charlie, and good luck.
Margaret Robinson with JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, 197.5.  Arran really didn’t settle into his track until half way round, after which he made it look easy.  Three out of the square was followed by a super C/A round, dropping just one mark.  A quality team who are always a pleasure to watch.  A dog who loves his work.  Well done on your qualification, Margaret.
Sarah Burroughes with TARNEDGE VELVET, 197.  The question of whether they were going to be able to compete here after her op was never in doubt with Sarah’s determination!  She was rewarded by Esther completing a very nice track with three articles and then three out of the square.  Nice C/A rounded off a successful day.  Super, happy dog that’s a credit to you, Sarah, well done.
Joyce Tibbetts with VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, 193.  Kari had a difficult time on the track, but then conditions were challenging.  Three track articles were recovered, followed by four from the square.  Lovely heelwork, speak, and full mark jumps from a happy, lively dog.  Well done, Joyce, and good luck in the future
Glenys Page with WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, 188.5.  Glenys did extraordinarily well to complete the track on a day of foul weather.  This was always going to be a day for the experienced dog and handler, and this team really had to graft to get round.  Two articles from the track and three from the square.  Superb speak and sendaway and full mark jumps.  Well done, Glenys, it was a pleasure to watch you handle this cracking dog.
Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL, 188.  Great to see you and Kalli competing again, Sheren, after Kalli’s injury.  Nice nosework from a dog that always gives her all, and well-handled when it got sticky.  Beautiful heelwork and nice speak.  A pleasure to watch this team and the affinity they have for each other is obvious.  Well done and all the very best.
Les Theobald with TYTRI ROMAN JACK, 179.5.  Tracked in a bit of a breeze! but coped well considering the conditions.  Two articles from the track and three from the square.  Being a bit of a livewire, Jack attacks the C/A with his usual enthusiasm, which can have its drawbacks!  Bit of a hiccup on the return on scale, but had enough to gain the deserved qualification.  Well done on your qualification with this happy lad.

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