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Open Trial
Venue: Faversham
Trial Held: 18 September 2016

Trial Managers Report

This is the first time we have had the Base at the new hall on Stalisfield Green (rebuilt with Lottery funding) and it did get wholehearted approval from all attending. The weather broke from the very hot spell, which was a welcome relief for the dogs. Entries were down on last year, so the Trial just ran over 2 days, but we had 12 competitors scratch prior to the Trial which was a pity. The reasons were varied, but sadly, several were because of elderly parents. The entries were 4 Intro., 7 UD, 11 WD and 14 TD. The only Stake with no scratches was Intro!

The Judges were Dave Currier for Intro., Belinda Spenseley for UD & WD and Margo Brothwell for TD. They all set suitable sensible tests for the ground and conditions, but we only ended up with 1 COM in Intro., 1 in UD, 2 in WD and 1 in TD. Thank you to all three of you for being so encouraging to the competitors and great company as well.

The helpers for the Trial – what can I say!! It was wonderful to see these great Trialists just calmly set up and run the Base and Kitchen, organize the tracking fields and generally support me running this Trial and then pack it all away again at the finish. I cannot tell you all how very grateful I am, thank you doesn’t seem enough somehow. The Base was managed by Jane Gray (ably assisted by Flossie), Kitchen was run by Chris Theobald (good to see you getting back into Trials again) and Sandra Lewindon, Stewards were Cathy Whimhurst, Sylvia Cook, Dave Currier and Carole Brooke, Tracklayers were Jane Clarke, Mark Lewindon, Les Theobald, Peter Brooke and Lynne Watkins. The evenings were great fun with you all too.

The two Farmers, Eric Baker, Hurst Farm and David Murray, Snoad Farm could not have been more helpful and accommodating. Without their support there would be no Trial. Thank you very much.

Trials Manager


Stake: Introductory


Steward: Cathy Whimhurst

Firstly, I would like to thank SATS for the invitation to judge the Introductory Stake.  A huge thank you to Cathy Whimhurst for being my right hand woman for the day, keeping the handlers at ease and delivering instructions of what was required throughout the test.  Thank you, Sharon (trials manager), for keeping things running smoothly and a big thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed and watered.

All the handlers and dogs worked well, and we had one qualifier.  The agility section caused the problem of the day, but it wasn’t the lack of enthusiasm from handlers or their dogs.

1st           Frances Webb with CLYNALWIN’S KINTO (Maurice), 95/100, Q.  The look of surprise on Frances’s face when he completed the round was a picture.  Have more confidence in him next time, Frances.  He was so focused on the job in hand.  Well done and I’m sure we will be seeing this team go up through the stakes.

2nd         Julian Smith with ESOTERIC DREAM(Simba), 78/100, NQ.  What a shame, so close to qualifying.  Seeing an improvement with this pair each time I see them work.

3rd          Janette Hammer with OSKTRA LYRA (Lyra), 70/100, NQ.  Worked well together.  More practice and we will be seeing more of this team.

4th          Patricia Lane with BOY OF THE VALLEYS (Khober), 64.5/100, NQ.  Enjoyed being worked but just wasn’t his day today.  Keep working and you will get there.


Stakes: UD and WD



Tracklayers: Jane Clark and Mark Lewindon

Stewards: Sylvia Cook and Dave Currier


Thank you to the committee of SATS for inviting me to judge both the UD and WD stakes at their autumn trial. Sharon is an excellent trials manager, who kept me informed at all stages leading up to and during the trial, as to the land, entries and scratches!

I was made very welcome in Sharon's lovely home, which was only 400 yards from the venue, which is situated in an archetype hamlet in the beautiful Kent countryside. The area is surrounded with footpaths and very little traffic along the narrow winding lanes.

The village hall is unexpectedly “state of the art”, funded by the National Lottery, with beautiful views over the fields which were designated for the dogs exercise area.

The kitchen posed its own issues; so modern was the hob….it took a combined effort from myself, Sandra and Sharon to work out how to use it! Sharon catered for all her judges and helpers at the venue, cooking a lovely meal both nights - hats off to you, Sharon!

Opposite the venue was a field which housed those with a caravan and next to that was the control field, so the only travelling was a short drive to the tracking fields, which were stubble. The weather wasn't too challenging, but the fields were rather dry after such a long period with no rain; however, this didn't seem to bother most of the dogs and I saw some lovely tracks in both the UD and WD stakes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Theobald and Sandra Lewindon for their hard work in the kitchen, providing lovely toasted sandwiches amongst dishing out the cakes and coffees.

My tracklayers over the two days were Jane Clark and Mark Lewindon, whom I would like to thank for ensuring each competitor had every chance of a successful track. Also, many thanks to my stewards, Sylvia Cook on Saturday, and Dave Currier on Sunday. Lovely people, who both made the competitors feel at ease and gave clear instructions, particularly during the control rounds, during which many people feel anxious.


UD Stake:

Of the seven entries, only 5 worked and just two competitors completed all the exercises.


1st           FLEECE WHISPERIN IN THE MIST, CDEx, WSD, owned and handled by Sandra Wright, 164.5, Q.

Lovely track and jumps, Sandra; a little more work on the control and you'll nail it, Fleece will go onwards and upwards. You did well to keep your head in the square - lovely patient handling of this strong minded little girl. Congratulations.

2nd         STARSHOT KAELEN WITH SZIKRAS, Hungarian WHV, owned by Angela Sanders and Lynne Watkins, handled by Lynne, 168.5, NQ. Super track; worked very hard as a team, as it appears that, although very talented, Kaelen may not be the easiest of dogs to handle. Full mark square, and sendaway, very good track and control, but the stay let you down today.


WD Stake:

Of the 11 entries, only 6 worked


1st           PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, CDEx – UDEx, Lab, owned and handled by Peter Brooke, 177.5, Q. Excellent track and good control - Quincy worked well for you. A hiccup in the square, only retrieving the two articles, was a surprise after his accuracy on the track, but he is a very young dog and will clearly go on to TD with a little more trials experience. Well done.


2nd         DREAGANTA KAINAAT, CDEx – UDEx, Border Collie, owned and handled by Claire Norton, 165, Q. Track went a bit awry this time, Claire, however a full mark square and full mark control round says it all! I would like to say it is always a pleasure to watch you handle Kai. Very well done!

3rd          TRACELYN ASHLEA, German Shepherd Dog, owned by Val Thompson, handled by Gavin Thompson, 186.5, NQ. Anji was very surprised to see the stubble and it took her some time to get going, but she was very well handled by Gavin; he did not give up and it resulted in a good track, square and control. However, Anji decided to sit up near the end of the stays - bad luck.

4th          ASHLINDT MIRAGE, German Shepherd Dog, owned and handled by Stephanie Allsopp, 108.5, NQ. Star wasn't keen today and decided to give up half way round the track. The control was a bit of an effort for her so a bit of an off day I would say - better luck at the next trial.


Stake: TD

Tracklayers: Les Theobald, Peter Brooke and Lyn Watkins;
Square and C/A Steward: Carole Brooke

Thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge this stake. I was very well looked after in every way and really appreciated Sharon Carter's overnight hospitality. The ladies on catering duties were great - thank you, Sandra and Chris. Many thanks to all my three efficient tracklayers and to Carole for her sterling efforts over the two days. You were all brilliant and good company too.
Day one was rainy - not torrential, but light and heavier drizzle almost throughout. Day two stayed dry, although mainly overcast, but much warmer. The dogs had more success tracking on the wet day. My track articles were 4" x 1" leather, red shotgun cartridge and a 3" length of green hose. The square articles were 2" window sash cord, a slice of green tennis ball, a piece of pink knotted woollen fabric and a 2" x 3/4" piece of belt leather.
At close of play we had only one team qualifying for a COM..................

1st Ruth Payton with KALIAZAR CHAOS CDEx-WDEx, 198.5, COM. Very good control round from Ruth and Dot, earning 33.5 marks. Didn't manage the long jump, but full marks for clear and scale. Dot's tracking was very solid, just some double checking on several of the straights, yet was very positive locating the corners and all three articles were found. Ran out of time before the fourth article was located in the search square. Many congratulations on being the sole survivor and winning the stake.
2nd Angela Fields with TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, CDEx-UDEx, NQ. Lovely track from Finn and a full point search square meant that, even missing the first track article, they had the best nosework mark of the stake. Sadly however, their C/A was less strong and did not make the qualifying mark in either section.
3rd Andy Baker with RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, CDEx, NQ. Superb C/A rounds, with Jim being the only dog to do a full point sendaway and redirect. He set off tracking and was the picture of my ideal tracking dog - motivated and keen - but then the wheels came off four legs from home; such a shame. I wish you better fortune next time out.
4th Rosemary Turner with KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE, CDEx-WDEx, NQ. Tracked very well at first, then just after locating the second article, Katie dragged Rosemary off to the right and started to back track up the final leg. Such a pity, Rosemary, better luck next time out. Katie got a bit confused during the sendaway exercise, but had very nice heelwork. Kept enough marks to qualify the C/A.

Thank you to all the competitors for allowing me the privilege to watch you work with your dogs. Best wishes to you all at future trials.
My final thank you must go to the land owners and farmers for their kindness in allowing us to use their land - we would be nowhere without them.

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