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Open Trial
Venue: Mark Cross
Trial Held: 14 April 2016


Stake: Intro

Steward: Sue Atkins

I would like to thank SATS for the invitation to judge their Introductory stake, at Clarkswood Mark Cross, a new venue for SATS. A huge thank you to Sue Atkins and her family for letting SATS hold this PD Open trial on their land.
Sue also did a first class job of stewarding for me and putting all the competitor at ease - thank you, Sue. Thank you to Manda McLellan, the trials manager, and to Sharon Carter, who did a wonderful job catering for all.
We had 8 dogs entered in this stake but on the day only 4 turned up on the Saturday. The weather could not have been better; the grass was a good length, search articles being a 4” wooden dolly peg, 5” x 2” rubber inner tube, 4” x 2” brown carpet and 10” piece of thick string. Whilst Sue was laying the square I stewarded and judged the retrieve. I saw some very impressive heelwork, both on and off lead. The 20 yards sendaway was marked by a cone and a short pole, and most dogs found it easy. The sit stays took place individually; second attempts were allowed at all jumps. Very pleased to say all the dogs completed the down stay with full marks.

1st Angela Sanders, MISS SZUZI TO SZIKRAS, X-Breed, 81.5, Q. Full mark search and sendaway. Very well done, this little dog worked so well for Angela, just a shame about the sit stay on the day. Congratulations.
2nd Lynne Watkins, STARSHOT KAELEN WITH SZIKRAS, Hungarian wirehaired vizsla, 87.5, NQ. Lynne handled this dog beautifully, a joy to watch them, and the only one with full marks on the jumps, but he was just lacking focus when it come to the search and retrieve. Lovely to watch.
3rd Trina Heal, DEJAGA CUBA, GSD, 82, NQ. This lovely black dog did the most impressive control round, only dropping one point, plus a very good search and retrieve. But unfortunately the jumps let you down today. Good team.
4th Patricia Lane, BOY OF THE VALLEYS, GSD, 67.5, NQ. Wonderful heelwork and retrieve, just needs to be a bit more confidence on the sendaway and sit stay. Well done.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering; it was a privilege to watch you work your dogs and good luck in future trials - you all did so well.

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