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Championship Trial
Venue: Holmbury
Trial Held: 11 July 2009

CD, WD, PD Stakes




Steward: Elizabeth de Unger

Thank you to Surrey for inviting me to judge at this trial. Thanks to Stan Ford, the Trials Manager, for running the trial, and to Christine Brooks for running the base. Thanks to Elizabeth de Unger, who was an excellent steward, and also very good company. Thanks also to the people in the kitchen, Cathy, Dave, Sue, Sandra, Mary and Elizabeth, for keeping everyone well fed.

Apologies to all the competitors who had difficulty getting to the base on the Friday, when it was decided to close the road leading to the base for resurfacing. This meant extra stress for Stan and Chris, but they seemed to cope very well. I decided that as it was so difficult to get to and from the control field that I would stay there all day, and do the nosework followed by the control round. We only lost one competitor on the way to the field, but luckily she found us later, and managed to qualify.

The CD field was excellent – I could not have asked for better.

1st Stella Richards and FERNHAVEN SHE’S A DELIGHT, BC, B, 94. Sade did an excellent control round – a worthy winner. Well done.

2nd Teresa Palmer and DRAMBORO JED, BC, D, 90.5. Jed gained full marks in the nosework, and did a good control round. Well done.

3rd Jane Wood and SNOWBLUE MR MACAW, WSD, D, 90.5. Excellent nosework, just a blip on the sendaway by Mac. Well done.

4th June Coutts and CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab, D, 90.5. Same marks as above. Good nosework and control. Well done.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Sally Baker and CLASOLA DASKA, Weim, B, 90

Christine Stewart and ANGEL WISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, Std Poodle, D, 88.5

Eve Carter and MY GIRL HEIDI, WSD, B, 88

Val Upton and GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, BC, D, 83.5

Paul Merritt and VONGRAF MELCHI, GSD, 81.5

Thank you for entering your dogs under me; it was a pleasure to judge you. I’m sure all the non-qualifiers will qualify soon.



Tracklayers: Ron Davies, John Reynolds, Tess Shoolbred, Joyce Tibbetts, Val Upton

Square and C/A Stewards: Caroline Ashford and Bert Maynard

Escorts: Stan, Jane, Don, Sally

Catering: Cathy, Liz, Sandra, David, Mary, Elizabeth and the two Sues

Apologies if I have forgotten anyone!

My thanks to: all of the above, each of whom ensured competitors, helpers and judges were extremely well taken care of; Christine Brooks for the score sheets and certificates; my good friend Liz for providing me with dinner, bed and breakfast, plus being excellent company, especially on our daily dog walks; and the competitors who entered under me. Special appreciation to Tess who, after a very busy week, left her house on Sunday night, drove to the C/A ground and then on to Liz’s to return my Ventlock to me, which I had carelessly dropped. Above and beyond the call of duty!

I would like to say that Stan’s preparation and planning would have done the Logistics Corps proud, however even HE could not stop the road being closed for resurfacing on Friday; which led to some scenic drives whilst Caroline navigated!

30 entered, 22 ran. Breeds: Cross, BC/WSD, Lab, GSD, ASD, Weim, GSP, Dutch Herder, FCR. 14 qualified the nosework, 4 qualified overall.

Ground, very short cut grass; weather, warm and dry on first two days, cooler with rain on the Saturday.

Track pattern, 805 yards long, 15 legs; articles - half a wooden clothes peg and a slice of pot pourri orange.

Square articles - a green silk leaf, green foam, brown fabric and half a plastic straw.

The control round, which was designed to flow from one exercise to the next, commenced with fast paced heelwork during which competitors had to provide the steward with their name, number and position on the other side of the scale. This was followed by the sendaway, retrieve, medium pace heelwork to the hurdle, slow pace to the long jump and medium pace to the scale followed by the stays. One second attempt was allowed on the agility section, at the face of the scale. Although maximum scores were awarded for jumps, retrieves and heelwork, nobody managed a full mark sendaway. The best score for this was 9 by Robert Willats and his FCR Dax.

1st Judy Meekings and her Labrador dog, STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, 187, WDEx. I don’t think I have ever seen a Labrador track quite like Brig; he was almost snake like in his application! 2 and 4 plus a solid C/A round (including a very good redirect) made this not only a worthy qualification but one that stood out from the rest. Good Luck in ticket.

2nd Gill Lawrence with her BC bitch, BEKKIS DULCIMER, 176, WDEx. The best track of the trial which was very steady. Sailed over the first article but all 4 out of the square. Full mark agility and only the second dog to go out in the correct direction for the sendaway.

3rd Bob Cooke with his Holland Herder dog, VIXIX D RUH FROM STEINMETZ, 175.5, WDEx. A very nice track with both articles; Spock slightly lost interest in the square and if either he or Bob had found the dropped straw, the placing would have been higher! Full mark agility and a good redirect rounded out a solid C/A round.

4th Suzanne Jaffa with her ASD dog, AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER, 156, WD. Poor Buck must have felt he was on Salisbury Plain during an exercise whilst on the nosework field, which caused him to surrender on the final corner! This, combined with only 3 from the square, meant that the C/A round had to be very good to be in with a chance of a qualification. Unfortunately knocking the hurdle and only 1 for the sendaway meant an “only” rather than an “ex”.

I really enjoyed watching handlers and dogs work my test and the glass was put to good use on Sunday night!



Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Bert Maynard

Steward: Karen Warner

Criminals: Dave Clark, Andy Baker, Bert Maynard, Karen Warner

Thank you to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge my first PD ticket. Thank you to Trials Manager, Stan Ford, and his committee for putting on an excellent trial and the girls in the kitchen for providing such great food. Also for providing me with excellent accommodation with a warm welcome and great food.

I would like to thank my criminals, Andy, Dave, Bert and Karen, for their help and support. It is great to have that level of experience behind you, especially at your first ticket appointment. Thanks to you all, I really appreciated it.

The tracking was on lush grass and the tracks were expertly laid by Bert and Stan, with all the teams qualifying the nosework. Two teams went out on the C/A leaving five. There were 4 points separating the first four dogs with the 5th dog 11 points behind, so it was anybody’s ticket.

My PD round began with a short quarter, with the criminal round the corner of the field to the handler, so no commands or back up could be given to the dog. Only when I heard a good speak did I allow the handler to join their dog. The hide criminal was then escorted back to the start pole, attacking the handler on the way. The recall was next and was quite short, but not impossible, and as the dog returned to his handler the criminal ran on and joined the others for the test of courage. In this test the dog had to cover a good distance to reach the criminals who put up a concerted effort to keep him out.

Next was a quarter that took in the whole field. From the point of location of the criminal the dog was then sent on the chase back across the field, and so ended the test.

All the dogs worked to a very high standard and were a credit to their handlers. The recall was the defining moment in this test, and Gary’s decision to give Roy two commands in quick succession won the day, as, although marks were lost for an extra command, Roy recalled. Good call.

3rd, 4th and 5th places were decided by a run off.

1st Gary Martin with TYTRI ROY, BC, D. Excellent handling kept this team in contention and Gary’s tactical recall decision won the ticket. Roy has a great attitude and I know they will continue to do well in the future. Congratulations. Q, 285

2nd Dean Woodcock with LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK AT SAMDAIS, BC, B. Another cracking round from this team. Always good to watch. Just needed Gary to slip up on this occasion. Q, 279.5

3rd Lauren Marlow with JOTUNHEIM KID, Mali, D. It’s great to see this team working to such a high standard. Dennis is not an easy dog and all that work has really paid off. Q, 272

4th Mick Tustain with JOTUNHEIM VIP, Mali, D.

When this team work a PD round the adrenaline seems to be floating in the air. Another very professional round. Q, 272

Also qualifying:

Manda McLellan with ASTRA STORM, BC, D. Unlucky, got beaten up by the Mali’s in the run off for third place. I know you’ll get your own back in the future! Q, 272

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