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Championship Trial
Venue: Ockley
Trial Held: 18 April 2009

CD, UD, TD Stakes

Stake: CD


Stewards: Sue Henderson (Fri), Lee Lampert (Sat)

Thank you to Surrey committee for asking me to judge, Stan Ford and Chris Brooks for running such a friendly and well organised trial, and Dorothy Bowen and her army for all the food.

Thank you to my 2 stewards, Sue and Lee; you were great company and did everything I asked of you. Thank You.

Friday was a very wet day but all the dogs managed to retrieve all the articles. I was very pleased, then we did the stays - only 2 dogs out of 8 got full marks. I was very disappointed for you all. On Saturday we again had 8 dogs, although sunny, it was a little cold. It was a similar situation with exercises; searches and retrieves were not as good, but the stays were better. Both days we had dogs which appeared to have separation problems. Only 2 dogs failed the sendaway, but the heelwork was very poor, with a lot of lagging and pulling on leads and extra commands. The jumps were also very poor. But I’m sure you will all qualify soon, so keep practising.

1st TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, UDEx, Lab, D, handler Graham Reaney. Well done Graham; Charlie did a very polished round, although the search square kept us all on our toes. 93, Qual

2nd SNOWBLUE MR MACAW, WSD, D, handler Jane Wood. Well done Jane and Mac, a very nice round, although the jumps need a little more work. 86.5, Qual

3rd KALIYON CAOIBHE, BC, B, handler Miriam Lyons Well done, Miriam and Keva. 85.5, Qual

4th WISCOMBE JAZZ, Lab, B, handler Keith Rowley. Well done, Keith and Daisy. 80, Qual




Tracklayers: Tessa Shoolbred, Ron Davies, Judy Meekings, John Reynolds

Search Stewards: Mary Prentice, Sally Baker

C/A Steward: Caroline Ashford

Thank you to the committee of Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge their ticket stake this year; it was nice to return to Surrey and see everyone again. Congratulations to Stan and Christine for running a very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable trial. Thanks to the stewards and tracklayers for a great job done, and to Dorothy and company for feeding us well. Finally, a huge thanks to Liz de Unger, for putting me up for the week and making me feel so welcome.

The tracking conditions were excellent; I thought that the land in the Mythurst Estate couldn’t be surpassed, but I was wrong – all the fields were covered in lovely grass and at a perfect length for tracking on. The weather conditions were also fairly consistent throughout the week, with just a little rain on the Friday. There were 41 qualifiers after the nosework, a nice high percentage of the entry. Unfortunately, some of these didn’t qualify in the C/A section. Congratulations to all the qualifiers and better luck next time to the non-qualifiers.

1st Jane Webb, INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, WSD, 206.5, Q TDEx. This team achieved a very good standard in the nosework, recovering all articles in the nosework, and gaining 32.5 marks in the C/A sections. I believe this was Pippa’s first Ticket - congratulations on a very well deserved win.

2nd Averil Salisbury, DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN, WSD, 202.5, Q TDEx. Also recovered all articles from the nosework section. The first TDEx for this dog and handler. Well done on a good overall performance and congratulations on winning the Reserve CC.

3rd Colin Ball, CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX, Lab, 199, Q TDEx. Another very impressive all round performance. Well done on gaining 3rd place.

4th Deborah Meade, HEATHERMARK VIXEN, GSP, 196, Q TDEx. Very well deserved place and qualification from this dog and handler.

Also qualifying TDEx:


Heather Patrick, SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, WSD, 193.5


Mary Drewitt, LAWINICK RIOJA, GSD, 192.5

Mr. J. and Mrs. K. Wykes, handler John Wykes, WTCh FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, WSD, 192


Stevie Boyall, WTCh STYPERSON LOMOND, Lab, 190.5

Anne Shepherd, LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, X- breed, 187

Elizabeth de Unger, BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY, Lab, 185




Qualifying TD:

Mike Robinson, FLINT OF GLEN MEL, BC, 167.5




Tracklayers: Sue Henderson, Joyce Tibbetts (1 Day), Val Upton (2 Days), Don Laskey (3 Days)

Square and C/A Steward: Bert Maynard

Escort: Stan Ford

Many thanks to: the society for inviting me to judge, Stan Ford for his peerless timing and organisation (not to mention his towing talents); Dorothy and her galley slaves for the catering; Christine Brooks for the score sheets and certificates; Don, Sue, Joyce and Val for laying the tracks exactly how I wanted and Bert for his quiet, efficient search square/C & A stewarding skills. Special appreciation to my friend Liz de Unger for welcoming me once again into her lovely home with matchless hospitality; together with Martine the TD judge.

For me Surrey has become synonymous with food and this trial was no exception, with lip-smacking lunches incorporating Dorothy’s decadent desserts and scrumptious suppers at Liz’s house accompanied by copious quantities of the grape (red, white, pink and sparkling)!

The trial was so well planned that all I had to do was turn up at the relevant fields at predetermined times to wield my pencil! An arrangement that I, for one, deeply appreciated.

23 entered, 17 ran. Breeds: Cross, BC/WSD, Lab, GSD, ASD, HWHV, GR.

16 qualified the nosework, 7 qualified overall.

Track pattern was 750 yards long with 8 legs; the first article was a piece of hard green plastic and the second a dolly peg.

Square articles were: a metal teaspoon, a wooden craft peg, a piece of green scourer and a transparent plastic ring. The ground was lush grass with only one dog failing the track, all others locating at least one article and a minimum of two out of the square. Only one team managed a full mark search; unfortunately they were a few marks short on the track!

The control round, which was designed to flow from one exercise to the next, commenced with a sendaway of 150 paces to a hedge, followed by the retrieve, fast pace heelwork to the hurdle, slow pace to the long jump and medium pace to the scale followed by the stays. Second attempts were allowed at all jumps. Although there were several full marks for sendaways, retrieves and heelwork, nobody managed full mark agility!

I hope that all participants enjoyed themselves and went home with the best dog. Thank you for entering under me and accepting my decisions with such good sportsmanship. I had a great time watching you and your dogs.

1st Linda Reynolds with her ASD (D) AMBERSLADE NIGHT HAWK, 191. I thought Linda was being a tad optimistic when she stated that Harris was going to sit on the other side of the scale as the dog had studiously avoided adopting this position during heelwork! A steady competent round in all sections from this team with a full mark sendaway and retrieve, plus 2 and 4.

2nd Heather Donnelly and her BC (B) MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER FOR WOOLRAM, 185. Puds gave Val and me a bit of a scare in the middle of the track, but then went on to get 2 and 4, with a sound C/A round, although I thought Heather was going to throw it all away on the sendaway!

3rd Barbara Ottley with her Lab (B) CWYMTAWE BLACK MAGIC, 181. What a lovely little dog this is; also getting 2 and 4 with all articles out in 60 seconds!

4th Ann Wright with her GR (B) CARISHILL ROSE, 177.5. Mabel reminded me very much of my Twig in the C/A; not flashy but solid and very well trained. All 4 out of the square.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Kevin Hill with his GSD (B) VEKKA LADY, 176 (Full mark control round)

Jodie Lea Phillips and her BC (D) FLIP FLOP RIP, 175 (Rock steady in the stays!)

Kate Wykes with her BC (B) KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, 167.5 (The most entertaining square of the trial!)

Finally I would like to express my gratitude for the lovely gift; I have almost a full set!

Enjoy your dogs!

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