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Open Trial
Venue: Newdigate
Trial Held: 21 February 2010

C&A, TD, WD Stakes



Steward: Sue Henderson

Many thanks to: the society for once again inviting me to judge; Christine Brooks for organising the competitors, completing the score boards and certificates; Cathy, Joyce, Dorothy, Liz and Beryl for the catering (including Dot’s FABULOUS meringues which must be the best on the planet); Stan and Bert for moving the jumps each morning in order to maximise competitor safety; my dear friend Liz for the 5* accommodation, fabulous food and providing my dogs with escorted walks and bones. (However I was somewhat less than enthusiastic about being put at risk of arrest whilst she was trying to gain entry into a car other than her own after our pub dinner)!

Liz was ubiquitous and in addition to the above also laid tracks and ran the excellent shop which was raising funds for the 2010 KCC’s. Sue was a very conscientious steward who was consistent throughout and gave each competitor every chance of success. Last but not least, thanks to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions with good grace.

I found it particularly interesting to judge the C/A section of a stake in which I am currently competing as well as the WD (which could and did include those at only their second trial). I set my test(s) to take into account both the conditions underfoot as well as the level of performance I wanted and some of the rounds I saw in both stakes would not have been out of place at a Championship trial. We did have a faller (human) at the second fence on the second day. I hope you have fully recovered John; the same thing happened to me last year!

WD Stake:

1st John Reynolds with his WSD dog, STONECROSS TOMMY, 192.5. The old man can still show the youngsters a thing or two and pulled it out of the bag to win this stake! A solid control round and he also spent two days tracklaying for other competitors.

2nd Nathan Wilson with his Weimaraner dog, SPECIAL GIFT, 189. This team lost only 2 marks in the C/A, on the sendaway. But for the “handbagging” round the jumps (which cost them a mark from the overall score) they would have been the clear 2nd place. Carla must be very proud of you!

3rd Ron Davies with his WSD Dog, KAI JUMPING JACK, 189. On the same overall mark as the above but his dog was unavailable for the run off. Another “old timer” who, like John, as well as competing gave up his time to lay tracks on the weekend.

4th Sheren Perez with her WSD dog, MY BOY KAI, 187.5. Working the litter brother to that of the TD winner, this team completed a full mark sendaway and retrieve; I know Sheren was particularly pleased with the long jump.

Also gaining CoM:

June Coutts with her Labrador dog, CRADBRIDGE BILL, 178 (full mark sendaway)

Val Upton with her BC dog, GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, 177 (litter brother to the 2nd place in TD, full mark sendaway and jumps)

Melvin Drewitt with his GSD dog, LAWINICK TROUBLE, 173.5 (full mark sendaway and jumps)

Jill Carruthers with her GSD bitch, VOMKYNA DARCA, 172.5 (full mark sendaway and jumps)

Ann Trodd with her X breed dog, BAILLIE OF CHELSASA, 163.5 (full mark sendaway)


1st Sue Ashby with her WSD dog, THE TITAN, 214. An upstanding collie which has overcome adversity and produced full mark heelwork, speak and jumps. A very different kettle of fish from Echo and a well deserved win for someone who has probably laid more tracks over the years for fellow competitors than I have had hot dinners! Good Luck in Ticket!

2nd Pat Herbert with her WSD bitch, GLENALPINE MOO, 212. Full mark speak; but for the long jump, 1st and 2nd position would have been reversed. Pat almost let her nerves get the better of her, however her skills and experience shone through. Breeding will out, but Pat loves her dog to death and it shows. All the best in ticket!

3rd Irene Nicholl with her Weimaraner dog, GUNALT CHA CHA, 207.5. What can I say, I have been waiting for Irene and Kern to qualify for ticket for over a year and they have finally done it! A full mark speak made up for the sendaway and I wish them both the best in Championship TD. Another dog that has overcome adversity and it must have been a relief for Peter that he was allowed to eat on the way home - eventually, after the detour! Many congratulations.

4th Gill Lawrence with her BC dog, BEKKIS BEWAY MERRIDOWN, 206.5. I am sorry that the “wrong dog” qualified today, Gill! The best C/A round of the trial, losing only half a mark! Although this was a “freebie” you and Jenny must be thrilled to bits with your “Woody” son; well done!

Also gaining CoM:

Maggie Moran with her BC dog, ALTRICIA TODDIE, 204.5 (full mark heelwork, speak and jumps)

Len Newman with his WSD bitch, SALLY BELL, 197.5 (experience showed)

Elizabeth de Unger with her Labrador dog, STYPERSON ROYCE, 193 (unaccustomed to public speaking that I am……..)!

Also worthy of a mention: Val Isherwood who is such a good sport and provided me with the best giggle of the trial with her WSD “Seven”.

The dog that the judge would most like to take home: Kelly Chapman’s Labrador bitch TARNEDGE POSY; unlucky not to qualify in the agility section, her sendaway is akin to an Exocet missile!

Finally I would like to express my gratitude for the lovely gift which (as Stan knows) is particularly apt in my case!

Enjoy your dogs.




Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred, Maggie Richardson, Judy Meekings and Joyce Tibbetts

Steward: Sally Baker

This is a tale of Mr Darcy and Wickham amongst others (nice to know Jane Austen’s influence is everywhere). A big thank you to Surrey for inviting me to judge the WD open nosework stake at their February trial and to the competitors who accepted my decisions. We saw some lovely dogs and I am sure they will be progressing up the stakes soon: to those that did not qualify - keep trying.

The standard was set from the start and it could not have been higher, a beautiful track from Ron Davies and Kai, 89.5. I had in mind what I wanted to see and they must have known. They were followed by John Reynolds and Tommy, not far behind in marks, and who subsequently and deservedly won the stake.

The competition should have ended with a run off between Ron and Nathan, as there was a tie on 189 for 2nd and 3rd places, but Ron decided to forego the run off, which came at the end of a wet and cold day.

I set a straightforward test both for myself and the competitors; the articles on the track were half a wooden peg and a thin rubber ring about 5 cms in diameter. For the square there was a garden tie about 12 cms, a piece of felt cloth, leather and sash cord rope, all about 4 cms.

The tracking was on grass and the standard overall was good and enjoyable to watch, even if the weather tried it’s best to put them off. It was cold throughout; one day wet, one windy and one where the track was laid in frost but gone by the time it was run. Conditions to try all comers, and to test the helpers; many thanks to Sally Baker for her company and search squares over three days and to the track layers: Tess, Maggie, Judy and Joyce.

A thank you to Chris Brooks at the base, who made sure all ran to time, and as it was my first attempt at judging nosework, also all her advice, prior to the trial.

To the crew in the kitchen, Beryl, Dorothy, Cathy and others, the food was most welcome in such cold weather. And to Cathy a fond farewell as she is off to live in Ireland from March.

1st John Reynolds and TOMMY, WSD, D, 192.5, 88/20/33. A polished performance and a worthy winner

2nd Nathan Wilson and MR DARCY, Weim, D, 189, 83/20/34. A team to watch, good control overall and with more confident tracking techniques from Nathan, they will progress up the stakes with style.

3rd Ron Davies and KAI, WSD, D, 189, 89.5/20/33. A beautiful track and a pleasure to watch.

4th Sheren Perez and KAI, 187.5, 88/20/27. Dog and handler worked well together, but only three articles out of the square.

Also qualifying:

June Coutts and RUBEN, Lab, D, 178, 86/10/34

Val Upton and RAFFA, BC, D, 177, 88/10/25

Melvin Drewitt and TROUBLE, GSD, D, 173.5, 87/10/25

Jill Carruthers and DARCA, GSD, B, 172.5, 85/15/19

Ann Trodd and BAILEY, X-Breed, D, 163.5, 82/20/17




Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Bert Maynard (1st day)

Val Upton, Ron Davis, John Reynolds (2nd and 3rd days)

Search Steward: Sue Hay

Escort: Don Lasky

My thanks go to Surrey for asking me to judge the TD nosework and to Chris Brooks, Trials Manager, who ran such a friendly trial. Thank you, Sue, for stewarding my search squares and being such good company. Squares were laid exactly as I asked, as were the tracks - thank you Stan, Bert, Val, Ron and John. My thanks also go to the ladies in the kitchen who provided us with some scrumptious meals. Last but not least, thank you, Don, for getting the competitors to their tracks and chauffeuring Sue and me backwards and forwards.

We started off with 23 entries, 19 worked, 7 Qualified. At the end of tracking 12 dogs were qualifying on their nose work, but some came to grief in the control rounds.

The weather was cloudy to start with on Friday, but the sun came out eventually. On Saturday the sun shone brightly, and the on Sunday the heavens opened. We tracked on clean short grass and I watched some really impressive dogs tracking.

I would like to thank all the competitors for working under me. It was a pleasure and a privilege.

1st Sue Ashby with THE TITAN, CDEx, UDEx, WSD. Titan did a track to be proud of. Sue, only losing 1 mark on the track; a pleasure to watch. I’m sure you will both do well in ticket. 99, 30, 33. Q, 214.

2nd Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE MOO, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC. Moo did a really impressive track, only losing 1 mark on the track. I’m sure you will both also do well in ticket. 99, 30, 35. Q, 212

3rd Irene Nicholl with GUNALT CHA CHA, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Weim. Kern did a really good track, Irene, and you were so pleased with him. Good Luck with him for the future. 96.5, 30, 35. Q, 207.5

4th Gill Lawrence with BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRIDOWN, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC. Tigger worked very hard on his track; the weather conditions were not in his favour, but he never gave up. 92, 30, 35. Q, 206.5

Also qualified:

Maggie Moran with ALTRICIA TODDIE, BC, 204.5

Len Newman with SALLY BELL, CDEx - WDEx, WSD, 197.5

Elizabeth De Unger with STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, 193

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