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Open Trial
Venue: Ockley
Trial Held: 03 October 2009

CD, UD, PD Stakes



Steward: Dorothy Bowen

Many thanks to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the CD Stake and the UD control and agility. Chris Brooks did an excellent job of managing this trial. Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen, especially Beryl Kimberley for the great lunches. Thanks to Stan for seeing to the jumps and for just being around when needed. A big vote of thanks to Dorothy, not only for your help to me but also for putting the competitors at ease and for being great company. All the helpers were very friendly - thank you all. A big thank you must go to Liz de Unger for the warm welcome she gave both Brian and myself into her lovely home; also for the superb evening meals.

The weather was dry and warm on both days which made for an enjoyable weekend.


1st Maurice Millington and GLENALPINE PERDI, BC, B, Q, 88. A good all round performance. Well done, Maurice, the only qualifier.

2nd Martyn Willcock and LUCY THE LAWLESS OF LANCS, WSD, B, NQ, 65. A good effort but not quite ready.

3rd Colin Rees and HEELAKEARY FLAME, GSD, D, NQ, 59. Another good try but again not quite ready.


There were 29 entries in this stake but only five over all qualifiers; this was mainly due to the fact that for no apparent reason over half of the dogs failed the down stay. The jumps also took their usual toll of a few of the others.

1st Vicky Sole and ALEYNE DAISY, X-breed, D, Q, 188. Very well done, Vicky.

2nd Ron Davies and KAI JUMPING JACK, WSD, D, Q, 187.5. Well done, Ron.

3rd Zoe Finley and TRIGEM OCEANS BLURAIN WITH OVERDRIVE, ASD, D, Q, 187. Well done, Zoe.

4th Pat Golding and ST PETES JETTA, CDEx, Lab, D, Q, 176.5. Well done, Pat.

5th Melvyn Drewitt and LAWINICK TROUBLE, GSD, D, Q, 171. Well done, Melvyn.




Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred, Joyce Tibbetts, Judy Meekings, Cathy Dench and Bert Maynard.

Stewards: Sue Henderson and Don Laskey.

Many thanks to the Committee of Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at this very popular trial. The weather over the two days was warm and sunny with very little wind. Tracking was, as usual for Surrey trials, on well grown clean grass which led to twenty one teams qualifying the nose work section out of the twenty nine starters. Grateful thanks to all my tracklayers for laying the tracks exactly as requested, the same applies to my two search stewards; you all did a fantastic job in making my test the same for all the competitors. Special thanks to Tess for overseeing the tracks and for organising the other tracklayers.

The whole trial was expertly managed in a friendly and efficient manner by Christine Brooks with the aid of her band of expert helpers. Many thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, headed by Beryl Kimberly, for supplying us all with food and drinks throughout the trial and also for the super lunches. A big thank you to Liz de Unger for allowing Barbara and me to stay in her beautiful home; Liz also cooked our evening meals, which was most appreciated, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. My final thanks are to the competitors for accepting my marking without question.

I set out to do a straight forward test for all to enjoy which I hope was achieved.

1st Vicky Sole and ALEYNE DAISY, X-breed, D, 188, Q. A nice competent track and a full point search square. Very well done, Vicky, a well deserved win.

2nd Ron Davies and KAI JUMPING JACK, WSD, D, 187.5, Q. Another very nice round, only lost one on the track. Well done.

3rd Zoe Finlay and TRIJEM OCEANS BLURAIN WITH OVERDRIVE, ASD, D, 187, Q. Another nice accurate track, again losing only one mark; leaving an article in the square was costly.

4th Pat Golding with ST PETES JETTA, Lab, D, 176.5, Q. A nice controlled track, but missing the first article was a shame, otherwise you would have been placed higher, but well done.

5th Melvin Drewitt and LAWINICK TROUBLE, GSD, D, 171, Q. Another very nice track, but Trouble was a little unsettled in the square. Well done, Melvin, I know you were pleased with his attitude.




Tracklayers: Stan Ford and Don Laskey

Search and C/A Steward: David Clark

Patrol Round Steward: Richard Cornwell

Criminals: David Clark, Bert Maynard, Penny Bellis, and Lauren Marlow.

7 Entered, 5 Ran

Thank you to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge and to the Trials Manager, Christine Brooks, for getting things organized. To my friend Beryl Kimberley and her helpers, thank you for the lovely lunch. Stan and Don, thank you for track laying. David, Richard, Bert, Penny and Lauren – thank you for your help, not to mention your good company – I could not have done it without you!

The competitors were great; they accepted my decisions with good humour and also helped to dis-mantle the jumps and PD equipment at the end of the day. What a great bunch of people they were – Thank you for a lovely day.

1st Jon Hinds with DUNNSLAYNE CAP, WSD, D, 273, Q. Lovely track, in a horrible field, Cap found the first article, Jon fell over the end article! We were so pleased when Cap brought out the second square article. A good C/A round was followed by a competent patrol round. Congratulations.

2nd Rita Banfather with STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D, 271.5, Q. A solid all round performance; I believe this is your second open, good luck in ticket. Nice to see a GSD in the line up.

3rd Andy Baker with SID THE LEMMON SQUEEZER, BC, D, 266.5, Q. A keen young dog, with an experienced handler bringing out the best in him. Just silly little things stopped this dog gaining a higher place. I am also sure that next time out Andy will put his specs on! But it’s always easy when you know where the articles are!

4th Mark Lewindon with SORUMOUR LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI, GSD, D, 244.5, NQ. Kazak qualified in the nosework and patrol sections, but unfortunately decided he was not in the mood to do the control and agility!

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