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Open Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 04 October 2014





Tracklayers: Elizabeth de Unger, Sandra Lewindon, Caroline Ashford

Square Steward: Shirley Simpson


Many thanks to Surrey for the invitation to judge at their autumn trial. Everything seemed to run smoothly with Joyce at the helm, Christine at the base and Val and Sally (and Mark) in the kitchen.

After the long dry spell, we finally had some rain which started halfway through the morning and continued in some degree till the end of judging, but was never too heavy to spoil things.

Special thanks to my trio of experienced tracklayers - Liz, Sandra and Caroline - for the tracks and your company and to Shirley for laying the squares.

Tracking was on good lush Surrey grass and most dogs had no problem when tracking but the searching proved more problematic and only one dog recovered all four articles.

 1st Stan Ford and VONHAUSWOLF RAINHARD, GSD, D, 186, Q. Zeus coped well with Stan’s nerves, with a sound track and 3 from the square.

2nd Dean Woodcock and CORIES TEX, Kelpie, D, 176.5, Q. Another good track, but Tex struggled with the long grass in the square.

3rd Juliet Maskell and KAMARDA JULIET’S DREAM, BC, B, 172.5, Q. Lovely track but lacked commitment in the square.

4th Pete Ross handling Mrs P Davies MEADLE BLACKTHORN JACK, GSD, D, 168, Q. Pete and Jack did a brilliant full point track but articles let them down with only one from the track and 2 from the square.

 Thanks for your entries and your company. I enjoyed myself.




Steward: Don Laskey

 I would like to thank Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the UD control and agility. This was a very well organised trial - a big thank you to everyone involved, without them there would be no trial. I would like to thank my steward, Don Laskey, who is a pleasure to work with – thanks, Don.

1st Stan Ford with VONHAUSWOLF RAINHARD, GSD, D, 186, Q. An experienced handler with an enthusiastic dog. Stan did say something about being younger - he will keep you young, Stan. Very well done.

2nd Dean Woodcock with CORIES TEX, Aus Kelpie, D, 176.5, Q. Yet another experienced handler. Nice to see another breed. Very well done, Dean, good luck in the higher stakes.

3rd Juliet Maskell with KAMARDA JULIETS DREAM, BC, B, 172.5, Q. A very steady dog - very well done, Juliet.

4th Mrs P Davies’ MEADLE BLACK THORN, GSD, D, handled by Pete Ross, 168, Q. Very well done to you both, and good luck in the higher stakes.





The Team

Trials Manager: Joyce Tibbetts

Base Steward: Christine Brooks

Tracklayer: Tessa Shoolbred

Search and C/A Steward: Beryl Kimberley

Catering: Val, Sally and Mark

Patrol Steward: Ruth Cahill

Patrol Criminals (Protected Stewards): David, Danny and Rita (at very short notice)


Thanks to the Surrey DTS committee for inviting me to judge PD and to the three teams who entered under me and turned up for the test. Some of the teams, although they had very experienced handlers, were in PD for their first time and all had dogs that were quite new to PD.

A big thank you to all those above for giving up their time and making the trial the success it surely was. Also thanks to Stan for sorting out the land, putting the jumps in the C/A field and all the thousand one other things that need to be done behind the scenes.

Thanks also to Joyce for being at the end of the phone or e-mail in the run up to the trial and for finding me another "runner"; nothing ever flustered her and she made it easy for me.

The weather started off with sunshine and light wind and gradually went downhill thereafter, with constant strong wind and rain for all of the patrol round. The rain stopped on cue as the third competitor finished their patrol round.

The nosework was on very short, highly grazed grass and the ground was very, very dry, quite unlike the Surrey Championship in April, as a result of very little rain over the last month. All teams struggled at some point, and we did lose one team that went across the first box diagonally and then back tracked. The articles were half a wooden peg and a black plastic reel from a garden strimmer.

The search squares were all completed well, only one team not getting all 4 articles, which were a square of scourer, a leather strip, a plastic green bottle top and a wooden stirrer. The gun test was full marks for all - well done.

Thanks to all the competitors for smiling from beginning to end, no matter what the result. I am totally convinced that all of you will be competing in PDEx in the near future and some of you will win CC’s for sure. Please remember that all the marks count, not just those in the Patrol Round; as T. H. used to say, "A good PD dog gets 2 and 4, as all the marks count." It also helps if you control the nerves which we all get - you all had buckets full on the day.

The C/A commenced with speak, handler 10 paces from the dog with their back to the dog and hands on a pole in front of them - 5 barks, quiet and another five barks. Two dogs moved on this and also needed extra commands. Heelwork was next at all the three paces, straight forward simple stuff. The sendaway was 95 paces to an oak tree in the hedge in front of them and then right 95 paces to another oak tree in the hedge. All the dogs did this very well indeed. Next were the jumps with the usual routine of clear, long and scale in the handlers own time, but told when to rejoin the dog by me for the clear and long jump. A brilliant effort by all of the dogs on the jumps ensured none failed to qualify in this section of the competition, although one did need a second attempt on the face of the scale. The final C/A exercise was the down stay, dogs in the C/A field and handlers out of the gate left behind a hedge. All dogs stayed.

After this we went straight into setting up the PD round; it was in the same field, however it was big enough not to have to use the same area that had previously been used for C/A, a real help for young dogs.

The round was set up on the KISS principal (Keep It Simple Stupid). We had a couple of run throughs with Joyce’s GSD, Kari, before starting off, which helped the stewards and me get their bearings, one with handlers out of sight and one with them in sight, once the final tweaks had been put in place. Thanks to Kari and Joyce for this, I know you both really enjoyed this and good luck with PD in the future.

The round commenced with a straight chase, which all the dogs did, however some dogs needed to set themselves up for the bite when catching up with the steward, followed by a cursory search. Next was the recall which one dog did not do - having looked like he was about to turn proceeded on for the bite on the sleeve of Danny, only remembering the sound of the whistle after the bite. Next was a straight forward boundary quarter with 4 hides. I was surprised that all 3 dogs did not fly round, but once on their way to the final hide no marks were lost past the pole where I had said no more commands were to be given. At the 4th hide I had David holding a gun to Rita’s (the damsel in distress) head. Some handlers were confused by this - it seems the obvious weapon on display led to a small amount of confusion with some. The knife taped to the chair was found by all three during the search. David was then escorted on a predetermined route and the attack on handler was coped with by all teams, although all three did give a number of extra commands or hand signals during the escort. The final exercise was the test of courage with all three stewards behind a wind break each with a bunch of plastic bottles with stones in. Danny came forward and made some noise and as the dog was released went back and joined the other two, all three remained silent until the dog was almost upon them and then all hell broke loose. All three dogs did this very well. As the cursory search commenced one steward ran off and was detained in every case by the dogs, even if the handlers were a bit surprised.

A special thank you to Rita for turning up at short notice, I hope the soggy bottom is now dry!

1st Emma Baker, JESSZAKS RICOCHET, CDEx – TDEx, BC, D, (Rik), 269.5, Q. First time in PD and nerves played a big part today - this will ease up the more you do. Well done.

2nd Les Theobald, TYRI ROMAN JACK, CDEx – WDEx, BC, D, (Jack), 260, Q. Jack is so keen to get going in all exercises - he really does need the brakes on before setting off. Very nice to watch.

3rd Lauren Marlow, JOTUNHEIM ELI, CDEx – WDEx, Mal, D, (Aka), 204.5, NQ. Another very nice dog, shame the track and recall let down what was a very nice day’s work. The potential is all too obvious.


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