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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 12 July 2014




Square and Control Steward: Les Allen


Thank you to Stan and to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge. Thanks to those in the kitchen for delicious food, to Chris at the base for organising me and the competitors, and speedy processing of marks etc. Special thanks to Les, my steward and right hand man throughout. You made my job much easier and I enjoyed your company.

There were 6 entries and 5 ran. All the teams made a good attempt at all the exercises, however, as always with inexperienced teams, there were some casualties, mostly on the jumps and in the stays. In the end there was just one qualifier. The final results were as follows:-


1st Jenny Richards with AMBERSLADE MASSACHUSETTS, ASD, D, 99, Q. A lovely round, only dropping one mark, resulting in a well-deserved Certificate of Merit.

2nd Joan Dixon and KALTOVER EASTERN STAR, BC, B, 82, NQ. Joan and Betsy produced some lovely accurate work in all sections but unfortunately came to grief on the jumps.

3rd Sue Atkin and MISS DELILA, GSD, B, 71, NQ. Lots of potential here, qualified on the nosework and C/A, but sadly didn’t make the scale. Better luck next time

4th Jenefer Le Mesurier and BRYNFFRWD ANGEL GABRIELLE, HWHV, B, 70, NQ. A good effort by this team, let down by general inexperience and a gundog led away by her natural wish to follow her nose. One of only two to qualify on the agility.

5th Jane Davey with ALIYA LEONIE, Dobe, B, NQ. A lovely dobe, showing good potential and willingness to work. This team just needs more experience and confidence in each other. Better luck next time.


Thank you to competitors for your entries, for taking part in the test and for accepting my decisions. You’ve broken the ice now - the next one will be easier.




Steward: Linda Allen

 I would like to thank Surrey DTS and Stan Ford for the invitation to judge the above stake. Another trial where there is a great friendly atmosphere, superb team in the kitchen coordinated by Beryl, and Chris Brooks ensures the base is run efficiently and keeps us all in order. The facilities at Surrey, in particular the base at Oakwood Hall, are first class; we were able to use the cricket ground for the control and one of the fields on the Ruckman estate for the nosework. My sincere thanks to all concerned in making these facilities available to us.

Linda stewarded for me and did a superb job, ensuring every competitor had the same instruction and all had consistent squares. The grassland for the squares had been cut about three weeks prior to the trial, so ideal conditions, although it was baking hot throughout the whole stake. The square articles were a cartridge case, a metal tea spoon and a 3" x 0.75" wooden plant marker. Twelve entered and nine ran.


1st Emily Mayer with VONLUCIANHAN ANUBIS, Mal, B, 93, Q. Emily is new to trials and to say she was pleased with her result would be an understatement. Very strong performance all round, just the odd point lost here and there on heelwork and on the retrieve; all three out of the square with some minor mouthing but overall a very strong, neat and tidy round, with a very clean set of jumps. A very well-deserved win.

2nd Merica Fuard with DEFCON THREE, X-Breed, D, 89.5, Q. Another team new to trials and what a super combination! Squib is a great dog. Another strong round generally, losing points on heelwork which needs tidying up, only dropping one in the square; the long jump proved costly today, otherwise you would have been challenging Emily for that first place. Well done, Merica.

3rd Ross McCarthy with ROTTPHOENIX EBERTO VON GAINSHAUS, Rott, D, 88, Q. Good solid round from Rohkh, just losing minor points on the heelwork and the square; the return over the scale proved the most costly today, otherwise this would have been another team challenging for the first place. Great result, Ross - well done.

4th Elaine Mills with WILLOWRISE HONEY, Lab, B, 81.5, Q. Elaine was the last to work and therefore had quite a long wait in extremely hot conditions. Poppy was pretty laid back throughout the test, the two costly areas were the long jump and the spoon in the square - Poppy identified it but chose not to bring it out. Well done on qualifying and your place, Elaine.

 Also qualifying CDEx:

Rosie Lane with VONLUCIANHAN ARLEE FOR CHAANROSE, Mal, B, 81. A litter sister to Emily’s dog, who won the stake. A very neat and tidy round, unfortunately no return over scale and the down stay proved very costly for them on the day, but a team to watch for the future.

 I hope you all enjoyed yourselves; it was a pleasure to watch the teams work, good luck for the future.


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