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Open Trial
Venue: Newdigate
Trial Held: 23 February 2014




Steward: Wendy Donaldson

 My thanks to Surrey DTS for inviting me to judge this stake, to Wendy for ably stewarding, to Chris Brooks at the base, and to Joyce Tibbetts, Trials Manager. Thank you to the chefs and helpers at the base (Beryl Kimberley and Diane Whiting on the day) for a delicious lunch.

When this stake was first mooted I had my doubts about it, but it is proving very popular with those considering taking up Working Trials, as well as more experienced handlers with new dogs. I was pleasantly surprised at the good standard of work and handling, which made marking much easier!

In general, teaching a correct "hold" will raise marks on searches and retrieves considerably.

 1st Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT SZARKA AT SZIKRAS, HWV, D, 92, Q. A competent morning’s work, as the mark shows. Good luck for your future trials.

2nd Pauline Waldren with CAESAROMAGO LAWRENCE, GSD, D, 86, Q. Although a little distracted by the strange environment, Luke worked well, surprising Pauline by returning over the scale!

3rd Angelika Wicker with CHICERON CAPTAIN DUNWELL, Beauceron, D, 82, Q. Clive worked well and happily throughout, and a "down stay" would have given you another 10 marks. Better luck next time.

4th Stephanie Allsopp with ASHLINDT MIRAGE, GSD, D, 78.5. Another nice control round from Star, long jump and scale leaving just short of a certificate.




Steward: Jane Wood

 I would like to thank Surrey for asking me to judge the control and agility for TD and WD at their open trial in February. My second thanks to the farmer for letting us use his land - without these kind farmers we all know there would be no trials.

Joyce and her team had everything ready for me, jumps all set up, everyone knowing where they were going. The kitchen helpers - well what can I say?? The food they put on is first class, nothing is too much trouble for them - thank you, ladies. So important at trials, good food - it can be a long day. To Diane Whiting, Beryl Kimberley, Dorothy Bowen, Joyce Tibbetts, Liz de Unger, a big thank you, not forgetting Christine Brooks.

I cannot praise my steward Jane Wood enough. Her first time stewarding Working Trials, but not her first time stewarding, that was clear. She really did make my three days judging so much easier, as well as putting the handlers at ease. Thank you Jane, can I book you again please for next year?

We were given a lovely field to do the control in. Lush grass, but the ground was soaking wet, making it difficult to find dry patches for the jumps and heelwork. We did have to move these as we went along, making it safer for the dogs. I asked Jane to tell the handlers to put the dogs on the lead to walk over to the sendaway point. My pet hate having is dogs jump at me, and on such wet ground it would not have made me happy. Yes even in TD and WD it does still happen, as it did to me on the last day.

It was a trial for the Labs, both stakes being won by Tadmarton Labradors.



1st Les Allen and "Enzo", TADMARTON ENZO, Lab, 196, Q. Les and Enzo were the first on the field and set such a standard. This young dog lost 2.5 on the control and agility. He was happy, he wanted to please and he did. Well done, Les, cracking dog you have there.

2nd Lynn Bricknell and "Moss", SOLINDY BLACK MAGIC, CDEx - UDEx, WSD, 194.5, Q. Another clean, tidy round. A pleasure to judge, well handled.

3rd Jean Pierre Felicien and "Junior", VONLUCIANHAN ARMAGEDDON, Mali, 185.5, Q. Jean handled Junior so well, one of the better heelwork and control. Well done .

4th Stella Richards and "Kashel", GLENALPINE KASHEL, BC, 185, Q. Such a shame about the long jump, the rest was lovely. Well done.



1st Carole Brooke and "Remy", TADMARTON DARK REMY, CDEx - WDEx, Lab, 208, Q. Good clean tidy round, a pleasure to judge; well done.

2nd Maurice Millington and "Jud", GLENALPINE JUD, CDEx - WDEx, BC, 197.5, Q. No speak cost all 5 marks and struggled on the sendaway and redirect, but you did it with the rest. Well done.

3rd Penelope Bellis and "Jazz", SHILLINGTON JASMINE, CDEx - WDEx, X-Breed, 196, Q. Penny and Jazz held it together so well on the day. Good luck in Ticket.

4th Polly Thomas and "Maggie", POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSOME, Lab, WDEx, 179, Q. Losing 6 on the scale cost you dear - better luck next time, but still well done.




Steward: Liz De Unger

Tracklayers: Stan, Tess and Val

 Thank you to Surrey and Joyce Tibbetts for the invitation to judge at Surrey trial. I had a wonderful 3 days, largely due to the very welcoming team and great weather! Thank you so much to Beryl, Stella and Diane for the wonderful home-cooked lunches, to Chris for all your hard work at the base and to my three expert track layers, Stan, Tess and Val. Special thanks to Liz for stewarding and giving me bed, breakfast and evening meal in your lovely home. Thanks also to all the competitors for accepting my decisions and giving me a spectacle of nosework to enjoy!


1st Carole Brooke with TADMARTON DARK REMY, CDEx – WDEx, Labrador, D, 208, Q. Track 96 + 30, Square 33. Well done, Carole and Remy, you produced a superb and steady performance of nosework backed up with good control. Good luck in ticket.

2nd Penny Bellis with SHILLINGTON JASMINE, CDEx – WDEx, X-breed, B, 196, Q. Track 95.5 + 30, Square 25. Lovely nosework from Penny and Jaz, your control must have been stunning, well done!

3rd Polly Thomas with POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSTONE, WDEx, Labrador, B, 179, Q. Track 82 + 20, Square 32.5. This was the track of the trial for me. Working in the hardest conditions, very strong winds, Maggie worked her socks off for you Polly; very well done and well deserved.

4th Maurice Millington with GLENALPINE JUD, CDEx – WDEx, Border Collie, D, 197.5, NQ. Track 96 + 30, Square 33. Maurice and Jud produced nosework to match the winning dog. Well done and wishing you better luck next time.


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