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Open Trial
Venue: Holmbury
Trial Held: 06 October 2013




Steward: Sally Baker

 I would like to thank Surrey for the invitation to judge at the above trial and to Joyce Tibbetts, Chris Brooks, Stan Ford and the team for running such a well-run trial with a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere, also to Dorothy Bowen and the team in the kitchen who kept us fed and watered extremely well.

A very special thank you to my steward, Sally Baker, who was great company, did a great job and did her best to relax some quite nervous competitors.

Thanks also to the Holmbury St Mary Cricket Club, who allowed us the use of their ground for the C/A; it was a hike to get up the hill but once up there it was well worth the effort. We were extremely lucky with the weather which was in the main dry and sunny on both days.


 We had 2 entries for this stake, but unfortunately neither qualified on the day. Both were very new to the sport and I am sure as they gain in experience and confidence success will follow.

 1st DIANDIE SUMMER ROSE, GSD, B, handled by Fiona Pinder, 86, NQ. Super young GSD with heaps of potential. Having given a very strong performance with all the control and nosework exercises, the jumps let her down today, missing the agility qualification by half a point.

2nd JACOB OUR LITTLE CRACKER, WSD, handled by Mary Lacey, NQ. Mary has inherited this dog which is now eight years old and new to trials. Unfortunately there were quite a few distractions around the control field which proved to enticing to "Jay" who has a very high prey drive; when not distracted he did some super work.


 We had 18 entries and 14 ran, out of which 11 qualified overall. All dogs qualified the control elements but unfortunately two had problems with the jumps; we had completely clear stays on both days.

 1st (after run off) GARTONHAUS BORA OF ASHLLINDT, GSD, B, handled by Manda McLellan, 198.5, Q. Very clean and tidy round, dropping 1.5 points overall in control. Super dog with heaps of potential in very experienced hands.

2nd Amberslade Margarita , ASD, B, handled by Wendy Donaldson, 198.5, Q. Once again a very clean and tidy round, matching Manda point for point in each test. This was only "Bumble’s" second trial and she performed extremely well despite Wendy’s reservations - she did you proud, just lost out by a small margin in the run-off.

3rd CHACKMORETON SAFFRON, G Ret, B, handled by Angela Clarke, 194.5, Q. Good solid control round, clean set of jumps, just lost a few points down to keenness on the sendaway, a pleasure to watch.

4th GLENALPINE KASHEL, BC, D, handled by Stella Richards, 193, Q. Another good round, just a little excited in the heelwork but with a lovely clean set of jumps.

 Also qualifying CofM:

Brenda Nevard with ISPYDA SPIDER, WSD, B, 192

Jane Clarke with SKYE’S OVER THE TOP, WSD, B, 191.5

Winston Cadogan with CAESAOMAGO OBELIA, Mali, B, 188.5

Lee Lampert with HUXTABLE IZZY, BC, B, 185.5

Sue Yarrow with ZAKANJA ALCAZAM, GSD, D, 183.5

Wendy Beasley with STARDELL VENUS, BC, B, 183.5

Chris Brooksby with RAVENSBROOK CHRIS, BC, D, 174.5

 I hope you all enjoyed yourselves; it was a pleasure to watch you and your dogs. Good luck for the future.




Tracklayers: Judith Owens, Don Laskey, Mark Lewindon and Judy Meekings

Stewards: Sue Russell and Liz de Unger

 My thanks to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge UD Open nosework at their open trial; I always consider it an honour to be invited to judge and cannot tell you how delighted I was to be able to fulfil this appointment. Trials that run smoothly are due to the hard work and diligence of a management team and workers behind the scene, before, during and after the trial. Joyce Tibbetts was trials manager, a role she performed with professionalism and care. Chris Brooks’ loose title of trial secretary/base steward doesn’t totally do justice to the amount of work she carries out, calmly and efficiently.

An army marches on its stomach and the kitchen army consisted of Elizabeth Stapleton for 2 days, despite long unsociable hours in a demanding job, Caroline Ashford, Dorothy Callum, Beryl Kimberly and Joyce Tibbetts.

Thanks must go to the farmers for the use of their land and to Stan Ford, who sources venues and ensures that good relationships with the farmers continue from trial to trial.

My team in the field were not only good company, they laid tracks and squares exactly as I asked and gave the competitors the best chance possible of completing the test. Tracklayers were: Judith Owens, Don Laskey and Mark Lewindon on the first day and Judith, Don and Judy Meekings on the second day. Square stewards were Sue Russell on the first day and Liz de Unger on the second. Thank you all very much.

My thanks also to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions with good grace; I really did enjoy watching your lovely dogs working. Some really great new teams, working to a very high standard, makes the competition future look bright. For those that didn’t qualify this time, keep up the training, and for those who qualified, my very best wishes in UD Championship and beyond.

Tracking was on lush grass approximately 6-8" long. Day one was perfect tracking conditions, heavy dew which lasted into the afternoon and very little wind; this was reflected in the tracking results, with all teams qualifying on the nosework to a high standard. An overnight fog and mist meant that day two also had superb tracking conditions and despite more sunshine, the ground remained wet until after the last track, when I could still see spiders’ webs glistening, again with very little wind. It’s not often this can be said – all the dogs completed the track! Although handlers may have been able to see some of the track, giving them more confidence, the dogs all found the tracking easy.

18 entered, 14 ran, 13 qualified on nosework and 11 qualified overall achieving UD Open. Track articles were a piece of green rubber groundsheet, recovered by all but one dog, and the end article was a small soft toy green snake, recovered by all dogs. Search articles were a dolly peg, a piece of carpet, a piece of solid black rubber matting and a length of yellow rope.

The trial ended with two competitors in first place, on exactly the same marks for every exercise, so a run off for first place was held. This was decided by a search square and a retrieve, with very close marks again, the winner achieving one point more on both square and retrieve.

 1st (after run off) Manda McKellan and GARTONHAUS BORA OF ASHLINDT, CDEx, "Bailey", GSD, B, 198.5, Q. An excellent round from this experienced handler and promising young GSD bitch. Definitely a team to watch for the future.

2nd (after run off) Wendy Donaldson and SHEPALIAN MARGARITA, "Bumble", ASD, B, 198.5, Q. An excellent round from this very pretty ASD bitch with a lovely happy eye catching attitude. You really looked like a team out there and enjoying each other’s company - very nice to watch.

3rd Angela Clarke and CHACKMORETON SAFFRON, "Saffy", G Ret B, 194.5, Q. A scary start to the track and square but once Saffy got underway she went round on rails and recovered articles quickly.

4th Stella Richards and GLENAPLINE KASHEL, "Kash", BC, D, 193, Q. Stella, he’s a smashing young boy. You said you were worried about the square - don’t know why, it was very good and extremely fast.

 Also qualified C of M:

Brenda Nevard and ISPYDA SPIDER, CDEx, "Spider", WSD, B, 192. Brenda and Spider are looking very much like a team. A pleasure to watch.

Jane Clarke and SKYE’S OVER THE TOP, "Skye", WSD B, 191.5. Jane, I know that Skye has challenged your patience on occasions but I’m delighted you’ve got it together now; well done.

Winston Cadogan and CAESAROMAGO OBELIA, "Kiara", Mali, B, 188.5. Beautiful track and three from the square. Well done.

Lee Lampert and HUXTABLE IZZY, CDEx, "Izzy", BC, B, 185.5. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this team in action before, they impressed me then and they’ve impressed me now. I know you’ve had a few hiccups, Lee, but it’s all coming together. Good luck in UDEx.

Wendy Beasley and STARDELL VENUS, CDEx, "Venus", BC, B, 183.5. It was easy to see Venus is a young girl but with Wendy’s experienced handling she put in a very notable performance on the tracking field. Wendy, I know you felt nervous today, but she’s a lovely girl and I look forward to seeing her going through the stakes.

Sue Yarrow and ZAKANJA ALCAZAM, "Meeka", GSD, D, 183.5. Just bits here and there on the track and square, but a good standard overall.

Christine Brooksby and RAVENSBROOK CHRIS, "Chris", BC, D, 174.5. A return to trials for Chris with Chris and I believe the first time he’s completed a competitive track - well done.


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