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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 13 July 2013



Steward: Sally Baker

Thanks to Stan and the rest of the Surrey Society for asking me to judge at their trial.  Thanks to Chris for organising the base and to the ladies in the kitchen for the delicious lunch.  Sally was a lovely steward, though I felt our talents were not really tested as we only had two competitors on the day.  It certainly made for a very relaxing morning’s work.

1st Rosemary Turner with KHAMYSKER KOSMOPOLITAN, GSD, D.  It was good to see the Introductory Stake giving this experienced handler the opportunity to work her inexperienced dog in a less challenging stake for his introduction to working at a trial.  Rosemary made good use of being able to use more encouragement and it certainly helped Buster to put together a good round.  He did a lovely full mark sendaway and super article location in his square – just tidy up the retrieves and he will do very well.  Well done on gaining qualifying marks.

2nd Angelica Wicker with CHICERON CAPTAIN DUNWELL, Beauceron, D.  This was Clive’s first trial and he and Angelica were very impressive.  On this showing they will be more than capable of going on up the stakes.  Excellent retrieve and search square with no mouthing.  With a bit more confidence on his sendaway and for the out of sight stay, I am sure he will do well in working trials.

Both dogs did well in the agility section.




Steward: Caroline Ashford

I would like to thank Surrey DTS for inviting me to judge the CD Stake.  My Steward, Caroline, did a wonderful job, very competent, putting all competitors at ease – thanks for your company and sense of humour.  Stan Ford and Chris Brooks ran a well organised trial, thank you both.  The ladies in the kitchen kept us well fed - scrumptious lunches. 

We had 14 entries and 11 ran.  Both Friday and Saturday were exceptionally hot, but most dogs were very keen and didn’t seem too affected by the heat.  The dogs who worked on Saturday had to contend with a great deal of noise and barking from the PD dogs behind them whilst they did their down stay (only 1 dog sat up). 

I’d like to thank all CD competitors for giving me the chance to judge them; I hope they enjoyed the test.  The standard of control was excellent.  For those who did not qualify this time, good luck - it will not be long before you do.

1st Pam Davies’ MEADLE BLACKTHORN JACK, GSD, D, handled by Pete Ross, 94.5, Q.  Very nice to see you back in trials again, Pete.  A very well handled round - Jack is a really superb dog, well done both of you.

2nd Irene Seymour, HAUSBAILEY KALAB, GSD, D, 92, Q.  Also nice to see you back in trials, Irene.  Again, Xamm worked really hard for you and did a really nice controlled round.  Well done.

3rd Rosemary Turner, KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE, GSD, B, 91, Q.  Kati worked a very nice round, Rosemary, just a slight hiccup with the long jump and, in spite of the photographer, a lovely sendaway.

4th Julie Paul, DIANDIE SUMMER STORM, GSD, D, 90.5, Q.  Percy worked a very good control round, you must be very proud of him, Julie; very well worked search square.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Peter Dyer, CARMELITA ELITE OF KIRKVIEW, GSD, B, 88.  Well done, Peter and Jezz.  Get the long jump sorted and there will be no stopping you.

Jane Clarke, SKYE’S OVER THE TOP, WSD, B, 80.  Very nice round, Jane, just lose the bark.  Skye was enjoying herself – her name suits her!  Good luck in the future.




Steward: Gary Martin

Tracklayers: Tessa Shoolbred, Joyce Tibbetts, Liz De Unger, Val Upton

I would like to thank Surrey Dog Training Society for inviting me to judge their WD Championship this year.  Trials Manager’s work seems to be never ending and Stan Ford and his helpers did a fantastic job in organising the trial.  Gary and I are particularly grateful for the cool shady barn to park our vehicle in. 

I would like to thank tracklayers Tessa, Joyce, Liz and Val for giving up their time and for their company which is always so enjoyable.  It was extremely hot and we all frazzled happily together.  A huge thank you to Gary for search squares and stewarding the C/A and being there with and for me.

It all seemed to flow so easily with Chris on the scoreboard. Thank you Chris.  Thank you Beryl, Judy, Mary, Jane, Sandra and Liz for all their hard work in the kitchen to keep us all going. The lunches were superb.

P.S. Think there are multi-taskers in that list – I see a tracklayer and an escort too!

We had wonderful land to track on and we very grateful to the landowners for allowing us access to it.  Tracking was on grass which was bone dry and very hot.  There were 26 entries in WD, 22 worked and 11 teams qualified.  Track articles were a quarter of a tennis ball and a piece of green carpet on the end.  Square articles were a circle of green rubber coated garden wire, green felt, brown leather and a wooden peg.

1st GLENALPINE PETE, handled by Gary Atkins, BC, 198.5, Q.  A superb track and faultless square on day 3, which was also the hottest day of the year so far, and the only dog to gain full marks for the C/A.  Congratulations on winning the stake.

2nd DURSTONE BRYN, handled by Sue Jones, WSD, 197, Q.  Bryn did a fantastic nosework round and only lost 1 mark in the C/A.  Really well done.

3rd TRIPLETOP AT HARTSHILL, handled by Tony Lockyer, WSD, 197, Q.  Brilliant nosework, losing just half a mark on the track and 1 mark in the square.  There was a tie for 2nd and 3rd, so a combination of track and sendaway marks decided the placings.  Made the jumps look so easy.  Superb.

4th TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, handled by Gavin Thomson, 194.5, Q.  I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to see this team in action.  Full marks for nosework.  It was amazing!

Also qualified WDEx:

Sally Baker with CLASOLA DASKA, Weim, 172

Betty Briley with JETRIL JIG, GSD, 189

Helen Brown with MANPOL SAPPHIRE, GSD, 194


Don Laskey with SHARDEE’S KOS, GSD, 177

Sue Redshaw with MEADOWSHOT MACGRAW, Lab, 189


Thank you to all of the competitors for entering and good luck at your next trials.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Joyce Tibbetts, Sandra Lewindon, and Judith Owen

Search Steward: Don Laskey

C/A and patrol Steward: Mark Lewindon

Patrol ‘criminals’: John Felicien, chase criminal; Dave Clark, recall criminal; Alan Sword, hide criminal; Les Theobald, amateur dramatics and hide criminal; Danny Lindsey, TOC criminal.

Thank you to Surrey DTS for inviting me to judge - my first ‘Ticket’.

Many thanks to Trials Manager, Stan Ford - we had excellent tracking land and a great base with adjacent control and Patrol fields - and to Christine Brooks for her efficient work at the base.  Beryl Kimberley, Elizabeth De Unger, Joyce Tibbetts, Sandra Lewindon, Jane Wood, Mary Prentice, Judy Meekings and Maxine kept us all fed and rehydrated - thank you all.

Thank you to my tracklayers, Mark, Joyce, Sandra, and Judith, and thank you to Don for being Search steward.  Mark also stewarded the control and patrol rounds - brilliantly.  Thank you my Patrol ‘criminals’ for travelling to help on the day, and for giving up time to practice: John, Dave, Alan, Les, and Danny.

Last but not least, thank you to Mick Tustain for the construction of a test I had in my head, and to grandchildren Shannon, Nicky and Jack, for being ‘gofers’ and helping with the clear up afterwards.

The last time I judged for Surrey (last February) it was bitterly cold and windy, making tracking conditions difficult - this time the afternoon tracks were in hot sunshine, and it was the hottest day of the year (30̊ C+) for the Patrol rounds on Saturday. This affected some dogs more than others, but those that were committed to the job in hand carried on working. 

12 entered, 11 ran.  All qualified on nosework and control, but 1 dog sat up in the stays, leaving 10 qualifiers for the Patrol round.

Patrol round: this started with Les approaching the team while the dog was on the lead, and having a forthright chat with steward, Mark, before he was sent to watch from a hide, where he donned a sleeve.  The quarter was marked with hides or hedgerow, with a hidden criminal in the middle of the field; this person stayed with the judge as the dog was re-started to complete the quarter on finding Les.  The two criminals were then used for the escort and defence of handler.  The recall and chase were over a 12" tape barrier across the middle of the field - this deterred some dogs which detoured around it.  The last exercise was the Test of Courage.  For this test the dogs were sent along a passageway made from windbreaks, through a triple plastic-strip fly curtain, to the criminal, who had shown himself to the dog and challenged before retreating through the curtain.  As the dog went through the curtain the criminal banged 2 plastic petrol cans together repeatedly.  The criminal was wearing a bite jacket rather than a sleeve so that he was protected on both arms and across his chest; the jacket also enabled him to hold the cans.  This was a strong test, and I did award marks to dogs that braved the curtain and tried to bite.  7 dogs gained marks for this test.

1st Lee Payne with WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, BC x GSD, D, 290.5, Q PDEx.  Diesel worked well throughout, and the PD round was the perfect blend of commitment and control, with a full mark test of courage.  What a consistent dog, gaining many first places since I judged him in UD open!  Congratulations, and good luck in the KCC’s.

2nd Kevin Hill with VEKKA LADY, GSD, B, 282, Q PDEx.  Vekka worked her track last in hot sunshine, going at a smart pace with amazing accuracy, then worked the square with just as much style and enthusiasm.  After an excellent control round Vekka performed well on patrol, a worthy qualification and Reserve Ticket.  Congratulations.

3rd Diane Ling with WTCh LITTLE TOM, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, GSD x BC, D, 265.5, Q PDEx.  Another dog that worked with commitment throughout the trial; Tom scored a perfect 45 for the quarter, and lost few other marks apart from the TOC.  Professional handling made this a smart team.

4th David Waite with EYLAUERHOF RULA, CDEx – TDEx, Rott, B, 244, Q PD.  A very nice dog to watch, Rula qualified in all sections, but did not have enough marks for the ‘Ex’.  Well done - next time!

Thank you to the competitors for entering under me, and for accepting my decisions with good grace.  I hope you all enjoyed working the test.

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