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Open Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 07 October 2012



Steward: Chris Theobald

I would like to thank the committee of the society for the invitation to judge at the trial.  Many thanks to Joyce Tibbetts, assisted by Christine Brooks, for a well run trial.

A big thank you to all the ladies (I’m sorry I don’t know all your names) for all their work in the kitchen keeping us supplied with food whenever we wanted it, especially the lunchtime buffets.  Thanks to my wife, Chris, for scribing for me and keeping me under control.

We were very lucky with the weather; after all the rain we had brilliant sunshine both days and with the work being carried out on the cricket pitch at the rear of the base, it provided us with a perfect venue for people to show what their dogs were capable of.


3 dogs entered with all 3 competing.

1st CHACKMORETON SAFFRON, G. Ret, handled by Angela Clarke, 92.5.  Just the odd mark dropped here and there and a second attempt required on the scale.   Well done, a pleasure to watch and judge.

2nd CASEAROMAGO OBELIA, Mal, handled by Winston Cadogan, 87.  A hesitant retrieve and no long jump, but otherwise worked very well.

3rd GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, handled by Bob Burns, 84.  Lack of control at the end of the sendaway was costly, but worked very well at the rest of it.

Three CD competitors, all of whom had perfect stays and all qualified on the agility.  What more can I say?  None of you would have disgraced yourselves at a Championship trial.  Well done to all of you.


26 dogs entered with 25 dogs competing

1st  WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, WSD, handled by Betty Briley, 194.  An extra command on the retrieve and no stay the other side of the scale were the only things that cost marks on the control field for this pair.  Well done; a very nice, round and a pleasure to watch.

2nd  TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, handled by Tony Lockyer, 191.  The first outing for this young dog and as usual handled superbly by Tony.  Wrong position the other side of the scale and going to the wrong tree on the Sendaway were the only marks lost.

3rd  RAVENSBRROK MAID, BC, handled by Christine Brooksby, 188.5.  Losing odd marks here and there, but full mark sendaway.  Well done.

4th  SHARDEE’S KOS, GSD, handled by Don Laskey, 184.  Whenever there is a trial at Surrey you always find Don helping out, so nice to see him qualify.  Well done.

Also qualifying for a Certificate of Merit:

HANBAR KARLO VON GAINSHAUS, Rott, handled by Ross McCarthy, 183.5

MEADOWSHOT MACGRAW, Lab, handled by Sue Redshaw, 179

SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, BC, handled by Diane Whiting, 177.5

WESTMIDS KYRE, GSD, handled by Shirley Simpson, 177

JANALLEN BAKARI, Groen, handled by Felicity Veazey, 176

BALNAKEIL BEINN TARSHIN, Gordon Setter, handled by Barbara Riste, 174.5

TOBIAS COLLIER, WSD, handled by Graham Blake, 163

Open UD and only one dog failed the stay!  Seven dogs went straight to the sendaway point on one command - there would have been more, but the control of some of the other dogs once they reached it was lacking. 

Once again, many thanks to the society and the competitors for an enjoyable weekend. 

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