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Open Trial
Venue: Ockley
Trial Held: 02 October 2011



Stewards: CD - Liz de Unger and Caroline Ashford, UD - Caroline Ashford, Christine Brooks and Stan Ford

I would like to thank Surrey Dog Training Society for inviting me to judge the CD stake and the UD Control and Agility.   Thank you to Liz, Caroline, Stan and Christine for your help and expertise stewarding, your company on the field and also for making the competitors feel at ease.  Thank you to Joyce Tibbetts for looking after Gary and myself over the weekend and Christine Brooks for your work in the base, along with Beryl and team in the kitchen for very tasty lunches.   


We had 3 competitors, 2 qualified.  The square articles were a quarter of a tennis ball, a 4" piece of leather and a 1" cube of wood.  All dogs did their sit stay individually (and successfully) whilst the square was being laid by Liz and all of the dogs found all of the articles in the square.

The 50 yard sendaway was to a cone at the foot of a tree.  Heelwork was enough to give me a good idea of the dog’s standard without overdoing it in the scorching temperatures.  All 3 dogs successfully completed the down stay in a very convenient patch of shade.

It was extremely hot, even at 9am, but the dogs worked well and I was really impressed by the standard of all 3.

1st Penelope Bellis with SHILLINGTON JASMINE, X-Breed , 93.5, Q.  This young dog’s first trial and a very deserved win.  She was very exuberant but Penny handled her beautifully.  Full marks for her square and I loved her enthusiasm for all exercises.  Well done and good luck for future trials.

2nd Judith Owen with BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, 81, Q.  Super heelwork and a pleasure to judge this team.  Really well done.

3rd Terry Hannan with GAUNTLETSRUN MOON RIVER, BC, 77.5, NQ.  It won’t be long before this team gets a qualification.  Unlucky with the jumps but it’s all there, so good luck next time.


20 dogs completed the C/A round and 9 dogs qualified in both the Nosework and C/A.  Only 1 out of the 20 didn’t complete the stay exercise.  The heat was almost unbearable so heelwork was a very basic L pattern for all 3 paces.  This gave me the chance to see halts, left, right and about turns without needing dogs and handlers to walk miles.

1st Alan Sword with MANPOL SPECIAL EDITION, GSD, 193, Q.  Even though Alan hasn’t had the benefit of owning Ziggy from a puppy, he demonstrated how, with the right handling and a bit of patience, to get the best from a very lively dog.  Well done.

2nd Martin Bearryman with BOSCKOPH DARK STAR, Boxer, 188, Q.  Only 1.5 marks dropped on the control round says it all.  Wilma was a star and has got a real presence about her.  Enjoy your climb up the stakes.  It could be a quick one!

3rd John Turtill with WAGGERLAND TAYOVULLIN, WSD, 187.5, Q.  A brilliant round from John and Tayo, losing just half a mark for an extra command.  Very well done.

4th Betty Briley with WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, WSD, 185.5, Q.  Lovely retrieve and heelwork and all in all a polished round.  Good luck with your next trials.

Also qualifying:

Sylvia Cook with MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, 184.5.

Lee Kane with VOMSMITHARD AKINO, 164.5

Judith Owen with BENTMOOR JAY, 177.5

Colin Rees with HEELAKEARY FLAME, 173.5

Jackie Rutter  with STARDELL SOLAR AT NYEWOOD, 177.5

Thank you to all of the competitors and good luck at your next trials





Tracklayers: Dorothy Bowen, Tess Shoolbred and Judy Meekings

Steward: Sandra Lewindon

I would like to thank the committee of Surrey Dog Training Society (Working Trials Section) for the invitation to judge and to Joyce Tibbetts for running an efficient trial - I was delighted to be part of the team.  Christine Brooks, as ever, kept the base running like a well oiled machine and Stan Ford performed a range of tasks in the background.  On the field, Dorothy Bowen, Tess Shoolbred and Judy Meekings laid the tracks to perfection and Sandra laid the squares.  You were all great company and thanks for your hard work.  Others who contributed to making the stake a success were Don Laskey and Stan, who ensured the competitors all arrived in time for their tracks, and Beryl and her team in the kitchen, who kept me supplied with food and tea. 

I’m not sure what is happening to the weather in Surrey but, having been almost drowned tracklaying at the July trial, I didn’t know what to expect in October.  As it happens we were blessed with an Indian summer, warm and sunny on both days.  With the tracking on pasture, the early tracks were probably kinder with heavy dew that had been burned off by about ten o’clock.  Of the 19 teams that attempted the nose-work test, 15 completed the track all achieving over 85 marks, with three dogs achieving perfect 90s.  The articles were a generous length of green hosepipe and an unsharpened yellow pencil with an eraser on the end as an end article.  Twelve teams recovered both articles; six teams returned with one article and one team, whilst completing an almost faultless track, failed to find either of the articles.  The square articles were a piece of skirting board wood about 3" x 2", a shotgun cartridge, a piece of black nylon sheeting about 2" square and a 2 ½" length of black flex.  Five teams recovered all four articles from the square.  Overall, 12 teams qualified on the nose-work with nine qualifying overall. 

1st Alan Sword with MANPOL SPECIAL EDITION, CDEx, Ziggy, GSD, D, 193, Q.  A fine specimen of a GSD, well handled by a handler whose experience made all the difference in recovery of the end article.  Well done, Alan.   Track 88 + 20, Square 34

2nd Martin Bearryman with BOSCKOPH DARK STAR, CDEx, Wilma, Boxer, B, 188, Q.  Wilma is definitely full of fun and Martin managed to keep a lid on the search square.  I was delighted to see this breed of dog working so well. Track 89.5 + 20, Square 25

3rd John Turtill with WAGGERLAND TAYOVULLIN, Tayo, WSD, D, 187.5, Q.  Well done, John.  Really nice to see this Waggerland working so well.  I am sure that you will be successful in the higher stakes.    Track 88 + 20, Square 25

4th Betty Briley with WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, CDEx, Mac, WSD, D, 185.5, Q.    A nice relaxed approach to the test, Betty, losing out to his elder brother by only two marks.  Track 89.5 + 20, square 28

Also Qualifying:

Sylvia Cook with MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, Moss, WSD, D, 184.5.  Well done, Sylvia - I know that you were pleased to qualify. Track 89 + 10, Square 34

Judith Owen with BRENTMOOR JAY, Jay, BC, D, 177.5.  Congratulations, Judith, you handled the nosework round with ease. Track 89 + 20, square 28

Jackie Rutter with STARDELL SOLAR AT NYEWOOD, CDEx, Joey, BC, D, 177.5.  Another experienced handler bringing a new dog through the stakes.  A pity that you didn’t find the shotgun cartridge but a good qualification with Track 89 + 20, square 25.5

Colin Rees with HEELAKEARY FLAME, Rio, GSD, D, 173.5.  Another strong, lively GSD with loads of character. Track 87½ + 10, square 24

Lee Kane with VOMSMITHARD AKINO, Kino, Rott, D, 164.5.  Another breed that can be challenging.  I know that Lee has worked really hard with Kino and thoroughly deserves this qualification.  Well done! Track 86 + 10, square 23





Tracklayer: Stan Ford

Steward: Paula Jacques

Criminals: Andy Baker, Emma Baker, Ron Jacques, Dave Clarke.

Many thanks to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the PD stake at this well run and friendly trial.  The setting was, as always, gorgeous, only enhanced by the superb weather Joyce ordered.

Joyce Tibbetts was trials manager and did a fantastic job; everything was just right, and as judges we could just get on with our job.  Joyce also put us up on Saturday....... or was that put up with us?!  We had a lovely time.  Thanks for all your hard work Joyce, your company and hospitality.

Christine Brooks at the base kept everything moving, getting people to tracking land, cooking, certificates, scores, keeping watch at the gates etc etc. - all the things that are vital yet rarely noticed.  Thanks, Christine.

The ladies in the kitchen, Beryl, assisted by Chris, Joyce and Dorothy were great.  At one stage I saw Stan in there doing his bit!  Thank you all.

The farmers supplied us with lovely pasture, and loads of it.  As a sport we are grateful to them for their continued support.

My team in the field were - Stan as my tracklayer, Paula stewarded squares, C/A and the Patrol.  Thank you both for your time, help and excellent company.  Everything was done just as I wanted and I am grateful for your expertise.  My criminals were just superb and did everything spot on.  Ron had taken a day off work to help out, which I really appreciate.  Andy and Emma were at work that morning and rushed around the M25 to get there.  Dave had been competing that morning in UD so had more than enough on his plate but he gave up his time to ensure we had sufficient quality helpers.

The criminals helped with run-throughs, timings and general set up.  It is so much more than just putting on a sleeve and having a canter around a field, and all the Patrol team are a huge part of that process; I am lucky to have had such a professional and conscientious group.  Thank you to each one of you, I am grateful to you for your time and help.

We had 4 entries but by Friday afternoon we were down to one.  Nosework started the day off.  Tracking was on pasture about 3 inches long.  Track articles were a 1" square of astro turf, and a 3 inch long piece of 10mm square wood.  Square articles were a green plastic milk bottle top, a 2" piece of sash cord, a wooden peg and 2" x half inch black rubber.

C/A started with the speak; 10 paces from the dog with back to them, 10 speaks, quiet, 5 speaks, then quiet.  Heelwork was to the sendaway point.  Sendaway was 120 yards straight down the centre of the field to a cricket screen and re-direct 70 yards to the field corner.  Jumps were next; clear, long, scale, in that order.

The patrol round started with the chase.  Ron came out to centre field about 40 paces away from the handler and when he touched the white pole he ran, at which point the dog could be sent.  Once the handler had joined the dog and taken control the exercise finished.  Quarter was next, with the dog in centre field being sent onto the boundary and then on 60 yards to Emma who was standing up against the fence.  Emma didn’t look at the dog as it came in and remained totally passive giving the dog nothing.  I wanted to see the dog engage her and remain committed to her.  The handler was told that Emma was compliant and would do as requested but they had to keep control of her throughout the quarter.  The dog was sent on around the rather large field to where Andy was hidden behind two cattle troughs.  I was looking for the dog to be totally focused on Andy.

Next was the search of Andy - who had a firearm on him - and the hide.  The escort consisted of 40 paces into the field, turn right towards the crowd.  When the handler had made the turn, and the dog was settled into the escort, Dave shouted from the sidelines, which was intended to distract the team.  At this point Andy turned and attacked - his brief was to try and reach the handler.  Emma carried on walking until told otherwise by the handler.  Once Andy was content the dog was on and had made a determined effort to stop him he stood still.  This was Dave’s cue to attack the handler, giving the handler a bit to think about.  Once the dog had detained Dave it was the end of the exercise.  Recall was next and was an exact replica of the chase.

TOC consisted of 4 rather rough looking scallywags armed with sticks, plastic bottles and pom-poms (what a fearsome sight they presented!) standing 40 paces away from the handler.  Once the handler had indicated that they were ready the yobs shouted loudly and then ran at the handler.  Once the dog was on a helper the other three went quiet but stood around the dog.  The helper with the dog on kept up the noise until the handler joined them.  I was looking throughout the round for real commitment but nice control.

1st Glenys Page with BILKO`S GLORY, WSD, D, Qualified COM on 300.5.  I think that getting up at 3am for that long journey may have been worthwhile, Glenys!!!  What a little star Sam is.  I have judged him before and the work you have put in is evident.  His nosework and C/A rounds have always been pretty good - well, his patrol is even better!  He has all that I want to see in a PD dog.  Bags of enthusiasm, total commitment and that all important element of control.  Great bite on the chase and TOC.  Covers the ground well quartering.  Just a couple of minor bits which any dog can lose on the day; I think the fact he only lost 10 in the patrol round speaks volumes.  Tidy up that escort and .......... well, I have high hopes for Sam.  Well done, I am really pleased for you and good luck in the future.

Thanks again for everyone’s help in making this a really enjoyable weekend.

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