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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 21 April 2012



Stewards: Elizabeth, Judith and Vicky

CD was held over two days, and luckily the two driest; apart from one almighty hail storm we were blessed with dry weather. However the weather made no difference to the winning team who worked through the hail and seemed not to notice it at all.

My thanks to SDTS for the appointment to judge at their Championship trial, it was a great two days, the competitors were lovely, maybe not too relaxed but 18 competed and 6 qualified.

I set a straightforward test; the jumps took their toll, although the sendaway, which was 80 yards to the hedge, produced some cracking results, with 10 teams achieving perfect or near perfect marks.  The search squares were in longish wet grass, the articles were a 4" piece of leather, 3" green hose and a wooden stirrer about 5".  There were some lovely rounds and 4 achieved full marks – Anne Wright and Lucy, Nick Brunner and Inca, Claire Norton and Daisy and Sue Redshaw with Sadie.

We had 11 who completed the stays with full marks; others were anxious and not settled enough for this exercise.

To the stewards - Elizabeth, Judith and Vicky - thank you for your company and good humour, you made it fair for all.  Also thanks to Chris and Stan at the base and to all in the kitchen, who kept us well supplied with food, drink and lunches. 

1st Nick Brunner and TESTRIO CINAMMON, (Inca), Lab, B, 96.5, Q.  This was a lovely round, both Nick and Inca seemed oblivious to the hail and worked together so well.  I understand that she is his neighbour’s dog; can I have a neighbour blessed with such a treasure?   She just wanted to work and was so responsive.  Congratulations, Nick, on a worthy win.

2nd Joyce Tibbetts and VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, (Carrie), GSD, B, 93.5,Q.  Another joy to watch, just in tune with each other.  To see a GSD work with such a will - it will be a pleasure to see her progress.  Well done.

3rd Tobie James and BOSCKOPH DYNAMIC, (Fred), Boxer, D, 89.5, Q.  Fred gained full marks for the jumps and it was great to see a boxer at work.  The sendaway had a bit of a heart stop whilst Fred considered the request to "go on" – then after a period of reflection he turned and completed the exercise.  So nice to see a boxer qualify.

4th Claire Norton and DAISY HAYAT DOLU, (Daisy), WSD, B, 89.5, Q.  A lovely calm dog and ecstatic handler when she qualified.  A newcomer to WT, Claire could not believe it but with a competent round there was no doubting this qualification.

Also qualified CDEx:

Elaine Betts and PINES ACORN, (Acorn), Hovavart, B, 81.5 

Qualified CD:

Tim Cooper and GLORIOUS GLOSTER, X-breed, D, 77




Steward: Don Laskey

Tracklayers: Sue Russell (Thursday and Friday),  Carole Brooke and Liz de Unger (Thursday), Lauren Marlow (Friday and Saturday),  Val Upton (Friday), Stella Richards and Tess Shoolbred (Saturday).

Many thanks to Surrey for the invitation to judge the UD Stake this year.  As always, Stan Ford and the team worked together to ensure that it was an enjoyable event for all concerned.  Christine Brooks was super-efficient, as ever, in charge at the base, whilst the helpers in the kitchen provided excellent snacks and meals.  A big thank you to all of you.

I am particularly grateful to my tracklayers who had to contend with very wet conditions at times. Sue, Carol and Stella were laying competition tracks for the first time, and they performed the task admirably - look out, I think Stan has you earmarked for TD next time!! A special mention too for Don Laskey, my steward for all three days, who not only laid the squares just as I wanted them each morning but then went on to expertly steward the Control and Agility in the afternoons.

On Thursday we experienced almost continual rain, Friday morning was fine but by lunchtime it was back to heavy rain again. Fortunately the weather was much improved by Saturday, and although it was still wet underfoot, the rain stayed away.

The lush Surrey grass resulted in some very good tracks and no dog seemed to have been put off by the weather if they had worked in the rain.  Search squares were generally good too with most dogs recovering all articles.  The track articles were a red cartridge case and a four inch strip of wood, and in the square were a piece of green scourer, a metal tea spoon, a small square of cardboard and a strip of blue denim.  

This year we had 26 entries, of which 23 ran, spread over three days.  After the nosework we had 16 teams qualifying, and all but one of the non-qualifying handlers elected to continue to the control and agility rounds, which I thought was brilliant considering that heavy rain was always threatening.  Apart from some rather ‘loose’ heelwork from some handlers, the control was of a good standard with most handlers qualifying.  The agility was generally impressive; the biggest areas where marks were lost were in the dogs needing a second attempt for the long jump, and in failing to return over the scale.

1st Les Theobald with TYTRI ROMAN JACK, BC, D, 191.5, Q.  Worked on the last day and tracked strongly, followed by a full mark search square.  Jack’s over enthusiasm nearly caused a problem with the C/ A but this team finished with the same marks overall as the second placed dog which had been the very first dog to work.  The run off exercise was a sendaway which Jack completed with his customary enthusiasm.  Track 88/20, Sq 35, Control 31, Agility 17.5.

2nd Judith Owen with BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, D, 191.5, Q.  This team worked first on the first day of the Stake in wet conditions and Jay produced a polished track and search square.   Nice control and full mark agility to finish on top marks with the above team.  Judith was helping at the trial and so was on hand to enable a run off to take place.   88/20, 33, 30.5, 20.

3rd Sandra Lewindon with QUORIES KAI AT BRACOKELI, BC, D, 190.5, Q.  Produced the best track of the stake and dropped only half a mark on the search square - well done!  A slight blip on the scale, but otherwise a nice C/ A round.  Finished on the same overall mark as the next dog, but neither was present on the last day, and the placing was decided on Kyte’s  better nosework mark.  89.5/20, 34.5, 32, 14.5.

4th John Turtill with WAGGERLAND TAYOVULLIN, WSD, D, 190.5, Q.   We had enjoyed a fine morning up until John’s time to work, but we couldn’t escape the rain which had begun to fall heavily by the time Tayo began the track.  Nonetheless Tayo worked well, losing only two and half marks on the nosework.   Produced a nice control round but another blip on the scale resulted in the same marks as Sandra’s Kyte.   88.5/20, 34, 33, 15. 

Also qualifying UDEx:

John Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, X-breed, D, 187.  This team and the following team produced the best control rounds - well done.

Nick Brunner handling Mrs P. Royle’s TESTRIO CINNAMON, Lab, B, 187.  Another impressive performance from Nick who occasionally ‘borrows’ this dog from its owner for trials.

Jenefer LeMesurier with AFON ANDY PANDY AT BRYNFFRD, WH Vizsla, B, 186.  Very well done.

Neil Wilson with WESTMIDS BUFFY, GSD, B, 182.5.  Very much ‘work in progress’ to keep the lid on this lively Shepherd.

Martin Willcock with LUCY THE LAWLESS OF LANCS, WSD, B, 182.5.  Congratulations.

Heather Donnelly with WOOLRAM LOTHARIO, BC, D, 170.  Well done on your UDEx.

It was a great pleasure to judge these dogs and their handlers and I wish them every success in the future.




Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred and Joyce Tibbetts, 4 days; Maggie, 3 days; Mick Tustain and Richard Cornwell, 2 days

Search Stewards: Sally Baker and Mary Prentice

C/A Scribe: Mary Prentice

Many thanks to Surrey Dog Training Society and committee for the invitation to judge the ticket at their trial, also Stan, trials manager, and Christine Brooks, assistant trials manager, base/scores etc.  The ladies in the kitchen worked wonders, producing superb lunches and plenty of cakes!  Thank you, Dorothy, Beryl, Val, Liz, Elizabeth, Judith and Joyce - sorry if I have missed anyone out.

The weather was "changeable" from sunshine (in short supply) to rain, thunder storms, hail storms with strong winds thrown in for good measure.  Taking this into account it was wonderful Tess, Joyce, Maggie, Mick, Richard, Sally and Mary turned up each day!  You were all very good company and I enjoyed our time together; you did exactly as I had asked of you, making the test the same for all competitors (the weather was out of our control).  A VERY BIG THANK YOU one and all.

1st STARDELL LUNAR, BC, with Wendy Beasley, 210.  Lunar worked a lovely nosework round, 95 +3, and 4 from the search, she only lost one mark on the C/A which was a joy to watch, congratulations on this win, Wendy, and good luck for the KCC’s.  I am sure there will be more to follow.

2nd WTCh STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, with Sheila Tannert, 208. Teal is such a consistent worker she is certainly a force to be reckoned with, gaining 93.5, 3 and 4 after a huge hail storm.  "What a dog!"  Another lovely C/A round full jumps and 32.5 control.  Congratulations, Sheila

3rd KIPCROFT RED KYLE, BC, with John Wykes, 206.  Kyle sorted out the previous day’s tracks to gain 97.5 +3 and 4 from the search, full agility and 25.5 control.  Congratulations, John

4th WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, with Gary Haim, 205.5.  Flynn produced another very solid round.  94.5 + 3 and 4 from the search, full jumps and 30 control.  I know you were thrilled to bits with him, Gary.  Congratulations.

Also Qualified TDEx:

SUNSHINE PIP, X-breed with Pat Williams, 205

WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, with Andy Baker, 204

WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, X-breed, with Lee Payne, 202.5



GLENALPINE REG, BC, with Julie Atkins, 197.5

STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, with Ann Clarke, 197.5

LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, X-breed, with Anne Shepherd, 197

STARDELL SPICA, BC, with Paul Beasley, 196



JESSZAKS RICOCHET RIK, BC, with Emma Baker, 193

JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, with Margaret Robinson, 188

VANQUISH \ULTIMATE EDITION, Lab, with Stevi Boyall, 187

GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, BC, with Val Upton, 181

SPECIAL GIFT WEIM, with Nathan Wilson, 179

WTCh STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, with Liz de Unger, 177

Qualified TD:

GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, FCR, with Robert Willatts, 160

Thank you to all competitors for entering and giving me the pleasure of watching your dogs work.  Congratulations to all who qualified and those who missed out this time, it was only down to the weather.  Good luck in your future trials.

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