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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 09 July 2011



Steward: Les Allen

Thank you to Surrey for inviting me to judge the Introductory Stake.  I set a round I hoped was inviting for the dogs, including a visible marker for the 30 yard sendaway, and a toy was allowed to be played with in between exercises. 

The standard of the work was good even though the weather was far from kind to us, with at times torrential rain.   I had a first class Steward in Les Allen, who was a great support to me while helping to relax the competitors, as well as stewarding the rounds to perfection.   Thank you, Les, hope you are free next time I judge.

11 Entries, 10 ran 

1st Judith Owen with BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, D, Q.  With a little bit more work on the handing over of the articles I am sure this lovely collie will fly through the stakes; he was a pleasure to watch, a collie I would love to take home.

2nd Sandra Eaton with GLENALPINE BOBBY, BC, D, Q.  Another lovely collie who enjoyed his work.  A nice control round; sort out the long jump and he will also fly through the stakes.

3rd Sylvia Cook with MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, WSD, D, Q.  Sylvia has done well to get control of this exuberant collie; all your hard work is starting to pay off.  Keep up the good work and this handsome boy will be a credit to you.   Later in the day he qualified his first CDEx - congratulations. 

4th Hazel Marraner with SOD LEGS, X-Breed, D, Q.  Love the name.   Max did not like sitting in his heelwork today (who can blame him in such wet conditions) other than that he did a lovely round.   I had written nicely controlled on my sheet.   Hope you do well with him in the future.  

5th Neil Wilson with WESTMIDS BUFFY, GSD, B, Q.  This was Neil and Buffy’s first time at competing and already they have a fan club.   A lovely keen shepherd, very well handled, a pleasure to watch.  Just get Buffy to relax in his stays and I am sure he will have a successful future in trials.   

Worthy of a mention is Carole Burgess with CAROBILLS SIENNE LACE, Min Poodle, B.  Carole has taken two years to sort out a nervous problem with this little dog and on today’s performance, is succeeding.   Shame about the long jump, wrong position and anticipation on the return over the scale, otherwise would have been well in the placings. 

The smile of the day was another dog worthy of a mention, Mrs. McBeath with IMONGARD ONE N ONLY, Rott, B.  What a lovely attitude; when you can get his return with articles sorted he will be one to watch. 

Also competed:

Stephanie Allsopp with SHARSHAD ARK ROYAL, GSD, D

Bob Burns with GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, D

Wendy Siggers with SPARKY FRANK, WSD, D

Keep up your good work; I am sure success is not far away.  




Steward:  Beryl Kimberley

I would like to thank Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the CD Championship Stake at the July Trial.  Thanks also to Trials Manager, Stan Ford, for all the hard work in organising the Trial and ensuring a smooth and brilliantly run Trial.  Chris Brooks was, as usual, helpful and efficient in overseeing the operations from the base.  As always there was a skilful group of volunteers in the kitchen who ensured that excellent snacks and refreshments were always available - thank you all very much.  Trials couldn’t go on without you.

I would particularly like to thank my steward, Beryl Kimberley.  Beryl is normally to be found in the kitchen at Surrey and Ranmore Trials, and indeed she worked in the kitchen on the Thursday, but I at least managed to prise her away for Friday and Saturday when she stewarded so expertly for me, ensuring that all the exercises were carried out as I wanted them.

The CD Stake was run entirely on the cricket pitch adjacent to the base, which provided the perfect platform for handlers to show off their beginner dogs.  The ground was shared with the Introductory Stake and no less than seven of my 15 competitors had competed in that Stake which was held earlier each day.

The exercises commenced with the retrieve and search square, which were executed very well, and got just about everyone off to a good start.  The square articles were a jam jar lid, a piece of rubber matting and a small square of green cloth.

The C/A exercises followed.  Heelwork varied considerably, some teams turning in excellent performances with others leaving much to be desired.  The sendaway was to crossed poles in the hedge and most dogs did very well in this exercise.   The stays were the last exercise of the day with nearly all dogs being successful in both sit and down.

Out of the 15 dogs, nine qualified in the agility.  All dogs managed the high jump (one with a second attempt) and all but two dogs managed the long jump (three at the second attempt).  The dogs were not so well prepared for the scale, however, with only six dogs achieving the full 10 marks and five dogs failing the jump completely. 

Thank you to all the competitors for your sporting and enthusiastic attitude.  You made it a very enjoyable two days for Beryl and me.  We wish you every success in the future.

1st Betty Briley with WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, WSD, D, 96, Q CDEx.   Control 48, Agility 20, Retrieve and Search  28.   The only team with full mark heelwork.   Really nice work all round.  Congratulations.

2nd David Clark with LAKATAMIA TITO, GSD, D, 94, Q CDEx.   47/20/27.  A very young, enthusiastic Shepherd but with an experienced handler they combined well to turn in a very sound performance.  Very well done.

3rd Kerry Wiggins with EDWARDIANA GHOST, ESS, D, 90, Q CDEx.  45/19.5/25.5.  The exuberance of this super spaniel cost a few marks here and there but the effort that Kerry has put into her training has been repaid with this richly deserved qualification.  Well done.

4th Sylvia Cook with MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, WSD, D, 89.5, Q CDEx.  43/20/26.5.  Untidy heelwork proved costly today, but everything else was just about perfect. 

Also Qualifying CDEx:

Carole Burgess with CAROBILLS SIENNE LACE, Min Poodle, B, 86.  Nice to see a Miniature Poodle competing in Trials!   Well done!

Neil Wilson with WESTMIDS BUFFY, GSD, B, 84.

CC West Mids Police LIMASMYTHE ENNYS, GSD, B, Handled by Paul Thornton, 83.5.

A joint mention for these two Shepherd bitches, both bred by West Mids police, both full of life and showing great promise.  Well done on your qualifications.

Ms J. Mesurier with AFON ANDY PANDY, HW Vizsla, B, 81.  Well done.




Search and C/A Steward: Sally Baker

Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred, Val Upton, Judy Meekings and Liz de Unger

Thank you to the Surrey DTS working trials subcommittee for the invitation to judge the WD stake and for their hard work in preparing for the trial; to Christine for all the paperwork/scores etc, an essential and difficult job; and to Stan for arranging all the land and helpers - if only he could have arranged the weather better, it was the wettest I have ever seen at Surrey for the first two mornings.  This made the job of the tracklayers even harder in the extremely long grass at the tracking land; thank you to all of them for putting down my pattern so well.  Sally did a wonderful job laying the squares in the pouring rain - luckily it was dry in the afternoon for the C/A.  The food was the usual high standard expected at a Surrey trial, even if I had to cook my own breakfast!

The lush grass made tracking easy for the dogs, if not the handlers, and my articles were large enough to not get lost in the depths, which meant we had many of the dogs succeeding on the track.  Squares were mixed, some very good while some dogs did not get their heads down into the long wet grass.

The standard in the control round - retrieve, heelwork and 120 yard sendaway to a water trough in the hedge - was very high, but the jumps and stays knocked out a few dogs.  Out of 30 entries, 26 ran and 14 qualified.

1st Ann Fowler with GLENALPINE MAISEY, BC, B, 197, Q WDEx.  Maisey was equal on marks with Jean and Topic, so the places were decided on the nosework mark, 144.  C/A 23/20, a joy to watch - and to listen to the muted celebrations!

2nd Jean Cooke with WAGGERLAND TOPIC, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, D, 197, Q WDEx.  Half a mark less, 143.5, on nosework meant 2nd place for Topic.  C/A 33.5/20 - the marks tell their own story

3rd Gary Haim with LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, GSD, D, CDEx – WDEx, 194, Q WDEx.  Archie had a full mark track and four out of the square, 141.  C/A 33/20.  Lovely to watch such an enthusiastic dog well handled.

4th Michael Loughran with GARRETHALL QUADRILLE, Lab, B, 190.5, Q WDEx.  A lovely labrador bitch, Merry is Michael’s first dog, though he certainly didn’t show it.  142 /28.5/20. Well done.

Also qualified WDEx:

Carole Brooke with TADMARTON DARK REMY, CDEx – UDEx, Lab, D, 188.

Sue Hay with FOSVEK BROTHER LOUIE, CDEx – WDEx, Terv, D, 186.5

Stella Richards with FERNHAVEN SHESADELIGHT, CDEx – UDEx, BC, B, 186

Sue Russell with GLENALPINE DANNY, CDEx – UDEx, BC, D, 186

Mark Lewindon with MANPOL SPIRIT AT BRACOKELI, GSD, D, 183.5

Le Newman with STARDELL LEDA, CDEx – WDEx, BC, D

Joan Miller with WOOLSHAN JAGER, GSD, D, 181

Nathan Wilson with SPECIAL GIFT, Weim, D, 179.5

Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL, Cross, B, CDEx – WDEx, 178

Keith Rowley with WISCOMBE JAZZ, Lab, B, 169.5

Qualified WD:

Peter Yates with TRACKMOOR’S MORGAN, Mali, B, 155




Tracklayers: Mark and Sandra Lewindon, Judy Meekings

Steward: Bill Richardson

Criminals: Mark Lewindon, Dave Clark, Les Theobald, Richard Cornwell

Thank you to Stan and all who helped run a friendly and well organised trial.  The food was excellent, and we both had a lovely time.  The only downside was the weather on Friday morning; we had nearly constant rain which made tracking difficult, so we ended up with just three teams with enough marks on the nosework going through to the manwork.  Six dogs did the test and I ended up with two qualifiers.

1st Mr D and Mrs J Olley’s BC bitch, STARDELL ALULA, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, handled by Dave Olley, 295, Qual PDEx and winning the KC WT Certificate.  An excellent all round performance.  Tracked in the rain and continued to work well.  She is a credit to you, Dave.  Well done.

2nd Mr D and Mrs J Olley’s X-Breed dog, LITTLE RAYMOND, CDEx – TDEx, handled by Dave Olley, 267, Qual PDEx and winning the Reserve Certificate.  A superb manwork round up to the recall.  Tickets can’t be too far away.  A good result.

3rd CC Greater Manchester’s GSD bitch, TYGUARD CHILI AT MANPOL, handled by Cath Philips, 238, NQ.  A good manwork round; well done

4th Manda McLellan’s BC dog, ASTRA STORM, CDEx- TDEx, PDEx, 215, NQ.  Not your day, anticipating the recall cost Storm his qualification

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