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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 16 April 2011



Tracklayers: Judy Meekings, Maggie Richardson, Stella Richards

Steward: Vicky Sole

Thank you to Surrey for inviting me to judge the UD stake.  I would like to thank Judy, Maggie and Stella for laying the tracks and Vicky for laying the squares, all laid as I asked.  Also, many thanks to all the ladies in the kitchen, and to Stan for a well run trial.

The tracks were laid on grass about 4" long; seven dogs ran and all qualified the nosework.

1st Sue Russell’s GLENALPINE DANNY, CDEx – UDEx, BC, D, 191.5.  A good round; extra commands in the heelwork and a second attempt on the scale cost marks.  I am sure this team will do well – congratulations.

2nd Pat McMaster’s BRYANTSCROFT MASHAM, GWP, B, 183.  Marks lost on heelwork and retrieve; a good track and square.  Well done.

3rd Angela Sanders’ MR MICKEY MARVEL TO SZIKRAS, CDEx, WSD, D, 170.5.  Good control round, track and square, nice to watch.  Good luck.

4th Mr and Mrs Millington’s GLENALPINE JUD, BC, D, handled by Maurice, 170.5.  Good track and articles, nice control round.  Well done.

I enjoyed judging you all – thank you.




Tracklayers: (I have had my leg over 3 times today) Val Upton, Bert Maynard, Mark Lewindon, (That is a Lutyens Roof) Tessa Shoolbred, Ron Davies, Joyce Tibbetts 

Square Stewards: Sally Baker and Caroline Ashford

C/A Steward:  (I am not a country girl) Caroline Ashford        

Catering: Dorothy Bowen, Mary Prentice, Liz de Unger, Beryl Kimberley, Margaret Harris, Elizabeth Stapleton, Val Upton, Jennifer Staves, Joyce Tibbetts, Jane Wood

Stay Stewards: Mark and Sandra Lewindon, Ron Davies, John Reynolds, Val Upton

Trials Manager: Stan Ford

Escorts: Stan Ford and Mary Prentice

First of all I would like to express my thanks to the Society for giving me the opportunity to judge my first TD Ticket; it was a privilege and an honour to be asked.  Many thanks also to: (I am coming out) Stan Ford for his organisation, chauffeuring, jump transportation, viewing gallery construction, barista skills and helpful observations; Dorothy and her galley slaves for the catering (especially for the melting meringues and pavlovas); I was thrilled that Dorothy decided to hang up her apron after the trial and not before as a special favour to me; Christine Brooks for holding the draw for the running order for the last day and for the score sheets and certificates (helped by Sandra Lewindon); Val, Bert, Mark, Tessa, Joyce, Ron for laying the tracks; Sally and Caroline for stewarding the search squares.  You were all great company.

Special appreciation to my generous friend, Liz de Unger, for welcoming me once again into her lovely home where I was thoroughly spoiled (as usual)!  Also to Val who kindly offered not only her lumberjack skills but both herself and her dog to run through my C/A round!  Caroline, as always, was very consistent and my right hand woman for 3 out of the 4 days.

I have to admit that I approached this appointment with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation, hoping that the planning and preparation I had carried out prior to the event would be sufficient to maximise competitors’ success and minimise the need to think on my feet!

In the end I was pleased with the overall results and I saw some superb work on tracking land to die for. 

44 entered, 39 ran.  Breeds: BC/WSD, Weim, GSD, BSD, Lab, X-Breeds, Gordon Setter.  25 qualified the nosework, 19 qualified overall (3 teams who qualified the nosework did not come back for the C/A).  Only 3 teams failed to get round the track, however 8 were short of the qualifying number of articles on the track and 2 were short of articles in the square.

The Track was 970 yards long with 19 legs; the first article was a dun piece of soft coated wire, the second half a green garden cane and the third a plain wooden craft stick.  None of the dogs had any problems at all with the curve at the start of the track although one or two of the handlers did!

Square articles were: a white birthday cake candle, green plastic trellis, black net, green silk leaf.  As is usual at this time of year, many dogs were on a mission to fulfil their "5 a day" and thus were penalised accordingly in the square. 

My aim was to design a test which would be of a TDEx standard; did not favour a particular breed/type of dog and did not penalise individual styles or set ups.  I wanted handlers to show me how they could get the finest performance out of their dogs using the tactics that best suited them rather than me!

The control round, which was designed to flow from one exercise to the next, commenced with medium pace heelwork accompanied by the steward requesting the position on the other side of the scale; speak at the handler’s side, fast pace to the sendaway pole.  The latter was 120 paces towards a focal point of branches with a right redirect of 100 yards towards another branch.  This was followed by slow pace to the jumps.  No second attempts were allowed in the agility section.

I hope that all participants enjoyed themselves and went home with the best dog; thank you for entering under me and accepting my decisions with such good sportsmanship.  It was a pleasure to watch you and your dogs work at this level.

1st Barbara Riste with her Gordon Setter dog, GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, 203.  Barbara and Bennett completed a wonderful track with all 3 articles followed by 3 out of the square.  The C/A was also polished.  I was thrilled to play a very small part in making breed history for a gundog and the best of luck at the KCCs!

2nd Judy Meekings and her Labrador dog, STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, 202.5.  Judy and Brig worked a lovely track with 3 and 4 and the only full mark square of the trial!  Oh, that long jump!

3rd Liz de Unger with her Labrador dog, STYPERSON ROYCE, 200.5.  Liz and Sohrab also provided a beautiful track again with all 3 articles and 3 out of the square and a good control round.

4th Julie Atkins with her Border Collie Dog, GLENALPINE REG, 200.  Julie worked her dog in her usual professional and fluid manner, both on the nosework and the C/A; again recovering 3 and 3.

Also qualifying TDEx:

Sue Redshaw and her Labrador dog, MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, 199.5 (the only other 3 and 4)

Margaret Robinson and her WSD dog, JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, 196.5

Averil Salisbury and her WSD bitch, DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN, 193

Sheila Tannert with her Labrador bitch, STYPERSON EBONY, 191.5

Mary Prentice and her BC dog, MOUINTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, 189.5

Vana Moody and her BC dog, GLENALPINE SHEP, 188.5

Sheila Tannert with her Labrador bitch, STYPERSON CLEO, 188.5

Nick Williams with his BC bitch, SUNSHINE ANTIC, 188.5

Sue Ashby and her WSD dog, THE TITAN, 188

Jill Carruthers and GSD bitch, VOMKYNA DARCA, 187.5

Gill Lawrence and her BC bitch, BEKKIS DULCIMER, 187.5

Roger Shrimpton and his BC dog, CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, 187

Pat Williams with her X-breed bitch, SUNSHINE PIP, 182.5

Anne Shepherd and her X-Breed bitch, LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, 177

Qualifying TD:

Gill Lawrence and her WSD dog, BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRIDOWN, 169

Finally I would like to express my gratitude for the lovely gift; I now have the full set!  Enjoy your dogs.

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