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Championship Trial
Venue: Holmbury
Trial Held: 10 July 2010



Steward: Dorothy Bowen

Many thanks to Surrey DTS for the opportunity to judge the new Introductory Stake.  Thank you to Trials Manager, Christine Brooks, and all the various helpers who worked so hard to ensure the success of the Trial.  I am especially grateful to Dorothy who not only stewarded the round and laid the squares just as I wanted but also worked throughout the day in temperatures which hovered around the 30-degree mark!

Seven teams competed out of eight entries, and from these, four qualified.  In general I thought the dogs were well prepared for the exercises and most handlers took advantage of the dispensation to give extra commands (and encouragement!), and they were duly rewarded by their dogs working happily and accurately. 

The search squares were carried out particularly well, with five dogs bringing out three articles, most of who, I’m sure, would have carried on and located the fourth article too!  The articles were a dolly peg, a 2 inch square of green canvas, a jam jar lid and a piece of green scourer.  Most dogs coped well with the reduced size jumps and only one dog failed the stays.

1st Joan Snowden with GLENALPINE JES, BC, B.  A super performance from this team, with the run off exercise, a retrieve, securing First Place.  Congratulations.  Total 92.

2nd Becky Collier with ROSMARINUS RAINMAIDEN OF PEPPERBOX, BC, B.  Another very nice performance which was followed the next day by qualifying CDEx.  Well done!  Total 92.

3rd Christine Clements with MOUNT LOCHAN CHANORY LAD, BC, D.  Christine bred this dog, which was returned to her ‘with some problems’ by his original owners.  A combination of love and patient training has culminated in this brilliant result.   Total 91

4th Christine Clements with MOUNT LOCHAN QUEEVA  DIVA, BC, B.  Just to round off the day nicely, Christine also qualified her second dog.  Well done.  Total 86.5

Overall the standard was higher than I had anticipated and all competitors should have returned home feeling pleased by what they had achieved.  Congratulations not only to the qualifiers, but to all whose dogs did so well under such hot conditions - most owners would not have ventured outside to take their dogs for a walk, let alone compete in Working Trials!!




Steward: Mary Prentice

Thank you to Surrey for the invitation to judge and to Chris Brooks for managing it all.  Thanks to Elizabeth de Unger for her hospitality (and supplying me with alcohol) on Friday night, all those in the kitchen who make sure everyone is well looked after, the escorts and of course, the competitors.

A special thank you goes to ‘Scary Mary’, who was fantastic at putting the nervous competitors at ease and was great company for the two days.  Despite the blistering heat, all dogs worked to a very high standard, with the jumps and stays taking their usual toll.

1st Sue Hough and STARDELL ALYA, BC, 98, Qual CDEx.  A professional team, with an excellent all round performance.  Well done, Sue.

2nd Angela Sanders and MR MICKY MARVEL TO SZIKRAS, WSD, 97.5, Qual CDEx.  The marks say it all.  Micky worked well and was a pleasure to watch.

3rd Carole Brooke and TADMARTON DARK REMY, Lab, 93.5, Qual CDEx.  Beautiful to watch.  Unlucky with the long jump this time.

4th Sue Russell and GLENALPINE DANNY, BC, 93, Qual CDEx.  After working so well on Friday, Danny was bitten by an adder.  It was good to hear that he was OK.

5th Becky Collier and ROSMARINUS RAINMAIDEN OF PEPPERBOX, BC, 81, Qual CDEx.  I was so pleased that this team qualified.  Despite the nerves, Becky handles Breeze well. 

6th Steven Osborne and VONGRAF NEBO, Mal, 77, Qual CD.  First time out and a very respectable round.  Just a tip for you, Steve, when the judge asks for your number, it means your catalogue number not your phone number.

Good luck to you all in your future trials.




Tracklayers:  Tess Shoolbred, Bert Maynard, Mark Lewindon, Maggie Richardson, and Joyce Tibbetts

Steward: Sandra Lewindon

Thank you Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge. This stake was originally to have been judged by Sally Bergh-Roose; it doesn’t seem possible that our paths will no longer cross around the trials circuit.  We miss you, Sally.

Thank you to all those who helped; my excellent tracklayers were Tess Shoolbred, Bert Maynard, Mark Lewindon, Maggie Richardson, and Joyce Tibbetts.  My Steward (and bearer) throughout was Sandra Lewindon, thank you so much for all your hard work and for being great company.  Thank you to the catering team: Dave, Wendy, Sandra, Joyce, Stella, Jenny, Margaret, and Beryl, and of course to Christine for the organisational work.

The weather was HOT- officially a heatwave-  the cause of the later morning tracks being less successful, and probably the cause of some dogs being too pooped to manage the scale in the afternoons.  But despite the intense heat we saw some really nice work, lack of a ‘wait’ on the S/A, and the scale being the main reasons for a fail.

To those who qualified in these conditions: I take my sunhat off to you!

After a retrieve run-off for 1st and 2nd:

1st Mary Prentice with MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, CDEx – WDEx, 188.5.  Congratulations, we saw the usual smart work from Kiltie, and professional handling from Mary.  Good luck in Ticket.

2nd  Elizabeth De Unger with STYPERSON ROYCE, CDEx – WDEx, 188.5.  Another lovely happy dog, Sohrab worked a dream, well done Liz, and good luck in Ticket.

3rd Wendy Beasley with STARDELL LUNAR, CDEx – UDEx, 182.5.  Good work from this young bitch - the last square article would have made all the difference.  Well done.

4th Ron Davies with KAI JUMPING JACK, CDEx – UDEx, 182.5.  An excellent result for a rescue dog that was saved by Ron, with a very nice control round.

Also Qualifying:

Paul Beasley with STARDELL SPICA, 178


Adrian Quick with LAWINICK SLOW N EASY, 175

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