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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 17 April 2010



Steward: Beryl  Kimberley

Many thanks to the society for this judging appointment and to Stan for again managing a well organised trial.  He has a great team of helpers.

Appreciation to Beryl for being my steward for the two days, and also thanks to all the gang in the kitchen who did a great job feeding everyone.  A special thanks to the golden oldie team who organised the agility equipment.

There were 20 entries, of which 18 worked and 7 qualified CDEx and 1 CD.  We were blessed with super weather and a lush grass field.  The standard was very good, except for the agility which 8 dogs failed even after having second attempts at all three elements.

I divided the test into two parts, starting with heel on lead, then retrieve, this was then followed by the sit stay while the search was laid and then the search.  This I thought worked well and helped to motivate the dogs.  No marks were given to handlers at this stage.  When part two was completed all dogs lined up for the down stay.  Marks were then given out at the end of the stays.

All competitors were a great bunch of people and I hope that they enjoyed themselves as much as I enjoyed judging them.

1st Maureen Regan, WILLOWMEG FRATEAS AT KIRLIZEGAN, GSD, B, 47.5, 20, 30, CDEx, 97.5.  The marks say it all, a well deserved win for Meggie.

2nd Janette Sayer, TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, WSD, D, 47.5, 18.5, 29, CDEx, 95.  Taz did a super round, just losing the odd marks.

3rd Jane Wood, SNOWBLUE MR MACAW, WSD, D, 49, 16.5, 27, CDEx, 92.5.  This also was a tidy round from Mac.

4th John Reynolds, STONECROSS TOMMY, WSD, D, 45, 18.5, 28, CDEx, 91.5.  Tommy was up for it today and John got the best from him - well done.

Also qualified CDEx:

Melvin Drewitt, LAWINICK TROUBLE, GSD, D, 41, 17.5, 27, 85.5

Vicky Sole, ALEYNE DAISY, XB, B, 38, 19, 26.5, 83.5

Angela Sanders, MR MICKY MARVEL, WSD, D, 38.5, 15, 27, 80.5

Qualified CD:    

Sylvia Cook, WEST MIDS ABI OF GOLDOAK, GSD, B, 43.5, 14, 21, 78.5





Track Layers: Margaret - 2 days, Judy Meekings - 1 day, Lauren Marlow - 1 day, Tessa Shoolbred - 1 day, Caroline Ashford - 1 day.

Square and Control Steward: Don Laskey

20 entered, 13 ran.

Thanks to the Society for asking me to judge the UD Stake.  This was an enjoyable and relaxed two days spent with company that made my appointment very easy.

Stan has a fantastic team of helpers, with Christine controlling the base.  The catering ran like a 4-star kitchen; the food was superb - thank you, Dorothy.  To everyone who looked after Pete and me, too many to mention by name, thank you and best wishes for this year’s Kennel Club Championships - we look forward to seeing you all there.

The tracks were laid as I had requested with no competitor failing the nose work.  The lush grass ground conditions did create some problems for a few dogs not wanting to get their noses down in the square, even though Don had marked the ground and scented articles well, but it was the stays and jumps that failed some dogs a qualification.

1st Barbara Ottley, CWMTAWE BLACK MAGIC, Lab, B, 88, 20, 34, UDEx, 192.   Lundy was a star today, she pulled Barbara round the track, but when Barbara was forced to grab a breather Lundy didn’t mind, and then got on with it once Barbara had got her breath back.  Full mark jumps and only lost 4 on the control.  Well deserved winner.

2nd Ron Davies, KAI JUMPING JACK, WSD, D, 89.5, 20, 25, UDEx, 186.  Superb round only losing 0.5 mark on track and 3.5 on the control.  Ron, you put some of the young ones to shame - I only hope I am competing when I reach your age.

3rd Paul Merritt, VONGRAF MELCHI, GSD, D, 88, 20, 24, UDEx, 183.5.  A big strong GSD who pulled Paul around the track but was unable to find a square article he dropped.  Full mark jumps and super control.

4th Lè Newman, STARDELL LEDA, BC, D, 88.5, 10, 22, UDEx, 168.  Missed articles in the lush grass.  A very good control round, well done.

Also Qualified UDEx:

Stella Richards, FERNHAVEN SHESADELIGHT, CDEx, BC, B.  Costly track article, with bits and pieces on control and jumps.

Thanks to all competitors for the pleasure of judging your dogs; I saw some lovely dogs work.  To those that qualified, well done and to the not quite there - enjoy your dogs, there is always another trial.



Judge: Margaret Robinson

Tracklayers: Tess, Val, Bert, Ron and John

Square Stewards:  Mary and Caroline

C/A Steward: Richard Cornwell

Trials Manager: Stan Ford

Base steward: Christine Brooks

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge my first "Ticket", and especially to Christine Brooks who processed all the necessary paperwork for KC approval. Chris was also the base steward and kept everything under control as well as doing all the score sheets.  Thank you, Chris.

Thanks also: to Stan Ford for obtaining the brilliant land and also for all your hard work before, during and after the trial, and also for escorting me and the competitors around on a daily basis; to Dorothy, Liz and all the ladies who helped in the kitchen to provide such superb food every day; to everyone else who not only assisted during the trial but who also managed to run a shop each day to raise money for the KCC’s.

Thanks to Liz for accommodating me in her lovely home, for looking after and exercising my dogs during the trial, and for making me feel completely comfortable in her home.

A big thank you to Mary and Caroline for laying each square to perfection, and thanks to Richard for stewarding the C/A.  A real gentleman to work with.

A very, very special thank you to my tracklayers, who did a superb job. Not only did they lay each track to perfection, but they were all prepared to follow the competitors around with me, and they offered information only when asked.  To lay the rather complex track with such precision meant that they must have worked very hard at it prior to the trial, so many, many thanks for your dedication.

I endeavoured to design a track that would level out any advantages on early morning/early week tracks to make the competition as fair as possible.  I tend to judge positively, looking more at what I can give as opposed to what I can take.  The S/A was 190 paces downhill to a well defined boundary, in between two large  white  bushes approximately 20 paces apart.  A straight run with no extra commands to anywhere within this area obtained full marks.  Due to the distance and the possibility of aeroplanes drowning out commands, the dogs were called forward to within 80 paces of the handler, stopped and redirected right to a well marked tree in the boundary.

The speak started with a simple straight forward speak with the handler stationery, 10 paces away from the dog.  This was to encourage the dogs into "speaking mode". The handler then turned right and walked away calling the dog to heel and commanding the speak.  The objective was to have the dogs arrive at heel happy, confident, buoyant and ready to speak on the move.  The HW around the jumps was not marked, although I reserved the right to deduct a mark for any dog seriously out of control.  This proved unnecessary.  Again, the fast pace was to raise adrenalin and inspire the dogs with the confidence to jump well.

35 dogs completed the track, 14 with 2 articles and 21 with 3 articles.  The squares were not so good with 14 dogs getting all 4 articles and 18 dogs getting 3 articles.

The weather was similar each day, warm and sunny.

1st Jane Webb with INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, 204.5, Q TDEx.  A nice track and square and each exercise in the C/A performed with confidence and enthusiasm.  Pippa is a well trained little lady who knows exactly what is expected of her and just gets on with the job.  I think she has a secret little giggle now and then Jane, but only when you are not looking.  I expect that she will become more sophisticated now that she is a WTCh.  Track 90, 30, 33.5, 31, 20.  Congratulations.  Well done and well deserved.

2nd Ron Jaques  with JAC IN A BOX, CDEx –WDEx,  PDEx, BC, 204, Q TDEx.  Another  excellent track but mouthing the square articles proved really, really costly on this occasion.  A very competent control round quietly handled to get the best out of this impulsive young man. That’s the dog, Ron!  Jac continues to grow in confidence and experience so those tickets cant be far away.  94.5, 30, 30.5, 29, 20

3rd Pat Williams with SUNSHINE PIP, CDEx – TDEx, X-breed, 200.5, Q TDEx.  Pip just sailed around the track on rails.  Easy to judge, lovely to watch.   Excellent control losing only 3, with full point jumps.  What a consistent little dog she is, Pat, always there or thereabouts.   Another one whose tickets are probably just around the corner.  A wonderful achievement for a little rescue dog.  97, 20, 31.5, 32, 20

4th Manda McLellan with ASTRA STORM, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, BC, 199.5, Q TDEx.  What a shame Storm missed the first article.  Completed an excellent track despite the landowner driving part of the way down one of the legs of the track before stopping to watch.  Storm tracked past the Landrover, picked up the leg, took the next corner in style, and then went on to complete the best square of the day getting all four articles.  Brilliant.  He then did an excellent control round with heelwork being the only bugbear.  Fantastic S/A and full point jumps.  A very polished performance and the handler wasn’t bad either.  Well done, Manda. Another one knocking on the door in TD and PD.  94, 20, 34.5, 31, 20

Also qualified TDEx:

Tony Lockyer with WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, CDEx –TDEx, WSD, 198.5.  Gyp found the tracking a little difficult today, Tony, as your track was on one of the not so good fields, but he never gave up and completed the track with all three articles followed by an excellent control round.  88, 30, 27.5, 33, 20

Barbara Riske with GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, CDEx – WDEx, Gordon Setter, 198.5.  Well done, Barbara. As I understand it, the first Gordon setter to achieve a TDEx, and so very well deserved.  It was an honour to award your qualification.  Sailed round the track getting all three articles, and followed this with an excellent control round.  You must be very proud of him. Congratulations.  92.5, 30, 24.5, 31.5, 20

Sue Redshaw with MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, 198.  Another lovely track and competent control round with an excellent S/A.  Sue, Travis continues to grow in confidence and experience and will surely be knocking on the door very soon.  95.5, 30, 23, 29.5, 20

Annie Thorpe with WTCh GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 198.  She did you proud as usual, Anne.  She’s a little star.  93, 30, 26, 30, 19

Diane Collie with COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, 197.5.  A very accurate track apart from the few places where she struggled a little.   Chrystal is a determined little lady with the will to succeed.  Well done.  90.5, 30, 33.5, 28.5, 15

Elizabeth de Unger with BARNSTHORNE STRIKE IT LUCKY, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, 196.5.  Lodi excelled himself, completing a smashing track with all 3 articles in 11 minutes.  Lost 7 on the S/A but otherwise a near faultless performance on the C/A.  94, 30, 25, 27.5, 20

Deborah Mead with HEATHERMARK VIXEN, CDEx - TDEx, GSP, 196.5.  Flick took a little while to settle on the track but completed the last 11 legs almost faultlessly.

An OK control round and another well deserved qualification.  Well done.  92.5, 30, 27, 29, 18

Nick Boyce with SARAMAK DANCING DIVA, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, 196.5.  A missed article on the track proved very costly Nick.  An excellent square and a faultless control round apart from the S/A shows the calibre of this little girl.  93, 20, 33, 30.5, 20

Ann Clarke with STYPERSON QUINCEY, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, 196.   Quincy tries so hard to keep his head in gear but sometimes tracking is just too exciting.  Put his really sensible head on later and produced a lovely control round.  Methinks we have yet to see the best of this handsome young man.  90.5, 30, 26, 30, 19.5

Judy Meekings with STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, 195.5.  An educational day for you, Judy.  Brig had to explain to you several times which way the track went, but you didn’t really believe him till he picked up the first article.  Oh dear.  I expect you trust him much more now.  He then went on to track well and follow up with a really nice control round.  88, 30, 27.5, 30, 20

Stevi Boyall, STYPERSON LOMOND, CDEx - TDEx, Lab, 190.5

Roger Shrimpton, CORNDON TAFF,  CDEx - TDEx, WSD, 190

Lauren Marlow, JOTUNHEIM KID, CDEx - WDEx PDEx, Mali, 189.5

Nick Williams, SUNSHINE ANTIC, CDEx - TDEx, XB,      189.5

Liz Hickman, WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, CDEx - WDEx, GSD, 188.5


Gill Lawrence, BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRIDOWN, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 180.5

Qua;ified TD:

Les Theobald, TYTRI TESS, CDEx – TDEx, BC,     174.5


A special mention for Andrew Buchanan who tracked Socks (Glenalpine Socks) on one of the poorer fields which she tracked brilliantly gaining 94.  Unfortunately Andrew was unable to continue due to illness, but I hope you are really well again now.

Worthy of a mention, Len Newman with Sally Bell.  A good track plus 3 and 4 put Len in the lead, but unfortunately Sally had a bit of a confidence crisis on the control round.  Never mind Len, there’s always another day and I’m sure her confidence will develop with experience.   Good luck

Thank you all for entering under me.  I really enjoyed it and learned so much watching the dogs, the handlers, and reflecting on the marks I had given.  Would I have done anything differently?  Probably, but like training, judging is also ever developing.

With a little bit of luck the vast majority of the dogs that worked are capable of winning a ticket on "their" day, because the overall standard was excellent.   Good luck.

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