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Open Trial
Venue: Ockley
Trial Held: 05 October 2008


Judge: Caroline Ashford

Steward: Judy Meekings

Many thanks to SDTS for my first judging appointment, I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Everyone at base was hugely supportive; thanks to Chris Brooks, Trials Manager, and the team in the kitchen, for all the wonderful food.

Out on the field, thanks to Judy Meekings who stewarded over two contrasting days, the first chilly but dry, the second warmer but WET. Which was when we both discovered our boots leaked.

To all those who took part, thank you for entering and allowing me to judge you; it was lovely to see to so many different breeds of dog competing.


In CD there were only 6 competitors, but we saw 2 perfect sendaways to crossed poles at 90yds.  In the nosework the articles were a red cartridge, green plastic garden tie and a white piece of carpet. Only one dog got all three articles; there you go Gill, told you to have more faith in Brumas.

The control round started with heel free, then recall, heel on lead, sendaway and finally the jumps.  There was only one qualifier - a worthy first.

1st Ann Wright and MABEL, G Ret, B, 90.5.  Two articles from the square, beautiful heelwork and a perfect sendaway.    Congratulations to you both.

2nd Eve Carter and HEIDI, WSD, B, 77.5, NQ.  Lovely sendaway but failed on the down - maybe next time….

3rd Gill Martin  and BRUMAS, G Ret, D, 77, NQ.

4th Val Tiller and BLISS, BC, B, 74.5, NQ.


There were 16 competitors over 2 days, ranging from experienced handlers to those dipping in for the first time, and we had 8 qualifiers.

The control started with the retrieve, then on to heel free, and a sendaway of 90 yards to a large tree on the boundary of the field. There was one perfect sendaway, from Barbara Ottley and Lundy.  Finally the jumps and stay exercise.  Five went out on the downs.

There was a tie for second place and at the judges discretion it was decided to take the higher score on the search square.

1st Anne Bussey with GWYLLUM, BC, D, 191.5, Q.  Nice competent round, lovely to watch.  Congratulations.

2nd Kelly Chapman and KAI, Lab, B, 190.5, Q.    Very neat team and nice to watch.

3rd Barbara Ottley and LUNDY, Lab, B, 190.5, Q.  Great to see Lundy enjoying the work.

4th Richard Cornwall and GENERAL, GSD, D, 186, Q.  Was willing him over the jumps, lovely to see the big guy work.

Also qualifying:

Jodie-Lea Phillips and RIP, BC, D, 185

Gill Lawrence and TIGGER, BC, D, 183

Mark Overland and FINBAR, Lab, D, 180.5

Sue Hay and RALPH, BSD, D, 180



Judge: Yvette Pitt

Tracklayers: Ron Davies, Cathy Dench, Maggie Richardson, Tess Shoolbred, Bert Maynard and John Reynolds.

Steward: Dorothy Bowen

I thank Surrey DTS for their kind invitation to judge UD nosework at their Open Trial.  I thank my tracklayers and my search steward, who all valiantly stayed with me both days, and also those who helped with the catering.  I thank the competitors for their cheerful attitude to the test I set.  On behalf of everybody concerned, I thank Trials Manager, Christine Brooks, for all her hard work, which resulted in an excellent trial.

The weather on Saturday was mainly suitable for nosework; on Sunday it poured heavily with rain, but this in no way deterred the dogs from doing some excellent nosework.

The purpose of my UD Open test was to ascertain that the dogs understood the concept of tracking, finding and indicating articles on the track, and the concept of searching round for articles and retrieving them to give to their handlers.  All the dogs showed their understanding of the track; only one did not yet appear to fully understand what was required in the exercise of the search square.  All in all, I was very impressed by the high standard of nosework demonstrated by the dogs working at this trial.

The competitors in 2nd and 3rd place ended with equal scores.  The judges decided jointly to award 2nd place to the competitor with the better score in the search square test.

1st Anne Bussey and LAETARE YUMA, BC, D, 191.5, Q.  A perfect square and a very good track.  Congratulations.

2nd Kelly Chapman and TARNEDGE POSY, Lab, B, 190.5, Q.  A full mark square and a very good track.  Congratulations.

3rd Barbara Ottley and CWMTAWE BLACK MAGIC, Lab, B, 190.5, Q.  Lundy is a real star.  An excellent track and near perfect square.  Congratulations.

4th Richard Cornwell and LAKATAMIA NORTON, GSD, D, 186, Q.  A good track and all 4 articles out of the square.  Congratulations.

Also qualified:-

Jodie-Lea Phillips and FLIP FLOP RIP, BC, D, 185

Gill Lawrence and BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRIDOWN, BC, D, 183

Mark Overland and MICKALI BROWN DRAGON, Lab, D, 180.5



Patrol Dog Stake

Judge:  Penelope Bellis

Tracklayers/Stewards:  Beryl Kimberley, Tess Schoolbred, Val Upton.

Stewards/Criminals:  Richard Cornwell, Gary Bellamy, Mark Lewingdon, Ron Davies, John Reynolds and Karen Warner

Thank you to Surrey Dog Training Society for inviting me to judge the patrol dog stake at your October open trial.  Thank you very much, Lauren, for having me to stay with you.  I had a lovely evening.

Thank you to my tracklayers and stewards, Beryl, Tess, and Val.  Thanks also to my PD stewards and criminals, most of whom made a last minute special trip in response to a plea for help.  Richard, Gary Mark, Ron, John and Karen.  Thanks folks, you were great.

The venue was a new location, a large field of grazing land on a hill giving lovely views of the Surrey countryside and a high proportion of resident deer.  It was surrounded by woods in which to exercise the dogs.

Five reported to the trial, one withdrew with lameness, with four left to run.  Three qualified through the nosework and C&A.

I particularly wanted challenges to be sufficiently clear and loud as to be operationally effective.  I was also looking for a dog to have an effective bite where it means to stop the criminal.  I also wanted to see the dog release the criminal promptly when told.  I also wanted to see the handlers take charge of the criminals and ensure security and safety throughout and after each exercise within the operational theme.  I pointed out in my handler briefing that these points would affect the allocated marks

The patrol round commenced with the test of courage which was three criminals, suitably armed steadily advancing on the dog with noise.  This was followed by the chase, quarter, search and escort and recall.

.We used a nice little lump of land about 200m x 200m. bordered on the right hand side with trees, ahead was a wood abutting the fence and on the left was the curtiledge to a residential property.  This was the order of the quarter and Ron John and Karen were sitting on the final stretch in a windbreak hide, reading a book and taking it easy. 

The weapons were one under the book, one in a hand and a hammer on the fence.  The escort involved an attack on handler.

The chase and recall were longer than the competitors were used to but most handled it well coping easily with the deer flitting backwards and forwards at the perimeter of the field, which were not arranged by me.

1st  Jotenheim Kid CDEx-WDEx  Lauren Marlow  Malanois, Dog.  COM 284.5 total comprising; Nosework-105; C&A-50.5; Patrol-129. Excellent round, full mark TOC, chase and recall.

2nd Vomkyna Boruss CDEx-WDEx Ruth Cahill, GSD Dog.  COM  272.5 total comprising; Nosework-99, C&A-54.5, Patrol-120  A delight to watch.

3rd  Mister Misfit Mongrel CDEx-WDEx  Lynne Davis, X dog.  NQ 242

A good round.  Very nearly there.

4th  Village King CDEx-TDEx  GSP, Dog  NQ

Well done all.  Hope you enjoyed my test.

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