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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 18 April 2008




Steward: Sue Henderson

Tracklayers: Val Upton, John Reynolds, Don Laskey

It was a pleasure to accept the invitation from Surrey DTS to judge the UD stake at their April Championship trial. Thanks to Stan Ford and Christine Brooks for running such a well organised event and to Stan for finding the coldest, windiest corner of Surrey for the two days: but at least it stayed dry until we had finished the last exercise.

Tracking was done in the morning, followed by one of Dorothy Bowen’s wonderful lunches (for which I’d like to thank her and all the people who helped in the kitchen) and then the control and agility in the afternoon.  Tracking was on long, but not lush, grass which, in a drying wind, made tracking more difficult than I expected when I first saw it.  Only two dogs got round the track on Thursday but six qualified the nose work on Friday.  I set a straightforward control round with a 100yd sendaway down the middle of the field to a hedge, which was done well by almost all the dogs.  We ended up with five dogs qualifying UDEx and one UD.

1st Mary Prentice with MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS,  CDEx, BC, D, 195, Q.  A full mark track  and only lost one on the square, followed by a lovely control round.  Well done.

2nd Jacqui Tucker with WAGGERLAND WYRD,  CDEx, WSD, D, 189.5, Q.  Lost a few marks on the track through not trusting Lunar enough, otherwise another         excellent performance.

3rd Ann Clarke with STYPERSON QUINCEY, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, D, 189, Q.  It was interesting  to watch an experienced handler work a dog that has not been easy to train.

4th Mary Drewitt with LAWINICK RIOJA, CDEx, GSD, B, 178, Q.  Erin was the only qualifier on the first day; lovely to watch such an enthusiastic dog on the track.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Sharon Carter with IVYMOOR SOLID GOLD, CDEx, Weim, D, 172

Qualifying UD:

Betty Briley with JETRIL MUSTANG, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, D


Stake: TD


Steward: Chris Theobald

Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Ron Davies, Bert Maynard, Judy Meekings and Tess Scholbred

I would like to thank the committee of Surrey Dog Training Society for the invitation to judge at the trial.  Thanks to Stan for a well run trial, ably assisted (some would say organised) by Chris Brooks, and for looking after us all week, running us to the start of the tracks and collecting us at the end.  Thanks to my experienced team of tracklayers and steward who never put a foot wrong and were great company.

A big thank you to Dorothy, Beryl, Kathy, Sally, Yvette, John, Liz and Tess in the kitchen, for the supply of food whenever we wanted it.

We were very lucky with the weather with fine weather for all the tracking days and light rain on the Saturday.  66 dogs entered, of those 31 qualified on the nosework.

1st JAXBERRY JOE, BC, handled by Mrs Val Upton, 216.  Track 99, Articles 30, Search 35.  A very worthy winner, losing just 3 on the C/A.  Congratulations and good luck at the KC’s

2nd WTCh GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, BC, handled by Mrs Anne Thorpe, 214.  96, 30, 35.  Another nice control round, losing just 2 on the C/A.

3rd WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, handled by Mrs Margaret Robinson, 213.5.  100, 30, 35.  Full mark nosework, a track that should have been recorded so everybody could have seen the ‘perfect’ track - as Margaret reached each corner Lace was already going down the next leg; Margaret did not stop walking once for the length of the track.  Pushed back into 3rd place on this occasion after struggling on the sendaway.

4th DURSTONE MELODY, WSD, handled by Mrs Sue Jones, 211.  98, 30, 34.  Well done

Also Qualifying TDEx:

TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD,  handled by Mrs Sally Bergh-Roose, 207.5

MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab, handled by  Mrs Sue Redshaw, 207.5

TYTRI KAY, BC, handled by Mr Barrie James, 205

COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, WSD, handled by Mrs Diana Collie, 204.5

GLENALPINE JED, BC, handled by Mrs Jean Howells, 204.5

WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab,  handled by Mrs Sheila Tannert, 203

ELECAMPANE SPRUCE, LAB, handled by Mrs Paula Harvey, 200

SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, WSD, handled by Mrs Heather Patrick, 200

THE ECHO, WSD, handled by Mrs Sue Ashby, 194

WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, BC, handled by Mrs Anne Fowler, 194

COLLIEWOOD CAVELLERO, WSD, handled by Mrs Suzanne Plumb, 190.5

Once again, many thanks to the Society and the competitors for a very enjoyable week.

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