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Championship Trial
Venue: Abinger Hammer
Trial Held: 12 July 2008



Steward: Mary Prentice

Thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge CD, and to Stan Ford for running yet another excellent trial.  Thanks to Chris Brooks for all her hard work and to Beryl Kimberley and her helpers, Dorothy, Wendy and Jenny, for the delicious food.

My special thanks to Mary for her brilliant stewarding, and for putting many new and nervous handlers at ease.  Thank you to the competitors for accepting my decisions and for being so helpful.  Well done to the qualifiers.

23 entered, 18 ran.

1st Les Allen and ANTILLI BAZKO, GSD, D.  Well handled, only full mark sendaway.  Bazko’s attitude in the square was lovely.  Correct the mouthing and it will be perfect.  Well done.  84.5, Q.

2nd After a run-off, Richard Cornwell and LAKATAMIA NORTON, GSD, D.  First competitor to work and set the standard for the day.  Good sendaway.  Again, correct General’s mouthing in the square.  83.5, Q.

3rd Rosemary Turner and MALTESE MARY, Lab, B.  Nyla has the most lovely attitude.  Only lost 1 mark in the square, full mark jumps and a good sendaway.  83.5, Q.

4th Wendy Siggers and HEATHGATE ISLA, WSD, B.  Full mark recall, good retrieve and sendaway.  Shame about the jumps.  80, NQ.

It was lovely to see a young competitor, Isla Cameron, quietly working a lively WSD and a great little Fox Terrier, Tig.  Better luck next time to the non-qualifiers.



Judge: Paul Morling

Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred, Val Upton, Ron Davies, Bert Maynard

Search Steward: Don Laskey

C/A Steward: Val Upton

Thank you to Surrey for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this trial, and to Stan and Anne for putting me up and looking after me so well.  To everyone behind the scenes, Sue and Christine at the base, and Beryl, Dorothy, Tess and Sally in the kitchen, thank you.  The food at Surrey is legendary, and lived up to its reputation again.

To my stewards and tracklayers – you did a great job.  Thank you very much.

The tracking was on the lushest grass you can imagine, 6 – 8 inches long, but only one article was visible to the handler on track or square.  The dogs had to be looking for articles.  I don’t think I have ever judged such a well prepared entry before.  The downside was the manhandling of dogs around the jumps – it really needs to be done by verbal command.  So if this applies to you, remember that one day it may cost you a qualification.

1st Lauren Marlow, JOTENHEIM KID, Mali, D, 193.5, Q.  A very steady and well controlled round.  This team were on top form.  Well done.

2nd Allyson Tohme, JAKE AT JOTENHEIM, GSD, D, 192, Q.  What a well balanced team – Arrow on the accelerator and Allyson on the brake.  Good to watch.

3rd Sue Drake with Sue Zackheim’s MISH MASH MISHKA, Cross, 191.5, Q.  Well done, a very good all round performance.

4th Elizabeth Hickman, WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, B, 190, Q.  Dropped half a mark on the track.  Nice to watch.

Also Qualified WDEx:

Marie Dixon, HYPERBOLIC ORBIT, Cross, D, 189.5

Jacqui Turner, WAGGERLAND WYRD, WSD, D, 188.5

Vana Moody, GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, D, 187.5


Chris Brooks, DARIAN IN YOUR SMILE, BC, D, 186

Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, D, 186

Mary Drewitt, LAWINICK RIOJA, GSD, B, 184

Joyce Tibbetts, OAKENHEART PHANTOM, GSD, D, 180


Robert Willatts, GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, FCR, D, 178.5

Barbara Riste, GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, Gordon Setter, D, 177

Chris Daubney, COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, WSD, B, 173

Betty Briley, JETRIL MUSTANG, GSD, D, 172.5

Wendy Donaldson, SHEPALIAN PILLOW TALK, ASD, 172


Caroline Martin, YES MALADY, Cross, 165


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Judy Meekings and Stan Ford

Search Steward: Yvette Pitt

Control Steward: Dave Clarke

Patrol Steward: Penny Bellis

Criminals: Dave Clarke, Richard Cornwell, Jeff Allen and Steve

Thanks to Surrey for the invitation to judge the PD stake at the above Championship Trial. Well organised and a pleasure to be there.

Thanks go to Chris Brooks and Sue Henderson at Base for all their hard work and to the Trials Manager Stan Ford for organising the event with his usual precision. Well done Stan for another well run trial.

Thank you to my tracklayers.  All tracks were laid perfectly. Thanks to my patrol steward Penny, control Dave and all the criminals, without whom a trial couldn’t run. You all did an excellent job.

Thanks to all the ladies in the kitchen (Beryl, Dorothy, Tess and Sally) for keeping us all fed and watered and for the lovely meal at lunchtime.

Special thanks to Dave Clarke for assisting me setting up the patrol round on a rather difficult field. Cheers Dave. 

Thanks to all the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions and I hope you all enjoyed my test. I certainly enjoyed judging you.

All the tracking was on grass and although it was rather cold for the time of year we were lucky not to have rain.

1st        Jeff Poole and LATCHETS BOSS, GSD, D, 288, Q. Well done, Jeff.  Lovely nosework, control and patrol.  Boss is a very nice dog but Jeff has to work really hard to keep this very headstrong dog under control.  This was Boss’ second ticket win, making him a Working Trials Champion. Congratulations.

2nd       John Wykes and FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC, D, 281, Q.  The best  nosework round. Jaff is very accurate and a pleasure to watch.  Shame about the recall, John, but other than that a good patrol round.  Well done.

3rd        Mick Tustain and WTCh JOTTENHEIM VIP, Mali, D, 234.5, NQ.  Unfortunately, Ike failed the nosework.  The rest of his work was very nice and certainly the best patrol round.

4th        John Reynolds and JACK THE LAD OF VALGRAY, WSD, D, 208.5, NQ.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t your day today, John.  Good nosework, but Jack decided he wasn’t going to play in the control and patrol rounds.  Still I think you both enjoyed yourselves

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