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Open Trial
Venue: Newdigate
Trial Held: 24 February 2008

Stakes: WD and TD control and agility


Steward: Caroline Ashford

Thank you to Surrey DTS committee for inviting me to judge C/A.  My thanks also to Stan Ford, Trials manager, Christine Brooks and others manning the base, and to those in the kitchen who provided hot lunches and delicious cakes.  Everything ran smoothly over the 3 days, and the weather was not too bad for the time of year.

My Steward for the 3 days was Caroline Ashford, who of course had to work much harder than I did - thank you so much Caroline for an excellent job, and for the laughs in-between.

We saw some creditable control rounds; the worst exercise in general was heelwork.


1st Val Thomson with CONCENN YAUTIA, GSD, B, Q, 194.5.  An impressive round with a full mark sendaway.  Congratulations.

2nd Jacqui Tucker with WAGGERLAND WYRD, WSD, D, Q, 190.5.  A smart round, sendaway causing most problems, but full mark heelwork.  Well done.

3rd   Roberts Willatts with GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, CDEx, FCR, D, Q, 189.  A super flatcoat, an excellent round, well handled.

4th Jan Vallack with KENMILQUIN CROWN IMPERIAL, Lab, B, Q, 186.5.  A close call on control, but a good overall qualification, well done.

Also qualifying:

Vana Moody with GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, D, Q, 185.5

Caroline Martin with YES MALADY, X, B, Q, 183

Carol Brooke with THEALEFARM BROOKE, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, D, Q, 180.5

Betty Briley with JETRIL MUSTANG CDEx, GSD, D, Q, 166


1st Pat Williams with SUNSHINE PIP, CDEx, UDEx, X, B, Q, 212.  An excellent control round from this well-suited team, just lost 2.5 marks on S/A, full mark speak and heelwork. Congratulations.

2nd Celia Bourne with FLAME OF THE FOREST, CDEx-WDEx, WSD, D, Q, 208.  An excellent control round, only losing 2 marks, fab!

3rd Sue Redshaw with MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab, D, 195.5.  A very good round, well done.

4th Nicky Prescott with DUNNSLAYNE DOVE, CDEx-WDEx, WSD, B, Q, 194.5.  Lost the plot a bit on heelwork, but nice S/A and speak.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Margaret Jones with RUSKATH ONESTEP AHEAD, WSD, D, 194.5

Nick Williams with SUNSHINE ANTIC, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, 194

Nicky Prescott with DUNNSLAYNE DASHA CDEx-WDEx, WSD, B, 193

Joyce Tibbetts with OAKENHEART PHANTOM, GSD, D, 189.5

Chris Brookes with DARIAN IN YOUR SMILE, BC, D, 185.5

Jacqui Gibney with BRYN HEULOG AP BRECON, WSD, D, 181

Jackie Weaver with LENWORTH BRYONY, Lab, B, 179


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred, Gill McGregor,Colin Harrison

Steward: Mary Prentice

Thanks to Surrey DTS for inviting me to judge W.D nose work. A big thank you to all those above; this was Mary Prentice‚Äôs first time laying squares, and I must say she did a very good job and laid the squares just as I anted them. Thank you, Mary. I could not have asked for better tracklayers - thanks Tess, Gill and Colin.
Also a thank you to Stan Ford, who is a born organiser, and every one who was involved in helping

1st Mrs Val Thomson with CONCENN YAUTIA.  Well done, Val.  88 for the track, 4 out of the square; very well handled, one to watch.

2nd Jacqui Tucker with WAGGERLAND WYRD.  Nice to watch.  Did you really have your eyes closed on the track?  89 for the track, 4 out of the square.  Well done.

3rd Robert Willatts with GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA.  Nice to see a dog that can do the sport - well done.  87 for the track, 4 out of the square

4th Jan Vallack with KENMILQUIN CROWN IMPERIAL.  What a nice dog to watch, tracked very well, handled by an experienced young lady (will that get me a cherry slice?)  88 for the track, 4 out of the square.  Well done

Also Qualified:

Vana Moody with GLENALPINE SHEP, 185.5

Caroline Martin with YES MALADY, 183

Carole Brooke with THEALEFARM BROOKE, 180.5

Betty Briley with JETRIL MUSTIANG, 166


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Ron Davies, John Reynolds, Bert Maynard

Steward: Le Newman

Thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge the TD nosework.  It has been a little time since I judged an open trail.  To have the pleasure of seeing some very good tracks and young dogs working up the ladder to ticket made it a very enjoyable three days.  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, track layers Ron Davis, John Reynolds and Burt Maynard and search steward Le, and to Tessa, Chris and Stan helping with the taxi service.

The track was very open (15 legs) with a tent peg pushed into the ground, piece of wood and a rubber grommet as the end article and tracking on pasture. The search was a plastic container containing water, rubber, cloth and a large link metal chain. I believe that judges should think of all types of articles in size, texture and not all plastic. With this in mind, we only had two dogs with 3 and 4.  We had 11 qualifying overall and two nosework only out of 24 entries.

1st Pat Williams SUNSHINE PIP, 96.5/3 + 33/4

2nd Celia Bourne FLAME OF THE FOREST, 93/3 + 32/4

3rd Sue Redshaw MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, 91/3 + 25.5/3

4th Nicky Prescott DUNNSLAYNE DOVE, 96/3 + 25/3

Margaret Jones RUSATH ONESTEP AHEAD, 95.5/2 + 33/4

Nick Williams SUNSHINE ANTIC, 91.5/2 + 34/4

Joyce Tibbetts OAKENHEART PHANTOM, 86.5/2 + 34/4

Nicky Prescott DUNNSLAYNE DASHA 91/2.5 + 27/3

Jacqui Gibney BRYN HEULOG AP BRECON, 92.5/2 + 25/3

Chris Brooks DARIAN IN YOUR SMILE, 96/2 + 19/2

Jackie Weaver LENWORTH BRYONY, 87/2.5 + 19/2

Qualified nosework only.

Lynne Watkins STARSHOT DOLGOS WITH SZIKRAS, 93/2 + 32/4

Mary Drewett LAWINICK RIOJA, 88.5/2 + 29.5/4

Thanks to the competitors, hope you enjoyed my test and good luck in the higher stakes.

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