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Championship Trial
Venue: Abinger Hammer
Trial Held: 06 October 2007


Stake: CD


Steward: Don Laskey

Two sunny days in a field in the Surrey Hills watching dogs work, with good food and good company - what more could you want. Thank you to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their championship trial, which went ahead despite the foot and mouth disease in other parts of Surrey. Luckily we were outside the surveillance zone, and in Stan Ford Surrey have someone with a very good relationship with local landowners and farm managers, so that with a few disinfectant-soaked straw mats we were able to go ahead.

Many thanks to Dorothy, Liz and Beryl (who was competing as well) in the kitchen, for the good food.

For the good company my thanks go to Don, who kept me organised, scribed for me, and laid the squares just as I asked.

20 dogs entered, 13 ran and I had 5 qualifiers.

We had a nice flat field with longish grass, which made the heelwork proper ‘trials’ heelwork, and made the dogs use their noses in the square. Square articles were 4” bolt, 2” x 1” underlay and a 2” length of pipe lagging. Only one dog failed to get at least two articles and six managed all three. The sendaway was 75 yards to an oak tree in the hedge, with all but three dogs scoring 9 or more marks - lovely to have such a high standard. The heelwork varied a lot was generally good. Jumps and stays had the usual number of casualties

1st     Mary Prentice, NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, (D), 97.5, Q. Kiltie did an almost perfect control round and had a full mark search - a pleasure to watch. Well done Mary.

2nd   Keith Gillett, STARNIAS SPECKLED WOOD, BC, (D), 92.5, Q. Full marks for control, but unfortunately missed the third article in the square. Well done and good luck in the tracking stakes.

3rd   Robert Willatts, GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, FCR, (D), 90.5, Q. Another full mark search square for Ripley after a good control round – shame about the long jump, but that will come. Well done.

4th    Margaret Harris, WILDKAP WOODY, WSD, (D), 85.5, Q. A well deserved qualification for Woody, who worries less than his Mother. Well done, Margaret.

Also qualified:

Neil Van-der-Wee, LOUIS VOMHAUSNYE MOTTO, GSD, (D), 84, Q. Congratulations, Neil, perseverance reaps its reward.


Stake: WD


Trials Manager: Stan Ford

Tracklayers: Tess, Val, Judy and Kathy

Square Steward: Sally Baker

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge, and also to the committee and helpers who all contributed to the organization and running of the trial. Only Stan Ford’s powers of persuasion could charm farmers into letting this trial run despite its location in the vicinity of the FMD area. Brilliant, Stan. Well done.

I suspect you also organized the wonderful weather and matched it with the superb tracking land.   However your abilities stopped there because it was Dorothy, Beryl, and Liz who provided the wonderful cooked lunches everyday, plus all the other smashing homemade goodies. Thank you, ladies, for looking after me so well, especially Liz who also accommodated me in her beautiful home. Although helping at the trial every day, Liz managed to provide lovely breakfasts and superb evening meals. I really do appreciate it, Liz. Thank you.

Thanks to all the tracklayers, Tess and Val for doing the early morning tracks and Judy and Kathy for filling in when necessary. Special thanks to Sally who laid all the squares to perfection, and also stewarded the control.   Not forgetting Christine Brooks, who looked after the base and did the scores until illness sent her home and Sue Henderson took over. Thank you both.

Of the 19 dogs that worked only 3 failed the track and 10 obtained 84 plus marks. 16 dogs did the stays and there were no failures.

1st     Anne Shepherd with LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, CDEx. UDEx, Lab. An excellent track getting both articles and four out of the square, followed by a competent control round. Well done. N/W: 137 - 20, 32. C/A:   32, 18.   Total 187, Qualified WDEx. Congratulations.

2nd   Sue Redshaw with MEADOMILL TRAVIS, CDEx – WDEx, Lab. Nice track, both articles and four out of the square. Travis is continually improving. A big blip on retrieve losing 3.5 proved costly today. He occasionally forgets to put his sensible head on. N/W: 136.5 – 84, 20, 32.5. C/A: 28.5, 20. Total 185. Qualified WDEx.

3rd   Moria Rogerson with SELDOMSEEN TWIST, CDEx – WDEx, WSD. Just little bits and pieces on the track, followed by an excellent square, and control round. Same points as above but you had to leave before a run off. Never mind, this little girl is well on her way. Good luck. N/W: 139 - 84.5, 20, 34.5. C/A: 31, 15. Total 185. Qualified WDEx.

4th    Lynne Liney with HORNAGE COPSE LAD, CDEx – WDEx, Xbreed. A little untidy on his track but made up for it by getting all the articles and doing an excellent control round. Well done. N/W: 131 – 79, 20, 32. C/A: 33.5, 20.   Total 184.5. Qualified WDEx.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Margaret Jones with RUSKATH ONESTEP AHEAD, CDEx, UDEx. 182.5

Averil Salisbury with DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN, CDEx, UDEx, 176.5

Roger Shrimpton with CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, CDEx, UDEx, 175.5

Jacqui Gibney with BRYN HEULOG AP BRECON, CDEx – WDEx, 172.5

Gary Haim with WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, CDEx, UDEx, 171

Irene Seymour with OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR, 170

Heather Caird with BLACK HIPPOCRATES, CDEx – WDEx, 166.5

Qualifying WD:

Beryl Kimberley with OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT, 158

Thank you all for entering under me. Congratulations and good luck.

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