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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 21 April 2007


Stake: CD


Steward: Don Laskey

Thank you Surrey for the judging appointment.  Thank you Dorothy, and all your helpers in the kitchen, for the excellent lunches and refreshments.  Also thanks to Don for laying the squares and stewarding.  Also Chris and Sue for looking after the base and doing the scores, and Stan, the Trials Manager – many thanks.

The weather was dry and sunny both days. 

1st           Ron Jaques’ JAQ IN A BOX, BC, D.  A very good round by this team; I am sure they will do very well.  One to watch. Congratulations. Q CDEx, 95.5

2nd         Lynne Baker’s AQUACADIAN BLACK AZELL, Lab, D.  A very keen dog.  Nice round, well done.  Q CDEx, 91.5

3rd         Sheila Tannert’s STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, B.  Very lively – wants to get on with it.  Good luck.  Q CDEx, 85

4th          Gill Lawrence’s BEKKIS DULCIMES, BC, B.  It’s all there, just a little more work needed.  Best of luck.  Q CDEx, 83

Also qualifying CDEx:

Lauren Marlow’s  JOTONHEIM KID, Mali, D, 81

Thank you all for entering, and I hope you all do well in the future.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Judy Meekings (2 days), Caroline Ashford (2 days), Robert Willatts (1 day), Barbara Ottley (1 day)

Square Stewards: Jenny Staves (1 day), Beryl Kimberley (1 day)

C/A stewards: Caroline Ashford (1 day), Beryl Kimberley (1 day)

I should like to thank Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge this stake.  As usual, a well run trial and a wonderful lunch, thanks to Dorothy Bowen and her helpers.  Stan Ford and Christine Brooks made sure we were all in the right place at the right time, and to all my tracklayers and stewards, a huge thank you. You were all terrific company and I enjoyed working with you.

Tracking was on pastureland, the weather warm and sunny.  The standard of tracking was very good, but I thought many of the dogs lacked motivation when it came to the search square.  On the control field the jumps and sendaway stopped some from qualifying.

1st     Liz Hickman with WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, 187.5 / 200.  Lovely track, full mark search, totally dedicated to search for the articles,  followed by a good control round, slight confusion on the sendaway, but       handler sensibly said, “ That will do”.  I am sure we will see more of this pair.  Well done Liz and Jay!

2nd   Jacqui Tucker with WAGGERLAND WYRD, WSD, 174.5 / 200.  I have judged this pair before in CD; it is nice to see that Luna can track as well!  A very exuberant little dog, still doing everything at break neck speed!!

3rd   Carole Brooke with THEALEFARM BROOKE, Lab, 170 / 200.  A beautiful track, a pleasure to watch.  I know Oscar has not been the easiest of dogs to train, but he held it together today!    

4th    Gary Haim WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, NQ, 178.5 / 200.  The real hard luck story of the trial, superb nosework, superb control and jumps, but 54 seconds in to the stay exercise Flynn decided to sit, before lying back down at 8 minutes 12 seconds.  Gary handles this dog beautifully and I have no doubts at all that you will get this qualification very soon.


TD Stake


Tracklayers Tess Shoolbred, Ron Davies, Joyce Tibbits, John Reynolds, Bert


Stewards Sally Baker (Squares)

Caroline Ashford (Control)

My thanks go to Surrey’s Committee for the invitation to Judge their 2007 T.D. ticket. It is always a great pleasure to return to the place where for me was the start of my trailing.

Yes! Stan was right that a lot of my early tuition was due to Stan’s early years of training, Thank You Stan for that and a well run and executed trial. I must also give a big thank you to all the helpers mentioned as above without them there would be no trial for me to give my opinion on as judge. Continuing, my sincere thanks must go to all the kitchen staff ably overseen by Dorothy Bowen and finally to Christine Brooks

Thank you for looking after me on my late returns and for efficiently manning the base.

The weather was quite warm on all four days of tracking and only the first three each day benefited from dew on the ground, I was lucky to have excellent track layers who laid every track exactly to the pattern, Thank you all.  I feel the heat from late morning took it’s toll of some dogs mainly in the square. A big thanks must go to Sally who laid all the squares just as I wanted them and was excellent company. Saturday I had the pleasure of Caroline stewarding control it was also a hot day, however with her excellent direction we did not loose many on this section. Thank you Caroline.

1st Sheila Tannert WTCh Styperson Briar C.Dex-T.Dex     Lab    211Q

 What can one say, superb all round and one of those dogs that worked in the heat of the day. Well deserved the Ticket.

2nd Barry Gilbert WTCh Laetare Master Class C.Dex-T.Dex  BC    205 .5Q

Another nice round obtaining the reserve ticket after a run off with third.

3rd Pat Herbert  WTCh Jolly Jill C.Dex-T.Dex   WSD   205 .5Q

As this was the Best track mark once the retraining of the sendaway is complete there will be no stopping Jill.

4th Anne Bussey WTCh Romeno If Six was Nine OW   C.Dex-T.Dex   WSD 200 .5Q

Also winning a run off with fifth would have been high placed with that fourth article out of the square.

Also Qualifying

Margaret Robinson WTCh Tytri Lace of Trentvalley  BC 200 .5Q

Sheren Perez Kay Laren C.Dex-T.Dex   WSD     200Q

Dave Marchant WTCh Waggerland Murphy C.Dex-T.Dex, P.Dex    WSD 198Q

Jackie Lane  Pharm Phresh Phoebe C.Dex-T.Dex     X bred    198 Q

Eric Nichols Tytri Nikki C.Dex-T.Dex      BC    196 Q

Maeve Weselby Styperson Tay C.Dex-T.Dex  Lab   194Q

Val Isherwood  Kingslodge Riff Raff Riffka C.Dex-T.Dex   WSD    194Q

Gary Martin Tytri Roy  C.Dex-T.Dex   BC        194Q

Julie Atkins WTCh Our Dug    C.Dex-T.Dex   BC  193 .5Q

Jill Curruthers Jasueter Red Garnet C.Dex-T.Dex  GSD  193 .5Q

Tony Lockyer Double Top at Hartshill C.Dex-T.Dex  WSD 193 .5Q

Gary Atkins WTCh Cafcoll Ron   C.Dex-T.Dex  BC  193 Q

John Wykes  Flynntastic Red Jaff of Tarnforce C.Dex-T.Dex    BC 186 .5Q

Pippa Bentham La Belle Kerri     C.Dex-W.Dex     WSD 179Q 

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