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Championship Trial
Venue: Abinger Hammer
Trial Held: 07 October 2006


Stake: CD


Steward: Caroline Ashford

It is always a pleasure to accept a judging appointment at Surrey.  Gill MacGregor, trials manager, Stan Ford and Chris Brooks ran the base like clockwork. Liz, Beryl, Cathy and head Chef Dorothy Bowen provided us with bacon rolls on arrival, a packed lunch and afterwards, a restaurant quality meal back at the base, complete with waitress service! I cannot think of a better way to spend time – good food, good company and dogs!  A special thank you to Caroline, a brilliant steward – I enjoyed your company.

The weather on Friday was horrendous, torrential rain and wind; I felt sorry for me, sorry for Caroline and sorry for the competitors!  There is always a lot of waiting around in CD and the competitors remained remarkably cheerful - I didn’t hear any moans.  But I just felt so sorry for them, trying to work their dogs in the dreadful conditions. Saturday was completely different, sunny with a slight breeze.

1st  Jacqui Tucker with  WAGGERLAND WYRD, WSD, 98.5/100.  I believe Jacqui is an obedience handler and is fairly new to trials.  A very stylish round, I am sure we will see a lot more of this pair! Congratulations.

2nd  Diane Turner with  LUCY GREENGAGE, BC, 95/100.  This little dog worked on Friday; she just quietly, got on with all the exercises, and thoroughly deserved the qualification. I doubt you will ever work in wetter weather!

3rd  Christine Clements with MANDERIAN SOLSTICE BELLE OF MOUNT LOCHAN, BC, 91.5/100.  A good round, just needs a little more control on the long jump!

4th  Mike Woods with VONGRAF IRON, Mal, 88.5/100.  Great to see this very experienced handler back competing. Knowing Mike, it will not be long before he is competing in the top stakes, with this keen young dog.

Also qualifying CDex:

Coral Greville with STYPERSON SWING TIME, Lab, 88/100.

Qualifying CD only:

Neil Van-Der-Wee with VONHAUSNYE MOTTO, GSD 78.5/100.  It’s all there with him Neil, I am sure you will get the “ex” soon, us GSD handlers must stick together – there’s so few of us!


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Stan Ford (3 days), Ron Davis (2 days), John Reynolds (2 days) and Bert Reynolds (1 day)

Steward: Sue Henderson

Trials Manager: Gill MacGregor

Base Steward: Christine Brooks

Catering: Dorothy Bowden, Liz De Unger, Cathy Dench, Caroline Ashford, and Beryl Kimberley

Thanks to the Surrey DTS committee for inviting me to judge WD championship and for all the teams who entered under me. 20 teams entered and 15 teams turned up for the test.

A big thank you to all those above, and also to Stan for sorting out the land. Also my thanks go to all the other helpers at Surrey who put out and collected jumps, helped with lunches, hampers, escorting and anything else that needed doing - thanks for putting yourselves out, especially Colin Harrison. However, after Thursday, I don’t think I’ll be at the top of Surrey’s list for escort duties, enough said. Also I must thank Mick Tustain and all the PD helpers and competitors for waiting oh so patiently while I finished the C & A on Saturday, before the PD man work round commenced - good job the sun was out.

The weather was mostly rain and more rain on Thursday and Friday, and dry and sunny on Saturday, allowing us to dry out our wet clothing from the previous two days.

surrey WD Track small

Over the two days we had 2 teams go wrong on the tracks, the other 13 all tracked very well on near perfect tracking conditions. This was also a testament to the high calibre of the tracklayers who were laying the tracks for me. The track articles were a black cable tie and a rectangle of green astro turf. Quite a few handlers did miss one or other of the two articles, even after the dog had found them - don’t be afraid to get down on your hands and knees and look for them in the future.

The square articles were graduated across the four articles to ensure the dogs had to work to get all four articles. These were a rectangle of green wellie, a piece of leather, a square of wood and a plastic bottle top. I told Sue what to do on the first square and left her to it for the rest of the three days.  All squares were laid just as I wanted and were ready to run when the competitors had completed their tracks.

The gun test was carried out after the square with the dog and handler walking 10 paces away from me, placing the dog in any chosen position and returning to my left side before I fired the gun. Some handlers did lose marks, for not waiting for the words “exercise over” when they returned to their dogs.  I do hope you have learned this lesson; it could be very expensive for you in the future.

The control and agility round commenced with the down stay which saw three teams fail on the first day.  Thankfully, the dogs stayed put on the second and third days.

I set up the control round in a way in which the handlers were required to keep their dogs under control the whole time, without the aid of a dog lead or over handling. The round commenced with fast pace heel work, then came the retrieve, followed by a 150 pace sendaway straight down the middle of the field to a white pole near the bottom of the hill, but not on the boundary. Each day one team got the maximum because they had trained for this in preparation for entering ticket.  The rest of you need to do some more work on this, in my opinion. After the sendaway normal pace heel work to the clear jump, after the clear jump slow pace heel work to the long jump. A number of teams had problems with this as well as the scale which followed the long jump.

To the 20 competitors who entered thank you and for the 10 who competed on Thursday and Friday I hope you and your dogs have dried out. We had 2 qualifiers Friday, 1 on Thursday and 2 on Friday.  Well done to all of you and good luck in ticket in the near future.

1st  Paul Cousins with MOORTIME FOREST FERN, (Fern), CDEx–WDEx, ASD, B.  This team qualified under me again and made it look easy. 185 .5Q

2nd  Steve Liney and GEMSTONE EASTER WISH, (Gem),  CDEx, UDEx XB, B.  A super little bitch who loves to work. 184 .5Q

3rd  Janette Sayer with VILLAGE KING, (Zeus)  CDEx, UDEx, GSP, D.  Fantastic to watch, really buzzing underneath the whole time.  Very well handled. 180 .5Q

4th  Beryl Kimberley and OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT (Misty), CDEx-WDEx, GSD, B. Good track, and made the scale look easy. 166 .5Q

5th  John West with FULMAY FIRST CHALLENGER AT SHEPALIAN (Mason),  CDEx-WDEx, ASD, D. 160 .5Q



Stake PD

Judge: Mick Tustain

C&A and Search Steward: Liz De Unger

Tracklayers: Ron Davies, John Reynolds

PD Steward: Lauren Marlow

PD Helpers: Earl Noel, Jeff Allen, Mark Lewindon, Bert Maynard, Dave Clark.

My thanks to Surrey for the invitation to judge the Championship PD on the wettest week of the year. Thanks to Trial manager, Jill MacGregor, and all at Surrey- as always a great team. A big thank-you to all my stewards, tracklayers, and ‘criminal’ helpers.

The tracking had its problems due to the monsoon-type rain, but overall dogs and handlers worked well.

The PD round started with a lockout for the quarter only. The instructions given were to quarter this field starting from a hide in view in the hedge, and find a person or persons out there somewhere.

Next was the test of courage: from about 80 m away a helper came into view from behind a hide with a 38 pistol and fired two shots. The dog was sent and the gunman went back behind the hide. As the dog approached the hide it went between two more hides set forward about 4m from the first hide. At this point, two helpers came out of the hides carrying football rattles, and attacked the dog.

This was followed by the recall, which was set up so that the dog and helper were out of sight when the dog was called.

The last exercise was the chase. Two helpers ran off together, the dog was sent, then one helper stopped; the dog was to continue chasing the running helper. When the dog was about 3m away, a large bag was thrown to the side, the dog was to ignore this and stop the helper.

The standard of all the dogs was very high and a pleasure to judge.

1st                  Dave Marchant with WT Ch WAGGERLAND MURPHY  WSD  281.5  Q

2nd                 Paul Beasley with GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL  BC. 281 Q. Only half a point between 1st and 2nd place, two good dogs and two good handlers, well done to you both.

3rd                 John Phillips with JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY GSD. 234 NQ                

4th                 Wendy Beasley with GLANALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL BC. 224 NQ 

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