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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 17 April 2004

CD Stake


Search and control Steward: Sue Henderson

Thank you to the Surrey DTS committee for inviting me to judge.

My thanks also to the organisers at the base, & to those who provided lunches & delicious cakes.

Well done to trial manager Stan Ford for finding a superb new base and land. What better way to spend 2 days than in a lovely Surrey village? Even the weather was kind. It was just a relaxed stroll to our side of the control field; I must say I was relieved none of the CD dogs visited TD control on Saturday, although one of the TD dogs with an excellent sendaway dropped by us briefly!

My Steward for the 2 days was Sue, new to the job but you wouldn't have known, thank you, & good luck with you own dog.

I was pleasantly surprised by the high standard of work from these young dogs.  The dreaded 'sit' took its toll on 5 dogs, several of which would otherwise have qualified with high marks. Interesting how heel on lead is always worse than heel free.

There were 20 entries, 8 scratches, & 4 qualifiers:

1st           Pat Middleton-Smith with Slieve Clinker, BC, B.Very smart control followed by a full mark square. Well handled. Congratulations. 97

2nd         Pippa Bentham with La Belle Kerri, WSD, B. (A daughter of Tony Lockyer's Rob). Very good work all round, well done. 94 

3rd          Heather Caird with Black Hippocrates, Lab, D. A lovely bouncy lab handled in a relaxed manner. Well done. 93 .5

4th          Sue Macpherson with Raycris Kings Best, Large Munsterlander, D. This dog would have loved to quarter the entire field, but was ably persuaded to work the tests. Not an easy dog, so well done. 90 


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Liz De Unger, Bob .Burns. & Bert. Maynard

Steward:. Sue Redshaw

Thank you to Surrey for the invitation to judge the U.D. stake at this trial. Thank you also to Stan Ford for running the trial, Chris Brooks who ran the base, Sue Redshaw my search steward and scribe who did everything I asked for, Beryl Kimberley and Joyce Tibbett in the kitchen for the lovely lunches, Bert Maynard, Bob Burns and Liz de Unger for tracklaying and Yvette Pitt for escorting the competitors.

The weather was very good and I managed to get a slight suntan. The standard~~ over the two days was excellent resulting in nine qualifiers.

1st           Eric Nichols and TYTRI NIKKI BC (D) Excellent nosework, control and agility. Well done. 196.5

2nd         C. C. Guard and LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY Lab (D) Another very good round. 192

3rd          Caroline Morton and MILKYHILL ROXY GSD (B) Caroline handled this dog very well and got the best out of her. 189.5

4th          Pearl Bray and KENMILLTO STORM G.RET. (D) Won the run-off with the next competitor. 188.5

Also qualifying UDex:

Jan Rex and IVYMOOR MISTIE Weim. (B) 188.5

Mary Cooper and SAGENHAFT MARINEER GSD (D) 187.5

Gill Lawrence and SLIEVE CHANCE BC (D) 185.5

Pearl Rigg and FRONSAC KRUGER GSD (D) 180.5

Frances Webb and BLACK KNIGHT OF LINCOLN GSD (D) 176.5

The conditions at this trial were excellent. Lush grass for tracking, reasonable sized articles and ideal weather. The only dogs which did not qualify failed on the agility and I am sure once this is sorted out they will qualify soon.

Thank you to all the competitors for making my time judging you and your dogs so enjoyable. Good luck at future trials.

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