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Open Trial
Venue: Ockley
Trial Held: 11 July 2004

CD, UD Control and Agility


Steward : Lauren Marlow

Thank you very much to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the Companion Dog and Utility  Dog Control and Agility.

Thank you also to John Reynolds who had me to stay with him for the weekend and was very entertaining company.

Thanks also to Lauren Marlow for stewarding throughout the trial.  For me, such a bonus to have such an experienced steward.

Congratulations to Christine Brooks and her team and top cooks for the organisation involved and teamwork in this excellent trial.


1st           Ms. Ruth Cahill and BAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SALENZE GSD D  C.O.M. 91. Well done Ruth and Dash.

2nd         Mr. Douglas Winter and BELLWETHER BOY FDU LAB D  67.5 NQ.

Did well - just a bit more work.

3rd          Mrs. Beryl Kimberley and OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT GSD B. 66.5 NQ.

Super dog.  The says blew it for Misty today.

Good entry.  Every single article in this stake was located by every dog within the time limit.  Well done everyone.


1st           Angela Porter and CARIS TYLER WOOD G. RET D. 184 NQ Good C&A but blew the stays

2nd         Beryl Kimberley and OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT GSD B. 181 NQ

Good stays but blew the scale

3rd          Sue Henderson and SUMAHA REIZZLE DAZZLE FCR D. 176.5 NQ

Just needs to sort the jumps.  Well done on your first trial.

4th          Norman Malon and OBMIK THREE SHIRES GSD D. 172 NQ

Lovely dog, Norman - stays again were the problem.

The conditions were good.  Joyce Tebbit, the nosework judge gave most dogs a qualifying mark.  I tried to be kind too, but it just didn't happen for anyone!  On Saturday there was a pattern, most dogs did the stays but just didn't like the scale.  On Sunday the position reversed.  Most dogs liked the scale but didn't want to know the stays.  At 5.5 minutes into the stays there just was not any dogs left on Sunday.

Lots of good work to be seen, and most dogs a delight to watch.  No collies working the stake curiously enough, but a myriad of other breeds.

Sendaways were very well done throughout the stake and no doubt Joyce will tell you about the good nosework marks she was able to award.

I had a lovely weekend - good company, good fun, and some super dogs to watch.

Thanks Surrey.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Tessa Shoolbred, Liz de Unger, Maggie Richardson, John Reynolds, Stan Ford.

Steward: Sue Redshaw

20 entered, 12 ran

Thank you to Surrey DTS for inviting me to judge the UD Stake. Two days of good weather and good company with high quality nose work on lovely grass fields cut for silage 2 weeks before.

The food was up to Surrey's usual high standard - thank you Dorothy.

Sue Redshaw was my search steward and manager. Thank you to her and all my track layers. With 20 entered but only 12 running it meant a very relaxed two days which I thoroughly enjoyed

Dog handling was mostly very good with only two dogs failing the track and a further two only getting one article out of the square. unfortunately, after the C&A we had no qualifiers.

1st           Angela Porter with CANS TYLER WOOD G.Ret(D). 184 NQ Only lost one mark on track and one in square. A pleasure to watch. Track 89 Art. 20 Search 34

2nd         Beryl Kimberley with OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT GSD(B). 181 NQ A steady track for which Beryl was very grateful and a full mark square - well done. Track 88 Art. 20 Search 35

3rd          Sue Henderson with SUM~HA RAZZLE DAZZLE FCR(D). 176.5 NQ Sue's first trial which I hope she enjoyed as Woody did a lovely track and square. Track 88.5 Art. 20 Search 33

4th          Norman Mason with OBMIK THREE SHIRES GSD(D). 172 NQ The dog the judge most wanted to take home! Lovely nosework beautifully handled. Track 89 Art. 20 Search 33


PD Stake


Tracklayers: Ron Davies, Cohn Harrison

Search Steward: Gill Mcgregor

C/A Steward: Charlie Taylor

PD Steward & TOC: Charlie Taylor

Criminals: Cohn Harrison, Gill McGregor, Ron Davies.

I really enjoyed this Trial, in fact I have always enjoyed Surrey trials. Good ground, good organisation, good company, excellent food, what more can one ask? Weather, overcastl sunny/drizzle, but good for dogging.

12 entered, 9 ran

Speak completed as competitors approached nosework exercises. No set up, just look at me and get your dog to speak.

Good successful nosework from all competitors.

surrey pd open small

C/A had variable levels of success, sendaway first 120 yds uphill to the brow of the hill, redirect left, preferably at right angles, most dogs being drawn downwards by the hill, but Ann Clarkes Solo showed everyone how to do it, attaining 10. Heelwork ok, jumps fairly good overall..

Patrol Round

Dogs were asked to quarter round the edge of the field to find Gill, agitated because she had lost her Uncle. After questioning her, handlers sent the dog to find Uncle Ron who had wandered off, taking Gill with them. Once reunited, exercise over Next the recall across the field, followed by the chase in the same way. Chase man to be searched and escorted, at an appropriate moment an attack on handler took place. Finally Test of courage on three very loud and noisy criminals, the handler taking charge of the situation.

Many thanks to my team who gave every dog the best chance and were excellent company, and thanks too to landlady Tess Shoolbred for making me so welcome.

1st Graham Brumpton & JUST WILLIAM WSD Billy was in excellent form and did a particularly good Patrol round. A well deserved win. Best of luck in CH PD. COM 294/320

2nd         Chris Gregory & WTCH VOMSANDBAR EROS GSD COM 270/320

3rd          Stan Ford & OVERHILLS RYOT GSD NQ 257/320

4th          John Phillips & JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY GSD NQ 250.5/320

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