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Championship Trial
Venue: Abinger Hammer
Trial Held: 02 October 2004


CD Stake


Nose work & C & A Steward: Mandy Smith

Escort / Helper: Lauren Marlow, Caroline Ashford and many others

Thanks to the Surrey DTS committee for inviting me to judge the CD and for the 15 teams who entered under me 11 ran on the day. I had a lovely day out with an old friend of mine from the Saturday gang thanks again Mandy you made my task much easier. Herding stray walkers and dogs out of our field and putting the competitors at ease. Won't be before your next dog arrives, the kids will be out from under your heels sooner than you can imagine.

Thanks also to Lauren and Caroline for sorting out the competitors and keeping the stake moving. Christine was concerned that I finished as early as possible in order not too have too much paper work all at once, that was fine by me and I even got to see some of the PD rounds once finished a real bonus.

A big thank-you to Joyce and Jane (Stan's daughter-not really, but they do like to tease each other as they have the same surname) for our super meals, tuck boxes and bacon butties in the morning. I am sure you also had a great deal of support from other society members and as usual the cakes were fantastic.

The weather was showery in the morning, but thankfully cleared up by late morning and was much better than had been forecast.

The Nose work was first and almost all the dogs performed this exercise very well getting out all three articles in good time. The articles were a square of rubber, a strip of leather and a bottle top.

The control work was varied ranging from near perfect from experienced handlers to those who were entering trials for the first time. For the first timers please don't be offended, but in order to know how not to lose marks it is very important to read the rules and understand them before competition. I was like you when I first started, and was very grateful for John giving me that advice. Also please try to go and watch other trials before competing to see what is expected and how the exercises vary, you never know you might get invited out to train with some more experienced handlers. However in trials land is king this is why getting into trials is so hard. Well that's the case in the south east of England these days.

For the stays I asked the handlers to walk out of sight behind a hedge before commencing the clock for sit and the down with the exercise finishing out of sight. The sits were generally OK, but in such an early stake we did have dogs failing the down. Keep on trying it took me 6 years with my first dog.

To the three qualifiers well done, and when you get to the top don't forget how hard it is to get CD.

For the rest of you, yes you need to do some more work to perfect the exercise which let you down, but not much more, please keep trying it makes the success so much sweeter.

1st           Irene SeymourIzzy (GSD) 93 Q

2nd         Paul Cousins Fern (ASD)  89 Q

3rd          Hazel Hicks Bea (BC) 83 Q

4th          Joyce Cashmore Jake (LAB) 84 Non-Q


WD Stake


Stewards: Beryl Kimberley, Yvette Pitt, & Sue Redshaw.

Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Tess Schoolbred, John Reynolds, Ron Davies, & Dave Martin.

Thank you to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge, to trials manager Charlie Taylor, Christine Brooks, and all at the base.

Many thanks also to my helpers, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.

The WD was over 4 days, with a large entry of 41 dogs, although we had a few scratches. Tracking was on stubble. Tracking was generally well done, but then a number of dogs declined to search. On the control side, a surprising number of dogs were not, in my view, really up to WD standard, with heelwork and sendaways being disappointing and costly exercises for some teams.

We finished with only 8 qualifiers, my congratulations to:

1st           187 Elizabeth de Unger, with BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY, Lab. A keen nosework dog, & good work all round.

2nd         186 Jan Rex, with IVYMOOR MISTIE, WEIM. A well earned qualification, having found a surprise article on the track!

3rd          183 Jonathan Hinds, with DUNNSLAYNE CAP, WSD (A son of  W.T. Ch  Waggerland Fizz). Very well done.

4th          182.5 Colin Harrison, with SHINEHILL NINA, BC. Colin, now will you say something nice about her?

Also qualifying:

179 Norma Ansell with GEFNI WALKS ON WATER, GSD

178.5 Sally Bergh-Roose with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD

177.5 Frances Ball with ALICE ON SPRINGS, Lab

174.5 Nicole Greville with KALIDEN GREAT REACTION, BC

Qualifying WD only:

156.5 Diane Boxall with BOXALONG BOY, WSD

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