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Open Trial
Venue: Newdigate
Trial Held: 27 February 2005

C & A


Steward: Sue Redshaw

It makes a change to see this trial from the judge's viewpoint rather then the base, but it reinforces my opinion that Surrey's team are up with the most pleasant and efficient in the country. A special thank you to Sue who braved the wind, rain and snow with me out in the field.

The general standard of both control and agility was good. The long jump was the most frequent problem - but possibly in the minds of dog and handler rather than physical inability. Quite a few dogs had trouble remaining silent after speaking too! Thank you to all helpers and competitors for making it a pleasant trial.

T.D. Control and Agility

1st           Jonathon Hinds & DUNNSLAYNE CAP (WSD) Q. 207 a dog who's ready for Ticket as the marks of 33 & 20 suggest.

2nd         Lynne Baker & TRKINDALE CODA (WSD) Q. 202. Lynne needed all her experience to cope with CODA in unhelpful mood! 25 & 15

3rd          Colin Harrison & SHINEHILL NINA (WSD) Q. 200.5 a bit more maturing to do but should do well in ticket. 32 & 20

4th          Joyce Tibbetts & WOLFHARTS MYRKUR ULFRUN Q 196. pleased Joyce with the full mark agility! 32 & 20

Also qualifying;

Richard Cornwell and KAUFENBERG GRUBER 195


Pearl Riggs and FRONSAC KRUGER 192

Mick Tustain and JOTUNHEIM VIP 191.5

Sally Bergh-Roose and TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY 191

Pat Middleton-Smith and SLIEVE CLINKER 191

Maurice Middleton and MILKYHILL ROXY 190


Barbara Ottley and DEWYNDORF CUMULUS 180

W.D. Control and Agility

1st           Le Newman and BAYRIVER ANTICS (GSD) Q. 187 well done - everything went more or less right! 31.5 &17.5

2nd         Paul Cousins and MOORTIME FOREST FERN (ASD) Q 185.5 scraped the agility but a fine control round 34.5 & 14

3rd          Jim Sewell and DRESBERG ESTELLE (GSD) NQ 176.5 pity about the stay because it was lovely otherwise. 22.5 & 20

Congratulations and future good luck to the qualifiers and better fortune for the non-qualifiers next time.


WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Bert Maynard & Cohn Harrison

Steward: Elizabeth De Unger

7 Entries, 6 worked

Thank you to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the WD Nosework, to Stan and all of his helpers at the base, and for the lovely lunch. I hope the whisky tumbler will be used! Thank you, it's always a pleasure to judge here

Although the entry was small, the dogs worked well on lush pasture land, we were lucky with the weather. The competitors were fortunate to have Bert and Cohn to lay their tracks, giving all the dogs an opportunity to shine and some took it with all paws. Elizabeth laid the squares with enthusiasm and a terrible cold, hope it's better! All dogs got qualifying marks, only one with all four out, unfortunately he didn't do the track.

Track articles were: 2.5" x 3" scourer, end article 2.5" x 3" leather.

Square articles were: Shot gun cartridge, metal tea spoon, thin cable tie, piece of red flannel.

1st           BAYRIVER ANTICS GSD B. Qualified with L. Newman. This team went around the track (on rails) not one cast. Found both articles. Three from square, very impressive. Full mark track 90 + 20, 28 square, well done.

2nd         MOORTIME FOREST FERN ASD. Qualified with Paul Cousins. Lovely work from this smart little bitch, another full mark track with both articles. Three from square, a pleasure to watch you both. Track 90 + 20, 27 square, well done.

3rd          DRESBURG ESTELLE GSD B. N/Q with Jim Sewehl???. Very nice track with both articles, three from square. Track 86 + 20, square 28. Sorry you didn't qualify, but you will soon.

4th          JENNALINE'S MUCKIN FUDDLE GSP D with Penny Bann. Another nice track 83 + 20, two from square, took one home!

It was a privilege judging your dogs - for the two that qualified onward and upwards. To those that didn't success is within reach!


TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Tessa Shoolbred & Ron Davies

Square Stewards: Liz DeUnger, Sue Henderson & Neil van der Wee

Base Steward: Beryl Kimberley

Trials Manager: Stan Ford

Thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge. Despite the cold weather and snow it was a very enjoyable few days. A very big and special thank you to Jackie & Cathy who supplied me with enough hot food and drink to keep the elements at bay.

The organization and general running of the trial was excellent and all credit must go to Stan and his team for their time effort and hard work.

As usual at Surrey the tracking land was superb and with all the tracks being led to perfection all but three dogs completed the track.

To Tessa and Stan who braved the elements to get up at the crack of dawn to lay the first four tracks a big thank you.  The next four tracks were laid by Ron, who also had a cup of tea ready on my arrival. Thanks Ron, the tea was most welcome & the tracks were perfection.

Most dogs recovered the track and square articles but unfortunately dropping and chewing the square articles resulted in a great many points being lost. Laying squares in blizzards is no easy task but Sue and Neil accomplished this in their quiet and cheerful manner with no problems at all. Equally poor old Liz who had a very very severe cold, was commandeered to lay the squares on Friday when the assigned person failed to turn up. Thank you all very much, for your company, hard work and dedication. Special thanks must also go to Liz for accommodating me in her lovely home for the three days, and providing me with meals that were definitely very more-ish.

1st           Jonathan Hinds with DUNNSLAYNE CAP CDEx - WDEx. WSD

The words that jump to mind are quiet, steady and competent and relate to both dog and handler. Well done. N/w marks Track 98, Articles 30, Square 26

Total 154/165 COM

2nd         Lynne Baker with TRKINDALE CODA CDEx -WDEx WSD. A well motivated little dog with good concentration that just got on with the job of producing a really lovely track and square. The handler took the right course of action, just stayed out of her way and let her get on with it. Brilliant. Well done. N/w marks. Track 98, Articles 30, Square 34 Total 162/165 COM

3rd          Colin Harrison with SHINEHILL NINA CDEx - WDEx. BC. Smashing track but I think she used up all her concentration as her square was a bit unsettled, however Colin's excellent handling saved the day. Despite this Nina's consistency is improving all the time and she is certainly ready to go on. N/w marks. Track 97.5, Articles 30, Square 21. Total 148.5/165 COM

4th          Joyce Tibbetts with WOLFHARTS MYRKUR ULFRUN.GSD. A good workmanship performance. Never lifted her head on the track, but unfortunately failed to maintain the same level of concentration in the square. With a bit more motivation and enthusiasm she will get there. Keep trying. N/w marks.  Track 97, Articles 30, Square 19. Total 146/165 COM

Also qualifying:

Pat Middleton-Smith with SLIEVE CLINKER CDEx-WDEx. BC. N/w marks 151/165

Richard Cornwell with KAUKENBERG GRUBER CDEx-UDEx. GSD. N/w marks 149/165

Judy Meekings with WITHYLINCH MURR CDEx -UDEx. Lab. N/w marks 145.5/165

Maurice Millington with MILKYHILL ROXY CDEx-UDEx. GSD. N/w marks 144/165

Mick Tustain with JOTUNHEIM VIP.CDEx-UDEx. Mal. N/w marks      142.5/165

Sally Bergh-Roose with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY CDEx-WDEx. GSD. N/w marks 139.5/165

Barbara Ottley with DEWYNDORF CUMULUS CDEx-UDEx. Lab. N/w marks 133/165

Colin Ball with CONNEYWARREN TUKER BOX CDEx-WDEx. Lab. N/w marks 131/165

Pearl Rigg with FRONSAC KRUGER UDEx. GSD. N/w marks 130.5/165

Thanks again to all involved in organizing and running the trial, not forgetting Beryl who ran the base and did all the scores. Thanks.

I enjoyed judging all of you and wish you all the best in the future.

Worthy of a special mention

Angela Saunders and JAZ. Jaz did a superb nosework round and was competently and confidently handled obtaining 98 for his track with all 3 articles and 4 out of the square.

Total N/work marks 161. Well done Angela, I'm sure the rest will come. Good Luck.

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