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Championship Trial
Venue: Ockley
Trial Held: 23 April 2005

Stake: CD


Steward: Gill McGregor

I would like to thank Surrey Dog Training Society for the invitation to judge the CD stake, at their well organised trial. I would like to mention a thank you to Gill McGregor for being a steward for me.

1st           Ms. Miriam Lyons with TAMERRYE MARANELLO (B.C.). I hope you caught your boat in time! 94 points CDX.

2nd         Mrs. J. Lockyer. ROSIAS CHELSEA GIRL AT REDVIEW (Sheltie). Very well handled. 92 points CDX.

3rd          Mr. Mark Lewindon, SORUMOUR LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI (GSD). You are certainly boogying at the moment, well done. 90 points CDX.

4th          Mr. Ian Bradley, HOEGRANGE ZEUS (lab.) well done. 87 points CDX. Good luck in the higher stakes.

Also qualifying Miss Pamela Leigh with BAYRIVER ABLAZE. Well done, CDX.

Mrs Val Isherwood with BAYRIVER ADVENTURE, CD


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Colin Harrison, Bob Burns, Liz De Ungar (Fri), Cathy Dench, Bob Burns, Liz De Ungar(Sat)

Search Steward: Beryl Kimberley

Catering: Dorothy Bowden Cathy Dench, Caroline Asford, and many others.

Thanks to the Surrey DTS committee for inviting me to judge UD championship and for all the teams who entered under me. May I say right at the beginning, for those of you who read my reports as an aid to sleeping; every competitor without exception accepted my decision and smiled for good or bad (the result that is). Thanks for the article in WTM Judy. A trial I for one shall remember for the weather not being as bad as forecast at the beginning of the week, sun all day Friday and showery all day Saturday.

A big thank you too all those above and Stan for sorting out the land, then worrying about it, the best tracking land I've seen for ages, if your dogs are not used to rabbits and deer you don't walk your dog in the country, let alone practise for trials. Also to all the other helpers at Surrey who put out & collected jumps, helped with lunches, hampers, escorting and anything else that needed doing, thanks for putting your self out.

I designed a straight forward track with only right angles, but still with enough corners to ensure an effort was required in order to get round. Over the two days we had 2 teams go wrong on the tracks, I am sure both of you will make it in the near future. The track articles were a piece of green wellie 5cm (2inches) square and a beer mat. A few teams did miss the green on green rubber wellie.

The square or property articles were graduated across the four articles to ensure the dogs had to work to get all four articles. These were 5cm (2 inches) wooden dowel, hose pipe 7.5cm (3 inches) and leather lead 7.5cm (3 inches) and a plastic bottle top. Beryl, laid all squares carefully and thoughtfully as I had asked and the square was fouled (foiled) as asked. I must say with a couple of exceptions the squares were performed rather poorly either through a lack of motivation / training on the handlers part, as well as a lot of the usual over commanding. Please train your dog to do the work, not the other way round. If you do not understand what I am talking about, please ask to steward nosework at a WD or better still TD championship.

The gun test was carried out after the square with the dog and handler walking 10 paces away from me, placing the dog in any chosen position and staying at the dog's side while I put on my "cans" (ear defenders) and let big besse go. Only one team lost marks for this, despite me wanting to dock others for laughing at me. As I said if I were at work I would have to wear them, so why not at a trial or dare I say local gun club where ear defenders / protection are mandatory.

The control and agility round was set up so that if your dog was ready you would qualify on the day, but we all think that don't we. First was the down stay which saw one team each day fail, no interfering or running off though. I say nothing on this, just that with No. 2 and 3 GSD's that I owned it took five years to get right. So hopefully with you this was just an isolated incident.

Heel work was next, quite a bit as this is a junior stake. Followed by 120 m (yard) sendaway to a white bag tied to a tree on the boundary. Overall this was carried out very well with most teams getting over 5 marks. After this dumb bell retrieve was well performed pretty well on the most part.

Then came the jumps and misery for some and joy for others. I allowed 2nd attempts on clear, long and face of the scale, to give the maximum chance possible to young dogs.

Before giving the results I was a little sad that there were only three new faces to me, please understand I do like seeing all the faces of the rest you (young and old), without new faces our sport may one day fade away, hopefully not. The first place was not awarded, just because Flick is a good pet name for a dog in my opinion, glade there is another Flick out there. My Flick is happy to be at home these days. Val hope your youngest recovers from the snakebite that meant you had to scratch.


1st           Debbie Meade with HEATHERMARK VIXEN (GSP) B-Sensitive dog that works well for you, worth the long journey. (FLICK) 194.5 Q

2nd         Miriam Lyons with TAMERRYE MARANELLO (BC) B. A little collie with a big heart ever eager to please, again well worth the journey. (ABBEY) 188 Q

3rd          Ruth Cahill with BAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SALENZE CDex (GSD) D Not easy to take on a rescue, but you'll go far (CASH)180 Q

4th          Val Isherwood with BAYRIVER ADVENTURE (GSD) D Good track and made the scale look easy. (SHAFER)177 Q

5th          Chris Gregory with VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM CDex (GSD) (B). Chris, bet you are glad she is not your first, wants to work all the time. (BUFFY) 173 Q

6th          Paul Cousins with MOORTIME FOREST FERN CDex (ASD) B This team qualified under me again. Paul time for another judge. (FERN) 172.5 Q

Finally, sorry that we had to give presentation separately, but with folks having a long way to travel it was the only choice. I do hope you got home safely. For those of you who did not get this far first time round sweet dreams and I am glad I am still working my magic on you!




Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred, Ron Davies, John Reynolds, Dave Martin, Bert Maynard

Stewards:: Sally Baker (Search),

Caroline Ashford and Joyce Tibbetts (Control)

Many thanks to Surrey for the invitation to judge the Ticket, my first Ticket appointment. I would also like to thank Chris Brooks for managing the trial, and for organising everything with such efficiency and humour, including coping with my panic when I saw how huge the entry was!

The large entry (72 entered, 64 ran) meant marathon tracking sessions, with up to 17 dogs per day, which was quite a challenge. But with first class tracklayers, and Sally doing all the searches, the nosework ran smoothly. Thank you to all the tracklayers, especially to Tess, who not only laid all the early tracks, but on 2 days also laid late ones as well, and to Sally - you all did a splendid job, and were good company. Thanks also to Stan for the "taxi service", which meant Sally and I did not have to drive anywhere, and we were on time for all the tracks. Fortunately, the weather was kind to us on the tracking days. On the control day, special thanks go to Joyce, for organising a steady flow of competitors, and to Caroline, for an excellent job of stewarding.

I would like to thank the escorts, who got everybody to their tracks on time, and to all at the base, especially Dorothy, for great food and organisation. With a team like this, everything ran like clockwork.

surrey TD Champ track WTM small

Tracking was on well grown, lush pasture, with just a few fields with some bare patches. On the whole, the tracklayers managed to avoid the patches, and where they could not, I made allowances for the difference in terrain. I was privileged to see some wonderful tracks, with very few track articles missed; 2 dogs (Pat Herbert's Jill and Maeve Weselby's Tay) got full marks, and Val Upton's Vinnie also tracked superbly for 99.5, on a field resembling a mountain range! Searches were generally of a high standard, as I would expect at this level, although a few dogs struggled a bit.

The weather changed for control day, and the day was wet. Because there were so many to work, judging started as soon as the dogs and handlers left the assembly area - thanks to Joyce for organising the competitors, and stewarding them on the first bit of heelwork, which was done with the previous dog returning in the opposite direction. Caroline then took over, and stewarded consistently and efficiently, even coping with being under the Gatwick flight path. We began with heelwork (mixed standard) and speak (generally well done), and then the Sendaway, which caused some problems. It was not easy, as the field was undulating, but the send out was straight forward, down a tractor line towards a hedge, which was just over a ridge.  Dogs had to be stopped before the ridge, and then redirected right, along the ridge, towards a fence. Some dogs could not cope with the send out; on the other hand, others worked superbly. The marks varied between 0 and 10. The jumps were last, and were fine on the whole, with just a few dogs finding the long jump difficult in the wet conditions.

1st           Margaret Robinson with TYTRI LACE AT TRENTVALLEY, BC, B. Lace worked a stunning track, losing just 1 mark, and followed this with a full mark square. The control round was no problem for her, and gave her a well deserved ticket, at her first attempt at TDEx. Very well done - I'm sure the second one won't be long in coming, and good luck at the KCC's. TDEx 210

2nd         Tony Lockyer and WTCh HARTSHILL ROB, WSD, D. This dog is incredible, 10.5 years old, and still working to the highest level. Also 99 for his track, and all articles, and a lovely Sendaway. Well done Tony. TDEx 207

3rd          Eric Nichols with TYTRI NIKKI, BC, D. After a run-off of a search square, Pep took a well deserved 3rd place, with good consistent work in all exercises, except for a bit of a struggle on the Sendaway. TDEx 203

4th          Carole Brooke with LONGCOPSE CYCLONE, Lab, D. Another dog that struggled a bit on the sendaway, but the rest of TADD'S work was of a very high standard. TDEx 203

Also Qualifying TDEx.

Ann Clarke and TARNEDGE SOLAR, Lab, D. 202.5

Sue Redshaw and ELOWOOD DILL OF SHAWDOWN, Lab, D. 202

Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON MILLIE, Lab, B. 201 5

Pat Herbert and W.T.Ch. JOLLY JILL, WSD, B. 201

Margaret Jones and MERRY STEPS SKIP, BC, D. 201

Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, B. 201

Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON TERN, Lab, B. 199. 5

Anne Collen and TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS, GWP, B. 199. 5

Paula Harvey and ELECAMPANE SPRUCE, Lab, D. 199

John Watts and WTCh STARLIGHT BLUE, WSD, D. 197

Tony Lockyer and HARTSHILL NUTMEG, WSD, B (Lovely full mark sendaway, well done). 196. 5

Sally Bergh-Roose and TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD, D. 196

Barry Harvey and TADMARTON BRIAR, Lab, B. 195. 5

Linda Newbold and LITTLE BRADLEY, Cross, D. 195. 5




Julia Skipp and SKIPAWAY ZORRO, Cross, D. 189 5

Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON TAY, Lab, B. 186. 5

Allyson Tohmé and FURSDON TWYLYTE TRAMONTANO, Weim, B. 184

Joan Miller and TRKINDALE ACE, WSD, D. 183. 5

Paul Beasley and GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL, BC, D. 181 5

Wendy Beasley and GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, BC, B. 180. 5

Rod Roberts and LITTLE BART, Cross, D (Super sendaway!) 177

Qualifying TD only.

Tracey Ann Park and WAGGERLAND BROOK, BC, D. 174

I would like to thank all the competitors, for paying me the compliment of entering, and for accepting my judgement.  It was a pleasure to judge you all; I wish everybody in "real life" was as friendly and polite as Trials people.

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