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Open Trial
Venue: Ockley
Trial Held: 17 July 2005

Trial's Manager's Report

Ron and I would like to say thank you to all the members of Surrey that helped us with the running of this Open trial at Ockley.  We were lucky this year to have sponsorship from John Humphris in the way of PD equipment, thanks very much John.

We would also like to thank the farmers for the use of their land and Stan for organising this.  All the land was similar having been cut for silage approximately 10 days before the trial.

UD was over two days 14 on Saturday, 8 on Sunday and 4 CDs.

PD was also held over two days as we had a high entry for the PD open with 16 competitors, we would like to say a special thank you to Earl and Jeff for giving up their time to run criminal for 2 days as they are not Surrey members it was very kind of you both, and Andy and Bert who also helped both days.  I will leave it to the judges to say their thank you to their helpers.

Back at the Base all the judges and helpers had dinner thanks to Elizabeth who came to the rescue and cooked all the dinners, with help from Bert on Saturday.  I thought I could do it at the same time as booking in competitors / running the base. How wrong could I be.

Thanks to Chris for being at the base when I wasn't there and for writing all the certificates.  Another member of the team who we could not do without is Tessa, thanks for storing then delivering the catering equipment.  Doing the shopping for the base and getting the farmers presents.

Now I come to Stan. The list grew longer and longer, can you find this amount of land, book the bed and breakfast, find me a caravan site, bring the jumps over, show us where the tracking and control land is the day before, deliver the presents to the farmers, escort, plus work your dog in between and you managed to keep smiling.  Thanks Stan.

The weather was nice both days, maybe a little too hot.  We hope the judges and competitors ad a good and enjoyable two days and thanks again to all helpers and judges for giving up your valuable time, without you there would be no trials.



CD & Control and Agility UD  Stake


Steward  - Les Theobald

My thanks to the Committee of Surrey Dog Training Society for the invitation to judge the CD & Control and Agility UD. 

Thanks also to Gill McGregor for all your hard work - at base, in the kitchen and many other jobs..

The food was super thank you everyone and thank you Stan for the lovely caravan site you found for us.

Special thank you to Les who for two days stood and baked in the very hot sun and stewarded for me.

It was extremely hot on both days, but we managed to find shade for the stays.


CD Stake 

1st           M Wells and BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD S.B.T. (D) with a total of 92 C.O.M.

Congratulations to Marney and Buzz

2nd         D Spratt and DETANIA MILO LIFEFRIEND  B/C (D)  with a total of 89 C.O.M.

  Well done Denise and Milo

3rd          B Kimberley and OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT GSD (B) with a total of 75 N.Q.

Unfortunately failed the stays after a lovely search and control round, next time Beryl  

4th          J Clarke and CASMAWLLAN JACK IN THE BOX  with a total of 66 .5  N.Q.

Better luck next time Jane


UD Stake

 1st           Dr L Errington and CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET LAB  (D) with a total of 182 C.O.M.

Well deserved win

2nd         A Gourd and NICKILA RED  B/C (D)  with a total of 177 C.O.M.

  Full mark control, beautifull

3rd          B Kimberley and OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT GSD (B) with a total of 173 .5 C.O.M.

Lovely round Beryl, handled Misty just right.  

4th          S Taylor and CHALKWELL OUT OF THE ORDINARY GSD (D) with a total of 173  C.O.M.

Look out everyone here comes Stan and Odin

R Willatts and MOORMILL NILANDU F.C.R. (D) with a total of 165 .5  C.O.M.

Well done Robert and Dax

Thank you all for a wonderful weekend of dog trialling.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers : Dorothy Bowen, Caroline Ashford, Bob Burns, John Reynolds

Steward : Cathy Dench

Thank you to Surrey Dog Training Society for inviting me to judge the nosework element of the Utility Dog Stake at their Open trial in July.

Excellent facilities with a strong team of helpers at Ockley Village Hall - lovely lunches and great company. 

I had 23 entries and 19 ran.  Great variety of breeds - 6 x GSD, 3 x Flatcoats, 3 x collies, 2 Labs, 1 Weimaraner, Staffie, Cocker Spaniel and Terv.

Track pattern was a box in a box and all articles were a good size.  8 dogs qualified through the nosework section.  In general the tracks were good in the early part of the day but later in the mornings on both days the extremely hot weather made tracking a very difficult exercise.  I know that because I put Rosie on the last track and she told me so.

Highlights of the trial were the quality of the tracking by the Flatcoats, notably Robert Willetts dog DAX who insisted on putting his dad back into the track on three occasions.  Secondly, Stan Taylor's dog, ODIN.  This team were very inexperienced and worked so hard on a difficult field on the hottest part of the day to qualify.

Finally, was the pleasure of watching the nosework completed by the winning dog.

Congratulations to Gail McGregory and her team on an enjoyable, well run event and thank you to my tracklayers and steward.


1st           Lindsay Errington with SGIAN (LAB) Total 182

Track 87 and 20 and 35 square. COM

2nd         Angela Goud with TARN (TERV) Total 177

Track 86 and 20 and 18.5 search COM

3rd          Beryl Kimberley and MISTY (GSD) Total 173.5

Track 83.5 and 10 and 33 search COM

4th          Stan Taylor and ODIN (GSD) Total 173.

Track 84 and 10 and 24.5 search COM

Also qualifying

Robert Willetts and DAX (GSD) Total 165.5

Track 81 art 15 and search 19 COM

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