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Championship Trial
Venue: Abinger Hammer
Trial Held: 08 October 2005


Stake : CD


Steward : Paula Wright.

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge.  It was very nice to judge at the lower end to see hopefully new handlers and new dogs and try not to put them off without giving qualifications away.  It was as is usual a well run Surrey trial with all the helpers giving of their best both in the base and elsewhere.

The field we were given was extremely rough and covered mostly in thistles.  We did our best to find a clear area for the squares and for C&A. 

My steward Paula did a wonderful job in laying the squares giving every dog and handler the best opportunity she could to get the articles and then guided them through the control and agility round.  The nosework overall was quite good; however the control rounds left an awful lot to be desired and a lot of handlers need to sort this out if they are going to do well in the higher stakes.

1st           MOORMILL NIIANDU (FCR) (D) handled by Mr. Robert Willatts.  An extremely capable handler who was able to get the best out of his dog and got a very well deserved win.  One to watch out for Q Ex. 95.

2nd         GEMSTONE EASTER WISH (X) (B).  Handled by Mr. Steve Liney.  Very sympathetically handled by Steve who got the best out of his dog on the day. Q Ex 85.

3rd          FRONSAC KRUGER (GSD) (D).  Handled by Pearl Rigg.  A good nosework group helped.  A not so good C&A round did enough to qualify.  Q Ex 84.

4th          CASMAWLLAN JACK IN THE BOX (BC) (D).  Handled by Mrs. Jane Clamce.  Very nice dog and handler, however bits and pieces all the way through cost quite a few marks.  Q Ex 82.

5th          ARRANBANKS SPOTTA BOVVA (WSD) (D) .  Handled by Ms. Sharon Webley.  An excellent noswork section but unusually let down by the C&A.  Q Ex 80.

SUMAHA RAZZLE DAZZLE (FCR) (D). Handled by Miss Sue Henderson.  Unlucky today.  CD only 79.5.

SPYCE IS NICE AT CAROBILLS (WSD) (B).  Handled by Mrs. Carole Burgess.  CD only 78.5.

FOR THE LOVE OF EDDIE (X) (D).  Handled by Mrs. Lynne White.  CD only 75.5.

A big thank you once again to my steward Paula who did a wonderful job and was a pleasure to work with.  To those who qualified, well done.  To those who didn't, a bit more work and better luck next time.


WD Stake


Steward : Sally Baker

Tracklayers : Stan Ford, Tess Shoolbred, John Reynolds, Dave Martin, Joyce Tibbetts, Gary Atkins

Thanks to Surrey Dog Training Society for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this trial.  Thanks to Arden Grange for the sponsorship and the many farmers and landowners who allowed us to use their land which is organised by Stan Ford.  Thank you Stan.  Colin Harrison and Gill Macgregor managed the trial and Chris Brooks ran the base all doing their job very efficiently.  My tracklayers were Stan Ford, Tess Shoolbred, Dave Martin, Joyce Tibbetts, Gary Atkins and John Reynolds, all very experienced tracklayers who were excellent.  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, Beryl Kimberley, Liz de Ungar, Cathy Dench and Caroline Ashford.  Special thanks to Sally Baker who was my steward and chauffeur and was brilliant company over the three days.

27 entered, 21 worked, 7 qualified

1st           Val Upton with JAXBERRY JOE (BC) (D).  Full mark square and agility.  Excellent control round.  Val is very professional in the handling of her dogs.  194.5

2nd         Bert Maynard with SORUMOUR JUST THE ONE (GSD) (B).  Excellent track.  Super sendaway and control round.  Full mark agility.  190.5.

3rd          Lynne Baker with TRKINDALE CODA (WSD)(B).  Brilliant track through thistles but Coda coped with them very well.  Full mark agility and very good control round.  Same marks as the above competitor.  190.5.

4th          Andrew Buchanan with GLENALPINE SOCKS (BC)(B).  Another good track.  Full mark agility and good control found.  188.5.

Also qualifying WDEx.

Norma Ansell with GEFNI WALKS ON WATER (GSD)(B) 184.5

Les Theobald with TYTRI TESS (BC)(B) 182.5

Paul Cousins with MOORTIME FOREST FERN (ASD) (B) 182

I was very disappointed in the standard of agility in this stake.  Eight dogs failed the agility and only eight dogs out of twenty-one obtained full marks for the agility.

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