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Open Trial
Venue: Newdigate
Trial Held: 26 February 2006


WD Nosework


Steward: Jennifer Staves

Tracklayers: Maggie Richardson, Richard Cornwell, John Reynolds

Many thanks to Surrey Dog Training Society for the invitation to judge WD at this trial. Dave Clark was their first choice but was unable to judge through ill health. I hope you are feeling better now Dave. Thanks to Stan Ford, the trials manager, who coped very well even though he had to replace two of the three judges. Thanks also to Jennifer who was my steward and great company. Cathy Dench, Caroline Ashford and Beryl Kimberley did the catering which was excellent. Chris Brooks ran the base in her usual efficient way. All the tracks were laid by Maggie, Richard and John all very experienced tracklayers. Thank you all.

There were fourteen entries but only nine ran and we finished with two qualifiers. Seven dogs qualified the nosework but five of them failed the C & A. The two days were very cold and windy.

1st           Ian Bradley with HOEGRANGE ZEUS Lab (D). Missed the last article but did an excellent square. Well done. 167.5.

2nd         Angela Gourd with NICKJLA RED BSD (D). Well done. 164.5.

3rd          Sandra Lewindon with JUST JASMINE AT BRACOKELI GSD (B). Good track and search. 182.5. NQ.

4th          Tess Schoolbred with OVERHJLL HAVOC GSD (B). Another good track. 178.5. NQ.



W.D., T.D. Control and Agility


Steward: Lauren Marlow

My thanks to Surrey Dog Training Society for the invitation to judge the WD & TD control and agility. Thanks to Stan for all the hard work he puts into nurturing the trial. The food was superb thanks to Cathy, Caroline and Beryl. A special thanks to Lauren for scribing for me for two cold and windy days.

I thought the standard for the majority of competitors was very good. Thank you Chris for doing all the paperwork.


1st           D. Brown with NAIKEN KRIS - HOEGRANGE BEAUTY. (Lab) D. 167.5 Q. nice round, full marks for the jumps.

2nd         Angela Gourd with NICKILA RED CDex. (BSD) D.164.5 Q. Good heelwork and sendaway.

3rd          Mrs S. Lewindon with JUST JASMINE AT BRACOKELI CDex., UDex. (GSD) B. 182.5 NQ.

4th          Tess Shoolbred with OVERHILL HAVOC (GSD) B. 178.5 NQ.


1st           Mrs S. Lewindon with LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI CDex., UDex. (GSD) D. 207 Q. A first class round. Well done.

2nd         Judy Meekings with WITHYLINCH MURR OF WINDLEBROOK CDex - WDex (Lab) B. 206 Q. only lost half on C&A. lovely round to watch.

3rd          Louise Reynolds with SARAMAK DANCING DIVA CDex - Udex (WSD) 205 Q. Handler Nick Boyce. Another first class round only losing a half.

4th          Barry Harvey with FITZERS HAZEL CDex - UDex (Lab) B. 203.5 Q. Well done Barry.

Thank you competitors for entering and making two very enjoyable days.


TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Bert Maynard, Gill MacGregor, Colin Harrison

Steward: Sally Baker

I would like to thank Surrey for the invitation to judge the TD nosework. Thank you to the trials manager Stan Ford and Chris Brookes at base who were both so supportive. A very special thanks to Sally Baker who was an excellent steward and cheerfully bore two days in icy winds. Also thanks for the catering by Kathie, Caroline and Beryl. The tracklayers did an excellent job. Tracking was on short grass and we saw some first class tracks. Square articles were; a metal spoon, a cartridge, a piece of carpet and a piece of scourer.

32 entered 27 ran 9 qualified.

1st           Mark Lewindon and LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI (GSD) D. Excellent track, nice attitude one of the few dogs to find 3 track articles. Well done. 207 Q. (96:30:29)

2nd         Judy Meekings and WITHYLINCH MURR OF WINDLEBROOK (Lab) B. another superb track missed one article. Full mark square from a very willing dog. Well done, a pleasure to watch. 206 Q. (96.5:20:35)

3rd          Nick Boyce and SARAMAK DANCING DIVA (WSD) another very good track and square from a very competent team. Well done 205 Q. (97.5:20:33)

4th          Barry Harvey and FITZERS HAZEL (Lab) B. another track which was a pleasure to watch only losing two marks. An impressive square losing only one mark. Well done. 203.5 Q. (98:20:34)

Also qualifying:

Alan Ballinger and DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN (WSD) B. 198.5 Q

John Reynolds and JACK THE LAD OF VALGRAY (WSD) D. 194 Q

Chris Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM (GSD) B. 193.5 Q

Barbara Ottley and DEWYNDORF CULUMBUS (lab) B. 192.5 Q

Norma Ansell and GEFNI YET AGAIN (GSD) B. 189 Q

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