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Championship Trial
Venue: Ockley
Trial Held: 22 April 2006

Trial Manager’s Report

My apologies to those of you who came expecting Surrey’s lush grass and got a shock. The coldest spring days since 1986 (one of only four such years since the mid 19C) meant patchier fields and problems with moving stock and fertilising which we normally don’t have. Nevertheless, the barer fields produced qualifiers - with tracks good enough to make one ask what was the problem! - and some of the better-looking fields produced more than one failure -including that worked by the winner. And with enough qualifiers still to give me writer’s cramp at the end, I think the response of some was quite out of proportion. (A state of mind which the committee were not likely to fall into with the sad knowledge of the death of the cowman’s wife on the first day of the trial.) This is a hobby, and a failure to track is not a matter of life and death.

Thank you to those of you- thankfully the majority- who can accept the chance element of trials and indeed understand the difficulties of finding a large quantity of fields of the same character in reasonable proximity. And thank you to all the helpers, but especially to the TD tracklayers, who like everyone to get round, and quite simply didn’t enjoy seeing people fail their tracks.



Stake: CD


Steward: Gill McGregor

Grateful thanks to Surrey Dog Training Society for this invitation to judge the Companion Dog Stake at the Championship Trial held at Ockley in April 2006. Also thank you to Gill McGregor who is an excellent Steward and to Colin Harrison and Stan Ford for their assistance and support with the stake. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of my stake, particularly the base team who created the famous lunches this year.

I was treated to a lovely weekend in Surrey. I stayed with Liz DeUnger in her fabulous Victorian Schoolhouse and enjoyed her terrific cooking with Alison and Margaret for company too. Great party, thank you Liz.

There were 8 entries on Friday and 21 on Saturday. The weather was pleasant, the wind light and ground pasture land. Articles were a 1 x 2” piece of felt, wooden peg and metal teaspoon. A few of the dogs were put off by the metal, either avoiding it or treating it gingerly and losing marks for dropping it. In both the nosework and the heelwork some of the dogs found the grass so tasty that this affected the quality of their work and thus the marks. The sendaway, which was 70 metres downhill to a boundary fence with cross poles was invariably well done. Heelwork, despite the fact that my test was simple and short was not particularly well done in general.

Congratulations to those who qualified and to those who didn’t, do a bit of work and then have another go. No one was far off the required standard.

1st           Vicky Wilford and RIACAUD ULRIC DE PICORS (PyrSD (D). Q Ex 91 Total. 18 search, 9.5 Ret, 47 Control and 16.5 Agility. Skooter is a happy willing worker.

2nd         Joan Bunce and CRANHAM NAVIGATOR OF MEZZSCOO GSD (D). Q Ex 90.5 Total. 18 Search, 10 retrieve, 47.5 Control and 15 agility. Nice work.

3rd          Wendy Donaldson and SHEPALIAN PILLOW TALK GSD ASD (B). Q Ex 89 Total. Search 19.5, Ret 9, Control 43, Agility 17.5. Well done

4th          John Reynolds and LAST CHANCE KELLY GSD (B). Q Ex 88.5 Total. Search 18, Ret 9, Control 46.5, Agility 15. Nice steady work.

Also Qualified:

Pat McMaster and KRISTAL MIGHTY Xbrd (B). Q Ex. Total 85. Search 12.5, Ret 9.5, Control 43, Agility 20.

June Coutts and HORSEDROVE HENRY UDex. Lab (D). Q Ex. Total 85. Search 16, Ret 8, Control 46.5, Agility 14.5

Dave Bunce and WOLF TRAIL BLAZER OF MEZZSCOO GSD (D). Q Ex. Total 82. Search 14, Sq 7, Control 47, Agility 14.

Sue Redshaw and MEADOWMILL TRAVIS Lab (D). Q CD only. Total 73. Search 17.5, Ret 6, Control 45, Agility14.5

Well done to you all.


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Barbara Ottley, Bob Burns, Liz de Unger, Yvette Pitt

Search Steward: Sue Henderson, Control Steward: Beryl Kimberley

Thank you to Surrey DTS for inviting me to judge the UD stake.

Many thanks to my tracklayers and stewards for giving your time; the high success rate for competitors is testament to the fact that you all did an excellent job.

Thank you too, to the base helpers, notably Dorothy Bowen, for the delicious lunches, and to Christine Brooks, trial Manager, for shooing us out on time & keeping everything running smoothly. Thank you to Stan Ford for obtaining the land (pasture), shepherding us round the fields, and setting out the jumps in the control field.

We were blessed with good weather, just some light showers. It was a joy to be in the lovely Surrey countryside at this time, the hedgerows and woods were sprinkled with spring flowers.

16 entered, 11 ran, 7 qualified. The standard of work was good throughout, the non-qualifiers just unlucky on this occasion.

Just one stern word before the results: only slip leads, slip chains or smooth collars may be used on the dog when competing, nothing else.

1st.          Lynne Liney with HORNAGE COPSE LAD, WSD, D, 194.5. Q Ex.

The mark speaks for itself: excellent work throughout from this keen but sensible dog. He's an 'FDU'- where do you find them?!

Congratulations on a well-deserved win.


2nd:        S. Zachheim, TIMBA OF HARDY VICTORY, X-breed, D, handled by Sue Drake. 187.5. Q Ex.

(An attractive cross- maybe Goldie/GSD- which sadly lost an eye as a pup). An excellent track, dropped a few marks on the square, and declined the long jump, but very nice work, well handled.

3rd          Jacqui Gibney with BRYN HEULOG AP BRECON, Wsh SD, D, 183 Q Ex.

Very keen nosework, then just dropped a few marks on heelwork & sendaway.

4th          Steve Liney with GEMSTONE EASTER WISH, X-breed, B. 178 Q Ex.

Another little cracker from the Liney household. Bit light on articles today, but nice control. I see you've been doing some winning lately- kept that quiet, didn't you!

Well done to those also qualifying UD Ex:

Nicky Prescott with DUNNSLAYNE DASHA, WSD, B. 177.5 Q Ex.

Rita Banfather with STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D, 175 Q Ex.

Hilary Mercer with HERCWOOD ELDERBERRY, Lab, B. 164.5 Q Ex.


Stake TD


Tracklayers: Caroline Ashford, Cathy Dench, Maggie Richardson, Tessa Shoolbred, Ron Davies, Bert Reynolds, John Reynolds.

Search Steward: Sally Baker

C&A Steward: Caroline Ashford.

I would like to thank Surrey Dog Training Society for the invitation to judge the TD stake at their championship trial. Trials Manager Christine Brooks organised a very well run and happy event. There seemed to be so many willing and smiling helpers, which was very refreshing. As a society you are very lucky in this respect. I was made to feel very welcome and had a most enjoyable week. This was made even more enjoyable thanks to Beryl Kimberly and her helpers in the kitchen and to Dorothy and John Bowen who provided a wonderful lunch every day for helpers and judges.

Special thanks to Sally Baker my search steward for the four nosework days, Sally must rank among the best for search stewards, very consistent, thorough, did not put a foot wrong all week and very good company, thanks again Sally.

Caroline Ashford, my control steward, did an excellent job taking the competitors very efficiently and consistently through the round, and competing very favourably with the noise of the low flying aircraft coming in overhead. I don’t know what Caroline does in real life but I bet she gets attention. Thank you Caroline.

Tracklayers Tessa Shoolbred (who laid all of the early morning tracks 5.30 am start!) Caroline Ashford, Cathy Dench, Maggie Richardson, Ron Davies, Bert Reynolds, and John Reynolds. A very experienced team who gave me every confidence that all tracks were laid as I wanted them. You are a great bunch. On behalf of the competitors and myself thank you for your efforts.

surry CH TD Track small

Traditionally Surrey has quite a large entry, and usually many qualifiers due to the good tracking conditions. Of the seventy entries sixty-one tracked and at the end of the four nosework days there were twenty-four qualifiers which was not quite what I expected.

The weather over the four nosework days was fit for purpose with no bad days. Tracking was all on grass and varied from nice to lush in the morning, to new sewn, set aside and sheep grazed in the afternoon. The thirty-one morning competitors produced twenty nosework qualifiers. The thirty afternoon competitors, four qualifiers. Some good teams went home disappointed. It’s called luck of the draw! In saying this none of the fields looked untrackable, and two of the first four placings tracked in the afternoon.

The control and agility day was fine and sunny, the round started with the speak exercise which consisted of the dog left at the side of a barn with the handler out of sight around the corner, this caused no problems for the majority. Heelwork followed the standard of which was mixed. Then the sendaway which was 140 paces out to a branch in the middle of the field, then redirect left to a water trough in the hedge slightly forward of the sendaway point. All pretty straight forward you would think, but it caused problems for some teams. The marks varied from 0 to 9.5. two teams were lost in the control round. Agility was generally of a good standard but losing two teams. One dog moved in the stays. Giving a grand total of nineteen qualifiers at the end of five days.

Track articles were; wood 0.1875” dia. x 2.5” lg. cord 0.1875 dia x 3” lg. and carpet underfelt 0.5” x 1.5”

Search articles: metal chain 2” lg, carpet 1” sq. plastic covered wire 0.125” dia x 2” lg.

wood 0.5” x 1.5” lg.

1st           Gary Atkins and WT. Ch. CAFCOLL RON B.C. Qual with 212.5 marks. Track 96 arts 30 search 34 control 32.5 agility 20. Well done Gary and Ron. Tracked on Friday morning on what had seemed a difficult piece of land, three off the track followed by four out of the square in no time at all, consolidated by one of the best control rounds, what can you say, seems they can’t go wrong at the moment. A well deserved first place. Good luck at the K.C.s.

2nd         Dave Marchant and WAGGERLAND MURPHY WSD. Qual with 211.5 marks. Track 98 arts 30 search 33 control 30.5 agility 20. Came so close to that 2nd ticket. A very exciting and talented young dog losing only the odd mark due mainly to enthusiasm. You handle him very well Dave. No doubt a team with a great future. Well done.

3rd          Alan Ballinger and WAGGERLAND SCRUFF WSD. Qual with 206.5 marks. Track 96 arts 30 search 30.5 control 30 agility 20. Lovely track on one of the fields with little growth this team had no real problems and worked very well throughout and fully deserved their placing. Well done.

4th          Margaret Robinson and WT. Ch. TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY BC. Qual with 205 marks. Track 96.5 arts 30 search 28 control 30.5 agility 20. the only dog to get round on this piece of land, and make it look easy. Margaret’s handling and understanding of her dog is something to watch. Well done.

Also qualifying TDex;

Judy Meeking and WITHYLINCH MURR AT WINDLEBROOK Lab. Qual 201 marks. Track 94 arts 30 search 26 control 32 agility 19

Alison Tohme and FURSDON TWYLYTE TRAMONTANO Wiem. Qual 200 marks. Track 97 arts 30 search 24 control 29 agility 20

Julie Atkins and OUR DUG BC. Qual 199 marks. Track 96.5 arts 30 search 20 control 32.5 agility 20

Anne Clarke and TARNEDGE SOLAR Lab. Qual 198.5 marks. Track 94.5 arts 30 search 27 control 27 agility 20

Geof Mayes and RUNFOLD TEMPEST AT OBERAN WSD. Qual 197.5 marks. Track 94 arts 20 search 31 control 32.5 agility 20

Mick Tustain and JOTUMHEIM VIP. Mal. Qual 195 marks. Track 95.5 arts 20 search 26 control 33.5 agility 20

Maureen Regan and KENMILLONE FRASER GSD. Qual 194 marks. Track 96 arts 20 search 33 control 25 agility 20

Sheron Perez and KAY LAREN WSD. Qual 193 marks. Track 94 arts 30 search 22.5 control 26.5 agility 20

Tony Lockyer and HARTSHILL NUTMEG WSD. Qual 192 marks. Track 85 arts 30 search 34 control 28 agility 15

Eric Nicholls and TYTRI NIKKI BC. Qual 188 marks. Track 92.5 arts 15 search 32 control 28.5 agility 20

John Wykes and FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF BC. Qual 188 marks. Track 98 arts 30 search 20 control 25 agility 15

Tony Lockyer and LITTLE TAKA OF HARTSHILL GSD. Qual 187.5 track 96.5 arts 20 search 27 control 29 agility 15

Jean Howells and GLENALPINE JED BC. Qual 184 marks. Track 90 arts 30 search 19 control 31 agility 14

Val Upton and JAXBERRY JOE BC. Qual 177.5 marks. Track 96.5 arts 20 search 15.5 control 25.5 agility 20

Qualified TD only:

Val Isherwood and KINGSLODGE RIFF RAFF RIFFKA WSD. Qual 171.5 marks. Track 94 arts 20 search 17 control 25 agility 15.5.

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