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Championship Trial
Venue: Dorking
Trial Held: 18 April 1992



Steward: Kate Stephens

Thanks to the Society for asking me to judge. A well run Trial as one expects; the weather was good which always makes things better. To my steward Kate Stephens a big thank you for doing a good job.

The standard, as one expects in C.D., varied from good to not really ready to compete. To those who qualified well done, to those who didn't - a little more work, and don't give up.

1st. CRESTED FALCON (GSD) handled by Mr J West. A good round by this pair. Very nice control and should do well in the higher stakes. Q CDex 92.5/100.

2nd. SHEEPSTOR'S KYLIN (GSD) handled by Mr M Mendoza. Well handled by an experienced handler. Q CDex 91 /100.

3rd. STUMBLEWOOD SENATOR ROYAL OLDERHILL (GSD) handled by Mrs S P Reynolds. Another good round by an experienced handler. Q CDex 90/100.

4th. BROADHEAD SUPERMAN SHEP (BC) handled by L Payne. Q CDex 89.5/100.

Also qualifying CDex:-

TOVANDIS FANTO (GSD) handled by Mr S Grange. 89/100

MELNOLA TANSY (G. Ret) handled by Mrs P R Bray 85/100

HEIDI SUNSHINE (GSD) handled by Mrs H E Middleton 84.5/100

 STARAZAZ LEO (BC) handled by Mrs D Easter 84/100

CUMNORHURST INDIAN QUEEN (GSD) handled by Mrs V Cook 82/100

ARATHORN BRJGHT KNIGHT (Weim) handled by Mrs L Ebume 80.5/100 24




Helpers: Judy Meekings, Deb Allen, Steve Carpenter, Jenny Smith, Peter Ball.

My thanks to Surrey for asking me to judge the U.D. Stake and to Stan Ford, Trials Manager, for his excellent organisation. My stake ran very smoothly for both the nosework and control and I would like to extend special thanks to my helpers Judy Meekings, Deb Allen, Steve Carpenter, Jenny Smith and Peter Ball. U.D. nosework The conditions for the nosework were extremely good as was reflected by 21 dogs out of 26 qualifying on the nosework.

The standard of tracking was excellent and many of these dogs should do very well in the higher stakes.

Nerves played their normal part in the control section, the sendaway was 90 yards straight out to the edge of a coppice which on the whole was well done. Stays did not present any problems to dogs or handlers. Although, the agility took its usual toll.

1st. Mrs L Ball TUDORHURST BEN (BC) 198. Congratulations, good teamwork with a brilliant track and superb sendaway. Should go to the top.

2nd. Mr C Taylor & Miss M Be loe GLENALPINE TODDY (WSD) Handled by Charlie Taylor. 191.5. Good track and well handled. Another destined for the top.

 Jrd. Ms S Smyth BRYBLUE DIAMOND AT MORROW (ACD) 189. Good to see another breed working well. Best wishes for the next level.

4th. Mrs D B Whiteley SHAWPITS FASCINATOR (BC) 188.5. Another good track and sendaway.

Also qualifying UDex:-

Miss L P Watkins JARIDONS KISMET KAYHASI (H. Viz.sla) 180.

Mrs C Nieuwenhuizen SHADOWSQUAD ARABELLA (GSD) 179.5


Mrs V Isherwood LINDERHOF'S MORNING STAR (Dobe) 176.5.


Mrs S P Reynolds OLDERHILL ROYAL ELLIE (OSD) 164. Handled by John Reynolds.

Mr & Mrs P Oliver GROVEBRIDGE SIRIUS (GSD) 164. Handled by Peter Oliver.

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