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Open Trial
Venue: Wanborough
Trial Held: 25 February 1990




Steward: Mrs. Penny Smith

Thanks to Surrey for inviting me to judge CD & WD CIA. In spite of a few early hiccups this was a well run trial and congratulations must go to Martine Beloe for taking over and managing it so well at a rather late stage.

Regrettably the weather was not kind to us, in fact on Sunday it was positively horrendous! High wind and driving sleet and rain. My most sincere thanks go to Penny for being such a splendid steward, contending with the wind and constantly having to replace fallen jumps. Thanks to our base steward Frank. All the competitors arrived on time and accepted the conditions and my decisions in good spirit, thanks also to Diana Low for providing us with super food and liquid refreshments and managed to keep it hot in spite of us being an hour late for lunch!


7 Entries 7 Ran

Sadly no qualifiers - overall the nosework was good but the sendaway took its toll in spite of it being a very straightforward 60 yards to a cone. Most of you need to smarten up your control but the potential is there - good luck to you all.

1st. Ms. Sue Singleton with BECKSTONE GAME GIRL (WEIM) This dog worked very well, but sadly failed the down stay in awful weather. In spite of not qualifying I awarded her the Cup as I felt this truly was a hard luck story. 72 NQ

2nd. Mrs. J. Overton with JEAN'S DILEMMA (ENGLISH SPRINGER) A bouncy young dog, needing some firm handling. 71 NQ

3rd. Mrs. P. Karaian with REBBIN ROXY'S JADE (GSD) Worked a good square but sadly no sendaway - work on it Pauline. 70 NQ

4th. Steve Byfield with RGrHICK LIEUTENANT (GSD) Lovely keen young dog - when you've polished up your control, should do very well. 66 NQ


24 Entries

I saw some excellent dogs worked and was very impressed overall with the sendaways. Agility was good, but some of the heelwork needed more polish. Thank you all for entering and good luck in your championship.

1st. Mrs. A. Butlers OLDERHILL NANETTE (GSD) Handled by Maggie Richardson who worked very hard to achieve this placing as this bitch was obviously not at her best. Well done. 171.

2nd. Mr. G. Reaney TREGELBERG TORNADO (GSD) Well deserved second place. Very good and patient handler - apologies for the long wait! 167.

3rd. Mr. A. Dickinson JADE EMERALD LADY (GSD) Lovely young bitch with very sympathetic handler - you should go a long way. 166.

4th. Mrs. R. Matthews ELVENHOME REGAL ADVOCATE (GSD) Well done Ronnie - you worked under some difficult circumstances. Good luck for the future. 164112

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