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Championship Trial
Venue: Abinger Hammer
Trial Held: 04 October 2003




Stewards: Liz  De  Unger, Caroline Ashford, Joyce Titbits

Thank You to Surrey's committee for inviting me to judge as it was approximately 20 years ago since I  first  started Trialing in Surrey with Stan Ford,  how things have changed, new committee,  new  venue and some new faces, however with the mix of old and new the same  efficiency  and  friendliness  still exists. Thank You to Beryl and her kitchen team for delicious  lunches and Charlie  for the breakfast! A trials manager's job is endless.

The standard of  the competitors was fairly nom1a l  for C.Dex being that some dogs are not  quite ready and some owners are very nervous, and when you have the combination of the two it can seem pretty disastrous, how­ ever they are probably closer than they think. Better Luck next time.

Thank You  to  Liz  for  laying  the  squares assisted by Caroline one day and Joyce the other, also Liz and Caroline on the first day both  were control stewards and the second day Liz and Joyce were the control stewards. This gave the competitors little time to suffer from their nerves as the girls were efficient and kept them going throughout the round.

1st          Mrs.  Y.  Fearon,  LAETARE   BREAK DANCER (BC) 91  Q. Very high scoring control  round with good nose work which nearly went wrong on the jumps.

2nd         P  & B  Wadham,  FURY  ANSCHI (Rott) 90.5 Q.  One of the nicest Rotties I

have seen in years. Best nose work points a little more on  the send  away would have clenched it.

3rd          M rs.  F. Webb,  BLACK  KNIGHT  OF LINCOLN  (GSD) 90 Q. With only one point splitting the first three and Morgan having an excellent control round a little work on the jumps will make the difference.

4th          Mrs. M.Cooper, SAGENHAFT MARINEER (GSD) 87 Q. Good to see a dog in C.D with full  mark jumps. Tied with next dog but neither available  for  the  run  off.  Placed fourth on nose work marks.

Also Qualified

Mrs. Judy Meekings, WITHYLINCH  MURR  AT WINDLEBROOK (Lab) 87.




Tracklayers: Ann Clarke, Tessa Shoolbred & Dorothy  Bowen

Steward: Tessa Shoolbred  & Sue Redshaw

My thanks to S.D.T.S. for the invitation to judge W.D. at this well organised and friendly trial. My tracklayers Ann, Tessa, Dorothy and John, who laid every track  perfectly, thank you all for your hard work! Sue laid all of the squares just the way I   wanted and was great company for the three days. Thank you. Tessa scribed for me in the C. & A., thank you again . Thanks to Chris and Charlie for a very well run trial and Beryl for the marvellous food, also all who helped in the kitchen.

1st           Ann Thorpe, GLENALPlNE   IZZIE AT DALEMAIN (BC) B. 191.  An excellent  track and search, a pleasure to watch.

2nd        Joyce      Tibbetts,       WOLFHARTS ULFRUN (GSD) B. 1 90.5. Very nice all round performance, nearly made it.

3rd          Pat Herbert, JOLLY JILL  (WSD) B. 188. A very nice track only lost 2 points. Well done.

4th          Wendy     Beasley,     GLENALPINE PHOEBE  OF  STARDELL (BC) B. 184.5. Good sendaway, well done.

Also Qualifying:

K  Harrison, BRIDGALPINE CASSIE   (BC) 184.



G Atkins, CAFCOLL RON (BC) D. 178.5.

M Jones, MERRYSTEPS SKIP (BC) D. 175.5.

P  Harvey,  ELECAMPANE SPRUCE   (Lab)  D. 170.5.

A Ballinger. WAGGERLAND SCRUFF (WSD) B. 165.

W Dick, SADDLEGLADE SCRlPT  (Hung. Viz) B. 163.5.

S Perez, KAY  LAREN (WS) B. 1 53 WD only. 


P.D. Stake

Judge: Stan Ford

Tracklayers: Dave Martin, Joyce Tibbetts, Elizabeth DeUnger, Mick Tustain & Charlie Taylor

Search Steward / Control Scribe: Ann Ford

Patrol Steward: Jacqui Gibney

Criminals: Charlie Taylor, Mick Tustain, Dave Clark & John Reynolds

Trials Manager: Charlie Taylor

Base Steward: Christine Brooks


My thanks to Patrick Evelyn at Wotton Estate and Norman Marshall at Gosterwood Manor Farm for the use of their land. Also special thanks to their gamekeepers Martin and Paul for their help at a most sensitive time in their shooting season. My nosework was on oil seed rape, which had shot up in he previous two weeks with the added assistance of self sown winter corn. In the nosework we lost Richard Cornwell, Dave Marchant and Paul Morling who all failed to complete the track with their dogs. My congratulations to Dave Marchant who, following this failure, won a TD ticket shortly afterwards. The control and agility exercises were completed in the afternoon session giving all competitors an early sighting of the patrol work area. More dogs failed the long jump than succeeded, giving three qualifiers nervous moments.  


In the patrol dog section we were able to witness excellent rounds by Caroline Morton, Ruth Cahill, Jean Cooke, Stan Banks and Wendy Beasley. In the quarter exercise following location by the dog of the criminal once handler on calling the hidden person out into the open forgot which tree he was hidden behind. Needless to say he failed to recover the knife hidden in the hide!


It was no surprise to discover on return to base that we had a tie for first place between Jean Cooke and Stan Banks. The run-off was a chase and a recall on the slopes behind the Cricket Club above the river Tillingbourne. In the end I think experience was the winner as Jean Cooke and Dancer won the day.


1st           Jean Cooke, W.T. Ch. Melnola Moondance, 292.5. Good all round performance from Jean and Dancer, the last pairing you would wish to be in a run-off against.

2nd         Stan Banks, Tag Venture, 292.5. Would have been a worthy winner but for the performance of Jean and Dancer. Stan you must take credit from this, not disappointment.

3rd         Caroline Morton, W.T. Ch. Tadmarton Amusing Antics, 291. Good strong performance from an improving team.

4th          Wendy Beasley, W.T. Ch. Bridgalpine Libra of Stardell, 289. Another good performance from this team.

Also Qualifying PDex:

Ruth Cahill, Daveries Harriet, 287.5. Well done Ruth, another improving performance.

Rod Roberts, Little Bart, 261.5.

Penny Bellis, Pepnick Evening Primrose, 259.

My thanks to all for an enjoyable weekend and your cooperation at our new venue. It was appreciated.


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