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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 11 July 2015

Stake: Introductory


Steward: Sally Baker

I enjoyed seeing new dogs and competitors and I hope they enjoyed their day and felt they had gained from the experience. The standard of work was largely impressive, particularly on the retrieve and square, and all the competitors were going in the right direction to qualify in CD.

1st           Sue Atkin and MISS DELILA, GSD, 95, Q.  Much to Sue's delight Phoebe did all the jumps today to add to the high standard of the rest of her work.  Congratulations.

2nd         Angelika Wicker and ALLIANCE L'EPICE DE LA VIE, Beaucheron, 88, Q.  Alice was somewhat distracted today and hence sometimes unresponsive, but she did everything well enough to gain her certificate. I hope you identified what was wrong!

3rd          Angela Dyer and FINDLAECH SUPER FIREFLY, WSD, 81, Q.  Still trying to get the working relationship right, so tight lead on heelwork for example, but Finn deserved his certificate and has the ability to get full marks for every exercise - so keep working!

4th          Keleigh Parsons and PRETTY LITTLE MISTY, BC, NQ.  What a shame Misty would not attempt the scale because the rest of her work is very good - 46.5 for control and 28 for nosework.


Stake: CD


Steward: Mary Prentice

Thank you to Surrey for inviting me to judge CD.  It was a pleasure to see young dogs working.  Thanks also to Stan Ford and Chris Brooks, who do all the organisation before and during the trial. 

As always, the helpers in the kitchen produced delicious food, organised by Joyce Tibbetts; my thanks for all their hard work.  And a very special thanks to Mary for laying the squares to perfection and for her expert stewarding of the C/A.

Lastly, thank you to all the competitors for competing under me.  Congratulations to the qualifiers and good luck in the future to all of you.  It was lovely to see three GSD’s take the top places.

1st           John Phillips and HUNDESCHAFER CADEN, GSD, D, 92, Q.  A good all round performance from an experienced handler.  Kraker has a lovely attitude and retrieved all three square articles in eighty seconds!  Well done.

2nd         Sue Atkin and MISS DELILA, GSD, B, 90, Q.  A lovely square with articles perfectly presented.  Beautiful heelwork, and only losing one and a half marks on the control.  Sue and Phoebe were delightful to watch – shame about the clear jump.  Well done.

3rd          Ruth Cahill and RASSAU LERA OF VOMKYNA, GSD, B, 81, Q.  Another shepherd with a lovely attitude, ably handled by Ruth.  Lovely heelwork, recall and retrieve.  Well done.

4th          Katherine Herbert and BARRAN CALTUMS MACMCQ, BC, 78.5, NQ.  Excellent square and full mark sendaway.  Shame about the long jump, but it won’t be long before you qualify.  Well done.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Val Upton, Mark and Sandra Lewindon, Tess Shoolbred and Joyce Tibbetts.

Steward: Elizabeth Stapleton

Thank you to Surrey committee for this invitation to judge WDEx and to all the support they provided over three very lovely hot days in the beautiful Surrey countryside.  Thank you to all at the base, Stan, Chris and Joyce, and to everyone in the kitchen for the lunches and refreshments.

My thanks to Elizabeth Stapleton for her stewarding and company - the searches were mainly successful and very few of the articles had to be retrieved; they were a knotted piece of rope, wooden stirrer, scourer and mesh netting.

Who says dogs don’t track in hot weather on bone dry fields?  We saw some wonderful tracking, with full marks to Judith Owen’s Brentmoor Jay.  And at the point in the day, 1pm, when you thought it’s too hot now, they surprised us still, Jenny Olley and Archie getting 88 and both articles.

Articles on the track were a 7cm piece of leather and 6cm strip of carpet.  My thanks to the tracklayers, Val Upton, Mark and Sandra Lewindon, Tess Shoolbred and Joyce Tibbetts.

The control round started with heel free, followed by a sendaway 130yds to a tree on the boundary, jumps with a 2nd attempt long jump only, and finally retrieve.  Most amazing moment was Diane Whiting’s Eric, who carefully pulled himself on to the top of the scale, balanced, bought his back legs up and remained stationary for what seemed like ages whilst he had a good look around, and then plopped down on the other side.

There were 35 entries and overall the standard was good, as reflected in the number qualifying; a thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.  Congratulations to those qualifying and to all of you good luck in future competitions.

1st           Sue Zackheim and COOL HAND FLOOK, X-Breed, D, 194.5, Q.  Sue and Flook gained 88 for the track and full marks for the search square.  The control round was steady and confident and accomplished with style, just dropping a few marks on the heel free.  Congratulations, a well-deserved win.

2nd         June Coutts and TADMARTON ESTRELLA, Lab, B, 193, Q.  June and Ripple gained 87 for the track and both articles found; it was a nice steady pace.  The search square gained them 33 points.  A pleasing control round with handler and dog in unison, congratulations.

3rd          Christine Brooksby and RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, B, 191.5, Q.  Chris and Meg gained 88 points for the track plus two articles and full marks for the search square.  We had a good laugh when Chris pulled the articles out of her pocket and gave me a £20 note - I don’t think Poundland has packets of bank notes?  At £20 x 35, it’s a bit beyond my budget!  The control round was neat - they gained 10 for the sendaway, but the long jump proved troublesome - they gained 15 in the agility section.  Lovely to see this team succeed, congratulations. 

4th          Kate Peyton and ASTLEY FLEET, BC, D, 190

Also qualifying WDEx:

Don Laskey and SHARDEE’S KOS, GSD, D, 189.5

Elinor Anderson and JEMAS CAROUSEL FOR MYRTILLAS, X-Breed, B, 184.5

Jenny Olley and STARDELL ARCHE, BC, D, 183.5

Sylvia Cook and MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, WSD, D, 174

Diane Whiting and SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, BC, D, 173

Tim Cooper and GLORIOUS GLOSTER, X-Breed, D, 171

Paul Morling and VONLUCIANHAN ARGONAUT, Mali, D, 169

Stella Richards and GLENALPINE KASHEL BC, D, 165.5

Wendy Donaldson and AMBERSLADE MARGARITA, ASD, B, 165

Winston Cadogan and CAESAROMAGO OBELIA, Mali, B, 160

Qualified WD:

Rosemary Turner and KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE, GSD, B, 155.5


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Judy Meekings, Les Allen

Steward: Lauren Marlow (Search, C/A, and PD round)

PD helpers: Winston Cadogan, Karen Warner, Dave Clark, Mark Lewindon, Danny Lindsey, Richard Carlton.

My thanks to Surrey DTS for inviting me to judge this stake.  Thank you to the tracklayers, stewards and PD helpers, who all did a great job, making everything run smoothly.  Thank you to Trial manager, Stan Ford, (presentations always an entertainment) and to Christine Brooks for running the desk, and to the kitchen staff for keeping everyone well fed and watered.

9 entered, 8 ran.  Tracking was on short grass, conditions were dry and hot, but only one competitor, uncharacteristically, failed the track.  The control rounds were generally well executed, but one dog went out on control, leaving 7 to run in the PD round.

The PD round was in a large field; the hedges on 2 adjacent sides were used.  There were 2 hides, one with windbreaks alongside, set out about 50 yds from the competitors.

The first exercise was the recall; handlers had been told it could be either a chase or a recall, depending on the judge’s signal.   The next exercise was the chase on two helpers, one of whom continued to run after the first was detained, and he was also required to be detained.  This led to the test of courage: two helpers challenged, went quiet as the dog approached, and then vigorously shook plastic bags in front of the dog as it neared them.

For the quarter, the handlers were instructed to cover the 2 hides and then send their dog out to the boundary, where there were helpers to find at 2 locations.  One of them was seated with a box of tennis balls on the ground at his side.

A search and escort of these two helpers followed; one attacked the handler and one broke away.

1st           Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, CDEx-TDEx, PDEx, GSD x BC, 299.75,Q PDEx.  A polished, professional round, demonstrating excellent control.  The only competitor who had no difficulty in sending her dog on to the boundary from the hides.  Congratulations on another Ticket win.

2nd         Manda McLellan with WTCh LITTLE TIGER, CDEx-TDEx, PDEx, BC x GSD, 244, NQ. 

3rd          Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, CDEx-TDEx, PDEx, BSD, 225, NQ.

4th          Lee Payne with WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, CDEx-TDEx, PDEx, BC x GSD, 223, NQ

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