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Open Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 08 November 2015


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Elizabeth Stapleton, Judy Meekings and Peter Brooke

Search Steward: Christine Brooks

Many thanks to the Surrey Dog Training Society committee for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at their Open Trial.  Trials Manager Stan Ford ensured everything ran smoothly as usual, and thank you to everyone involved in organising this trial.  Thank you to Val Upton for putting me up (or maybe putting up with me) on Saturday night and thanks to Sue in the base and to everyone in the kitchen (my diet started immediately after the Trial!).  Also, many thanks to the landowners for letting us have a good growth of grass for the tracks and search squares.

SDTS UD Open Track

Elizabeth, Judy and Peter laid the tracks in the very heavy rain and strong winds on the Saturday, with Elizabeth and Judy laying the tracks on the comparatively summery day on Sunday; well, it did drizzle a bit.  Chris laid the search squares on both days. All tracks and squares were laid exactly as I had wanted and you were all such good company.  Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting together with our backs to the driving rain and wind whilst waiting for a competitor on Saturday, all the time thinking “We’re going to have to turn around and face into the weather when they turn up!”

Track articles: 4” green garden hose (placed on 2nd leg) and end article 4” x 2” green carpet.  Search articles: green shotgun cartridge, 3” x 2” black mesh, 3” x 2” green scourer and white jam jar lid.

15 dogs entered and 11 ran. (5 Saturday, 6 Sunday).

1st           Sue Atkin and MISS DELILA, CDEx, GSD, B, 190.5, Q.  Sue and Phoebe only dropped 4 marks in total on their nosework.  Congratulations on a well-deserved win.

2nd         John Wykes and DREAGANTA RED RORY of TARNFORCE, BC, D, 189, Q.  An almost perfect track from Rory and his experienced handler.  Well done.

3rd          Tim Cooper and GLOSTER NIGHTHAWK, LAB, D, 184, Q.  Trooper is a twenty month old lab who just wants to work and has the obligatory gundog enthusiasm.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; it was a pleasure to watch your dogs work.  I hope you enjoyed my test and good luck at your future trials.

Stake: WD Nosework


Square Steward: Don Laskey

Tracklayers: Richard Cornwell, Joyce Tibbetts, Les Allen and Lauren Marlow

Thank you Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the WD nosework at your trial.  Many thanks to Sue Henderson for organising everything before and during the trial.  To Stan Ford, the trials manager and friend of the farmers, thanks for getting the land and, of course, Beryl and her team for feeding us all so well. 

My tracklayers had to deal with wet and windy conditions and all did a fine job, so many thanks.  Thanks of course to Don for doing all the squares and being in charge of the gun and finally, thanks to the competitors, who were all a great bunch.  Surrey always has a really friendly trial.

Articles on the track were a red cartridge and a piece of yellow spotted rope.  In the square was a 10” length of chain, 3” x 1” beige carpet, 9” wooden stirrer (thanks, Costa!) and a piece of rubber coated rein which even Bob Burns Labrador couldn’t totally destroy!  All dogs got at least two square articles but only one dog got the full 35 points.

1st           Adrian Quick with MIDDLEANN DREAM MAKER, CDEx, GSD, 188.5, COM.  Shaka did a lovely track.  A dog that is positive when he knows he is right on it.  Minor mouthing on square articles but worked it really well.  Congratulations.

2nd         Val Upton with KALIAZAR CLAYTON, CDEx, BC, 180.5 COM.  Super track by Clay - a bit too super as he was going so fast he missed the end article!  Speed should be his middle name as he whizzed around the square, but still got all four articles.  The motivation is almost unbelievable.  Well done.

3rd          Reg Saker and VONLUCIANHAN ALLIANCE, Malinois, 179.5, COM.  A steady track, with Riha considering her options at times, but found both articles.  Another dog well motivated in the square with four found.  Well done.

4th          Ruth Cahill and RASSAU LERA of VOMKYNA, CDEx, GSD, 179, COM.  Pixy apparently hates the rain and had to work in one of the worst storms but managed well.  She considered her corners deeply but always chose well.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Gary Haim and LUPITOONZ SPACE RANGER, CDEx, UDEx, WS, 175, COM.  This young dog worked his socks off on the track and was unfortunate to miss the last article as he was bang on course but going fast.  The only dog with a full point square.  Well done, Buzz.


Stake: TD Nosework   


Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred, Val Upton, Maggie Richardson and Lauren Marlow 

Square Steward: Sandra Lewindon 

I felt very privileged to be invited by the Surrey committee to judge the TD nosework at their November open trial.  The trial is always run like clockwork by the experienced Stan Ford and his team.  Thanks to Stan, Joyce Tibbets and Chris Brooks, who ran the base, all of the kitchen team, the farmers who allowed us to use their land and the village hall committee for use of this excellent venue.

Surrey usually has the luxury of lush grass for its tracking stakes and I prepared my test and articles accordingly.  When I arrived, I was not disappointed, at least with the tracking land, and I had a very capable team of tracklayers, who laid all of the tracks to give competitors the best possible chance of success.  Unfortunately, the weather on the two days of TD tracking was atrocious - raining for most of the time - and this took its toll on the tracking.  I saw some very good teams that I have seen cope well in the past struggle, with some not even achieving one or two legs of the track.  Sandra laid the squares over both days and only had to retrieve one article - I daren't comment how smelly she obviously is.  Thanks to the team out on the field.  Great company, although I did feel a bit of a minority

Twenty-one teams entered and fourteen attempted the test.  On the second day, I was beginning to think that the weather was just too challenging when Hayley Woodcock arrived with Star and negotiated the test like it was a perfect day - a pleasure to watch.  Most of the competitors, having not achieved sufficient marks in the nosework section, did not attempt the C/A.  There were, therefore, only two dogs placed.

I would like to thank the competitors for entering and attempting the track.  All of the dogs that competed are capable of achieving success at this level but the weather made it just too challenging for most of the teams.  Best wishes for the future. 

1st           Hayley Woodcock with SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR (Star), CDEx – WDEx, BC, B, 208, Q.  A brilliant performance, achieving 98.5 for the track, recovering all three articles, and following that with a perfect 35-mark square.  Definitely one to watch for the future!!    Qualifying with 208 points overall.

2nd         Don Laskey with SHARDEE'S KOS (Kos), CDEx – WDEx, GSD, D, 174.5, NQ.  I've seen Don track with Kos on numerous occasions and know that this GSD is a super tracking dog.  Unfortunately, he found the last part of the track too difficult on this occasion and left himself just too much to do on the control field.  Track 75.5, recovering two articles for 20 marks, search square 33.5. 


Stakes: UD, WD, TD Control and Agility


Steward: Liz de Unger

Thank you to Surrey for the invitation to judge C/A at your open trial on 6th – 8th November 2015.  It is always a pleasure, as we are so well looked after and your company is great.  Thanks must go to Stan as trials manager, Sue at the base, many ladies in the kitchen, stay stewards and jump movers.  All of you did a great job, and without you I could not have done mine.

Special thanks to Liz for putting me up in your lovely home and expertly stewarding the competitors.  Finally thank you to the competitors who coped so well with the adverse conditions of wind and rain; poor Val was the only casualty.  I saw some lovely teams with great potential; some fell foul of the jumps, as is often the case, but other exercises were generally performed well.


UD Stake:

1st           Sue Atkin with MISS DELILA, GSD, B, 190.5, Q.  Lovely polished round, super dog.  Well done.

2nd         John Wykes with DREAGANTA XARYS’S STAR OF TARNFORCE, BC, D, 189, Q.  Another super round, great prospect.  Well done.

3rd          Tim Cooper with GLOSTER NIGHTHAWK, Lab, D, 184, Q.  Great sendaway - well done.


WD Stake:

1st           Adrian Quick with MIDDLEANN DREAM MAKER, CDEx, GSD, D, 188.5, Q.  Congratulations for producing a very polished round deserving of first place.  Well done.

2nd         Val Upton with KALIAZAR CLAYTON, CDEx, BC, D, 180.5, Q.  A well-deserved qualification, Val, continuing after a significant fall in the mud.  Well done!

3rd          Reg Saker with VONLUCIANHAN ALLIANCE, Malinois BSD, B, 179.5, Q.  Rhea beautifully handled, lovely to watch. Well done.

4th          Ruth Cahill with RASSAU LERA OF VOMKYNA, CDEx, GSD, B, 179, Q.  Good handling producing a solid performance.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Gary Haim with LUPITOONZ SPACE RANGER, CDEx - UDEx, WSD, D, 175.  Lovely to see this breeding doing well in trials, they figure highly on the obedience circuit.


TD Stake:

1st           Hayley Woodcock with SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR, CDEx – WDEx, BC, B, 208, Q.  Congratulations on being the only qualifier, having done a fabulous track in treacherous conditions, backing up with a good all round performance in control and solid agility.

2nd         Don Laskey with SHARDEE’S KOS, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, D, 174.5, NQ.  So disappointing to qualify in every section but miss it overall by only 1.5 marks.  One of the best sendaway/redirect - well done.

3rd          CC Guard with LENYAM MARAUDER OF PHILKINDY, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, D, 108.5, NQ.  Really good C/A round - well done.

4th          Dean Woodcock with CORIES TEX, CDEx – WDEx, Kelpie, D, NQ.  Another solid C/A round - well done.

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