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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 24 April 2016



Stake: CD


Steward: Les Allen

I was pleased to take over the judging appointment at Surrey from Caroline Ashford, who unfortunately was unable to judge the CD.  As Surrey is my old club (our home is in East Dorset now) it gave me the opportunity to meet up with old friends. The Surrey trial once again was expertly run, with Stan Ford and Chris Brooks at the helm.
Les Allen kindly agreed to steward for me; as always Les did a first class job leaving me to concentrate on the judging.  Thank you, Les, it's always good to see you.

12 competitors entered, 8 ran, 2 qualified CDEx and 1 CD.

1st           Elizabeth de Unger with FLINTSFIELD FAITHFUL FELLA, Lab, D, 96.5, Q CDEx.  Bahram has only just started his working trial career and on this performance I'm sure it is only the beginning of many successes to come.  He is a very happy chap and Liz knows how to bring out the best in him.  A very worthy winner, lovely to watch.

2nd         Penny Bann with TARNEDGE KHALEESI, Lab, B, 82, Q CDEx.  Although EV went down in the sit stay and had a second attempt on the long jump she had enough marks to qualify CDEx, which shows the quality of the rest of her work.  Well done, Penny.

3rd          Neil Wilson with XAWANN 2 JIRKOVA, GSD, D, 77.5, Q CD.  This was Angel’s first time of competing, and I know Neil was pleased with him.  Brush up on the rules, Neil, and I'm sure CDEx will be round the corner.

4th          John Turtill with DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, BC, B, 88, NQ.  I so enjoyed judging this pair, John and Teela have a lovely relationship and this collie did some lovely work and would have qualified easily if not for the scale.

I hope all the competitors enjoyed their day, I know I did.  Good luck with your trialling in the future.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Joyce Tibbetts, Peter Brooke and Mark Lewindon

Steward: Elizabeth Stapleton

This report must begin with apologies to my team in the field that I forgot to publically thank at the trial.  I was conscious that thanks were being repeated and that folks were waiting the “the big event”.  So, very, very sorry and they were such an excellent team too!  Tracks were laid by Joyce Tibbetts, Peter Brooke and Mark Lewindon, and the extremely competent Elizabeth Stapleton laid squares and took people through their paces in the control round.  Thank you, team, for making my days run smoothly and worry free.

Further thanks are to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the UD stake, to the Ruckmans Estate owners and management for excellent tracking and control facilities, Stan Ford for managing the trial and maintaining a “working” relationship with the local farmers.  It’s not by luck that Surrey can provide such excellent tracking land, it’s all the hard work in the background.  Chris Brooks as trials secretary is amazing, definitely the swan swimming smoothly on the water with all the action unseen.  The kitchen “army”, headed up by General Beryl Kimberley, included Jennifer Staves, Elizabeth Stapleton, Joyce Tibbetts, Di Whiting and Lauren Marlow, and a “young kennel club” member called John Reynolds sorted out the washing up and insisted on calling me Julia!  Thanks to all who helped before, during and after the trial, my apologies if I have forgotten to mention anyone by name.  Final thanks are to the competitors for entering under me and allowing me to see their super dogs working. Congratulations to those that deservedly qualified; good luck in WD, and to the failures, better luck next time.

Conditions were lush grass approximately 6-8” long; the weather was kind, sunny spells with a light breeze and only one very quick hail shower.  Track articles were a piece of natural wood approx. 5” long and a piece of green rubber mesh, approx. 6” x 1”. Square articles: a piece of carpet 3 x 1.5”; a pencil (blunt); black rubber 3 x 1.5” and a piece of leather 3 x 1”.  Twelve entered, 6 worked and 4 qualified UDEx.

1st                (after run off) XANDOAS ISA, CDEx, Mali, B, owned by Moira Rogerson and handled by Bill Richardson, 197.5, Q.  Moira bred both this and the dog she worked and they are both super.  Both very striking in looks and work like a dream.  Isa handled by Bill put in an excellent performance, a well-deserved qualification and win.

2nd              (after run off) XANDOAS SCOUT, CDEx, Mali (D), owned and worked by Moira Rogerson, 197.5, Q. What a handsome dog!  Another excellent performance, qualification and place.  With Bill and Moira training and handling these dogs, I’m sure their flight through stakes will be quick and with plenty of rosettes on the way.  I hope that Bill wasn’t too smug on your long journey home!

3rd               KALIAZAR CLAYTON, CDEx, BC (D), owned and handled by Val Upton, 187, Q.  I know Val has worked hard on Clay’s stays and there were a couple of scary moments in the down stay on this test, but, he did it!  All round good performance by this young dog and experienced handler.  Good luck in WD.

4th               GLOSTER NIGHTHAWK, Lab (D), owned and worked by Tim Cooper, 180, Q.  We were holding our breath, but Trooper didn’t notice the deer leaping across the adjacent field, just the other side of the hedgerow and kept on tracking.  Last article out of the square with 2 seconds to spare also got our pulses racing.  This is a very enthusiastic young dog, full of life and came to Tim as a re-home.  I wish you every success trialling.

I would like to make a special mention for a newcomer to WTs, Sue Atkin and Phoebe (GSD).  Sue, I don’t think you appreciate just what a high standard you are working to with Phoebe.  She’s a lovely dog and although down stay proved a problem on this occasion, I am sure that you will be a successful team.  Be proud of all you have achieved.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Dave Self, Tessa Shoolbred and Maggie Richardson.

Search Stewards: Liz De Unger, Jane Wood and Pete.

C/A Stewards: Pete (Scribe) and Caroline Ashford.

It was 4 years ago that the Society asked me to judge this event; I said that I would love to as long as I was in sound body and mind - well, I think I just about made it.

I have judged the lower stakes in the past and also entered my dogs here with some good results.  Ground conditions are always very good and the local Estate Manager is very obliging in allowing us the use of the fields.  Stan said the land was up for sale so I hope he will charm any new owners so that this may continue.

Stan has a great team behind him at this trial and everything seemed to run like clockwork.  Thanks to all those behind the scene - Sandra has already mentioned all by name so will not repeat them.

I must thank my team as listed above, you were great company and carried out your various tasks giving competitors every chance.

We had 43 entries and had a few cancellations, as is usual, but for those who worked we had many nosework qualifiers and 25 did the C/A.  Some marks were very close and it looked like we may be having run offs again, for my third time, to decide a winner.  But Barry came to my rescue with a super round - THANKS, Barry.

With many qualifiers to get through I set a straight forward round to speed things up, and the standard was very good, as the marks proved. The C/A field is not ideal for the sendaway exercise, but after several various arrangements, I finally finished using marker poles to assist the handlers where to send their dogs.  I did a run through with Bryn, who is not a very good S/A dog, and I was amazed when he did a brilliant attempt at it, 9 marks, but he is the judge’s favourite.  He may not have retired after all!

It was nice to see a crowd watching on the C/A day, after some of the recent trials we have had.  It was just like the old days.  Thanks to all the nice words on the social media.

1st                Barry Gilbert, WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, 216.5, Q.  Only lost 1 mark on nosework, a well-deserved triple at Surrey.  Best wishes at the KCC’s

2nd              Wendy Beasley, STARDELL VENUS, 211.5, Q.  Not in the top 10 on nosework marks, but did a brilliant C/A round to get reserve.  Well done.

3rd               Diane Ling, WTCh DEBDEN LITTLE TOM, 211, Q.  All round first class dog handled with style.

4th               Lauren Marlow, JOTUNHEIM ELI, 210.5, Q.  Super team work; as the marks show, it was very close for the minor places.

Also qualifying:


Bill Richardson, KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, 209.5

Wendy Beasley, WTCh STARDELL LUNAR, 209


Betty Briley, JETRIL JIG, 207.5

Margaret Robinson, JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, 205

Paul Beasley, STARDELL SPICA, 205

Gary Atkins, WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, 204.5

Les Allen, TADMARTON ENZO, 203.5

Malcom Snowden, STARDELL MUSCA, 199.5

Carole Brooke, TADMARTN DARK REMY, 199

Kate Payton, ASTLEY FLEET, 198

Joyce Tibbetts, VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, 196

Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, 196


Vic Snook, WOOLSHAM INKSPOT, 191.5

Len Newman, SALLY BELL, 181

Thanks, Stan, for running a super trial, we really enjoyed it.  By the way Stan, if you want to stop your dog chasing people on a bike, Pete said, “Take the bike off him”.  That works.!!!

Happy Trialling.


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