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Championship Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 17 July 2016


Stake: Introductory

Steward: Jennifer Staves

Thank you to Surrey DTS for inviting me to judge the Introductory Stake, to Stan Ford for running the trial and finding newly cut grass right next to the base for the nosework, and to Christine Brooks for doing the entries and scores as well as manning the base.  Thank you to everyone who helped in the kitchen to feed us all, including some competitors and my steward Jenny, who was allowed out to lay my squares and scribe for the C/A.
We had lovely hot, sunny weather, ideal for the judge but a little too hot perhaps for the competing dogs.  It was a pleasure to watch them work, but the handlers could have used the allowance to use extra commands for encouragement more.

5 entered, 4 ran.
1st    Lynda Levett and THAMESPOL DELTA BAXTER, GSD, D, 90.5, Q.  Nice round by a lovely shepherd, well handled by Lynda; full marks sendaway, retrieve and agility.  Well done, Kai should be able to reach the next level.  N/W and Retr 24, C/A 66.5
2nd    Lynne Watkins and STARSHOT KAELEN WITH SZIKRAS, HWHV, D, 80, NQ.  Dropped a couple of articles, otherwise a good square; nice sendaway and full mark jumps - a pity no sit otherwise he would have qualified.  26.5, 53.5
3rd    Patricia Lane and BOY OF THE VALLEYS, GSD, D, 74, NQ.  Kahober did a good square and retrieve but decided not to do the sendaway today.  Unfortunately, he failed the scale as well, otherwise he did well in the heat.  27.5, 46.5
4th    Angela Sanders and MISS SZUZI TO SZIKRAS, X-breed, B, 69.5, NQ.  Szuzi did a nice square, but was let down by a moderate control round and no sit stay.  24, 45.5



Stake: CD

Steward: Stella Richards

Many thanks to the Surrey Dog Training Society committee for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at their Championship Trial. Trials Manager Stan Ford ensured everything ran smoothly as usual, and thank you to everyone involved in organising this trial. Thanks to Christine Brooks in the base and to everyone in the kitchen.

Many thanks to Stella Richards, my search square and C/A steward, for being extremely good company, as well as giving clear instructions to the competitors, which enabled me to just stand back and judge.
It was a lovely summer’s day for the stake but, with no shade in the control field, quite uncomfortable for the dogs during the stays. (I suppose that I could have made the handlers stand in the field and given the dogs the shade out in the road but that might not have been a sensible option )
10 dogs entered and 6 ran.
The control and agility sections were completed first, beginning with a group 2-minute sit stay (handlers out of sight and the time finishing whilst they were still out of sight). The sendaway set-up was 80 paces to crossed short white poles in a hedge. We had 4 qualifying teams on the control section and 2 qualifying teams on the agility, full marks being achieved by 1 dog on the clear jump, 1 on the long jump and 1 on the scale (three different dogs).
For the nosework section the search articles were 2” x 2” green carpet, a blue shotgun cartridge and a 6” knotted white cord. The square was worked first, followed by the dumb-bell retrieve. We had 5 qualifying teams on this section, and
we ended up with 1 qualifier overall.

1st Janet Parker and KHAMYSKER ROMAYA, GSD, B, 97, Q. Maya was consistently good throughout the stake, with just some minor blips. Congratulations on your qualification and a well-deserved win.
2nd Hannah Hyslop and BONVIVANT INSPIRE, Mali, D, 88, NQ. Hannah and Loki achieved 50 marks out of 50 in the control section but, unfortunately, were defeated by the scale this time.
3rd Lyndie Lothian and DORVALE STAR CROSSED, BC, B, 75.5, NQ. A very good nosework section from this team and Kea was the only dog to get full marks on the scale.
4th Pam Clarke and LONGHALVES SUMMER SURPRISE, WSD, D, 75, NQ. Quest was one of only two dogs that qualified on the agility section.

‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ is Sharon Lord and her Hovawart, QUINCEBOIS LEYRENNE. Inka may not have qualified but her full mark sendaway made it all worthwhile for Sharon.
Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; it was a pleasure to watch your dogs work. Hopefully all teams (whether they qualified or not) went home having enjoyed the experience. Good luck at your future Trials.



Square and C/A Steward: Charlie Taylor
Patrol Steward: Karen Warner
Criminals: Charlie Taylor, Winston Cadogan, Dave Clarke, Belinda Spensley
Tracklayers: Maggie Richardson, Judy Meekings, Val Upton

I would like to thank Surrey Dog Training Society for inviting me to judge their PD Championship this year. A Trials Manager’s work seems to be never ending and Stan Ford and his helpers did a fantastic job in organising the trial. Caroline and I are very grateful to be given access to quieter fields to walk our puppy.
I would like to thank tracklayers, Maggie, Judy and Val, for giving up their time and for their company which is always so enjoyable. A huge thank you to Charlie for search squares and stewarding the C/A, great company and a good laugh, thank you mate, your help made my job that much easier.
Thank you, Chris, for base and scoreboard duties and all the work before and after the trial. Thank you Beryl, Val, Mary, Jane, Sandra and Liz for all their hard work in the kitchen to keep us all going.
We had wonderful land to track on and we very grateful to the landowners for allowing us access to it. Tracking was on grass, which was bone dry and very hot.
There were 9 entries in PD. All teams worked and 5 teams qualified. The tracking and C/A took place on Saturday with the patrol round on Sunday.
Track articles were 2” x 3” piece of green rubber and 3” x 2”. Square articles were (i) 12” long plastic tent pole (ii) wooden dowel (iii) 2” piece of leather (iv) Green rubber cord 4” long
Going into the Patrol we had 7 qualifiers; Jenny Olley with Archie kindly offered to do the run through. I must also thank Andy Baker for helping me get the distances right for the chase and recall with Sid. At nearly 10, Sid showed that he hadn’t lost any of his speed and commitment - what a team these two are. Great to see you back on the patrol field, Andy, and thanks mate.
My criminals and Karen, my steward, were just fantastic. They gave both me and the competitors all the help they could. Every test was the same for each dog and they did exactly as I asked. Winston had worked nights previously, and Dave had been keeping the brewery industry solvent! Belinda made the venture around the M25 from Essex and Charlie had committed to the two full days, travelling over from the West Country. Karen kept the competitors in check and ensured that in their enthusiasm they didn’t get carried away. Thank you each of you for your help, your input and making the day run as well as it did. I appreciate your friendship and help.
Patrol started with TOC; Dave stood in the middle of a group of criminals waving a stick and yelling happily away. The surrounding crims each had umbrellas which they opened and shut quickly as the handler sent the dog. Once the dog had been called off they escorted Dave to the start of the quarter. All dogs completed this part really well, with some very committed attacks.
The dog was sent to a windbreak that was about 80 paces away. In the windbreak were two of my jackets draped over a couple of chairs. I wanted dogs to go out and hunt for the criminals and not to just ‘go around’ any such obstacle. Once they had negotiated the windbreak the dogs were sent onto the boundary and worked along some 250 yards to Belinda, who was seated amongst camouflaged netting. Belinda gave the dogs no eye contact and was completely deadpan. A search of the hide was conducted, where a knife was concealed. For the most part this was nicely done but the lack of acknowledgement of the dog from Belinda did seem to throw some teams.
This then led us to the chase, and I set a very long test, some 200m. It consisted of Winston and Charlie coming out of the crowd and when in mid-field they ran. Charlie stopped running when the dog was about 50 m from him and turned and faced the approaching dog. The dog was to pass him and run onto Winston, who is quite fleet of foot!! The handlers were to take Charlie with them and join Winston. I had instructed Winston that once the dog was on to just go limp and let the dog pull him around, and offer the dog no eye contact. Once the dog had been called off search of both of them took place, combining with two attacks on handler. I wanted a long chase to test the dog’s determination to detain Winston and once on the sleeve to test the dog’s persistence to stay on when they were getting nothing from the crim. This was for the most part well executed.
Last exercise was the recall, being the same as the chase, with Charlie stopping and the dogs to recall when they had passed him on the way to Winston. It was meant to be and turned out to be a tight exercise.

1st and CC Winner Dave Olley with WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, 305.5, Q. Wow, what a consistent and powerful round from Ray. Consistency and accuracy in all sections meant that this was the team to be beat. Just bits and bobs here and there, but dropping just 14.5 marks shows what a class act they are. Once Ray had finished his patrol round he was clowning around with the spectators without a hint of malice. Dave was in total control throughout and it was a pleasure to watch and to award them the ticket. Good luck at the KCC’s.
2nd and Res CC Alan Bexon with WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD, 297.5, Q. Super consistent as ever and always a pleasure to watch. Performed well in all sections, with his trademark accuracy. Nice quarter but inconsistent bark on location proved costly and the difference on the day. Love watching the rapport between them and Alan’s approach to each test, very quiet and focussed. Super team and always in the mix. Well done and good luck in your future trials.
3rd Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, 277.5, Q. The best performance I have seen from Bill and Eck. Tracked last in the heat of the afternoon but made it look easy. Patrol round was where the real improvement was most noticeable, with Eck responding quickly to Bills commands and managing to contain his enthusiasm – Eck’s not Bill’s!!! Moved nicely around on the quarter but lost a bit of focus on Belinda in the hide, something that I know Bill will remedy. Really pleased with the both Bill and Eck’s performance, with just odds and ends to tidy up. Well done mate and good luck.
4th Wendy Beasley with WTCh STARDELL LUNAR, 273.5, Q. Super consistent nosework as expected and C/A that I know Wendy was pleased with. Really nice patrol round with a super quarter. Lunar really gives her all at every trial. Was very unfortunate to fall victim to a whistle from another field whilst she was on the sleeve on the chase. I gave Wendy another shot at the test once the last dog had run, but she kept the marks already accumulated; but I asked her to do the quarter again so Lunar wasn’t starting the chase fresh. Lunar chased with her trademark enthusiasm but didn’t recall, which was unfortunate and she could have been unsettled. However, Wendy took it with good grace and the sport that she is. Always a pleasure to watch this team and always up there. Well done and all the best for the future.

Also qualified PDEx:
Di Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 273. Always there or thereabouts and his commitment can never be doubted. Quality nosework and C/A, as ever, and in the patrol round Tom gave it his all, and in abundance!! Perfect quarter but on the locate he decided that, as Belinda wasn’t looking at him, he would announce his presence and jumped on her, but without any hint of malice. A break on the recall meant that a tight recall was going to be even more so, and unfortunately this proved costly. Great team who are always up there and exciting to watch. Good luck in the future.

Thank you all for entering, I hope you enjoyed the test. It was a pleasure to be allowed to judge you, thank you for accepting my decisions with good grace and I wish you all the very best in the future.

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