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Open Trial
Venue: Oakwood Hill
Trial Held: 13 November 2016


Stakes: TD, WD and UD Control and Agility.



Steward: Jane Wood


Thank you to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the C/A at this trial.  Christine Brooks took on the mantle of trials manager when Stan decided to enter PD, so thanks to her for all her hard work, also Sue Henderson for doing the entries and catalogues, and Stan for arranging the land and doing all the work needed before the trial to help it run smoothly.  Many thanks everyone who worked in the kitchen to help feed us all.

Jane Wood was my scribe and stay steward on both Saturday and Sunday, thanks for your company and for doing such a great job.

The two days could not have been more different weather-wise; incessant rain on Saturday, then dry and mostly sunny on Sunday.  This was reflected in the scores over both days, with only one dog in TD and one in UD qualifying the C/A on Saturday, stays and jumps causing the most problems.  Then on Sunday, handlers found it a lot easier and we had seven TD and seven WD competitors qualifying the C/A section.


UD Stake:

1st           Sandra Jones with BRICKLEHAMPTON BESS, WSD, B, 187.5, Q.  Full mark sendaway; lost concentration in heelwork but a good round for a young dog in the atrocious weather.  Our only qualifier; well done, Sandra.

2nd         Steven Osbourne with AVONWOLF ALBERT SID, CDEx, Mal, D, 169, NQ.  A lovely boy with good heelwork, and full marks jumps, but unfortunately sat up in the down stay.

3rd          Hannah Hislop with BONVIVANT INSPIRE, Mal, D, 162, NQ.  Another lovely Malinois with a lot of promise; beautiful control round, then failed the scale.

4th          Richard Alpin with KHAMYSKER ROSAMUND, GSD, B, 134, NQ.  An enthusiastic, happy bitch; lost concentration on heelwork, full mark sendaway, but unfortunately failed agility.


WD Stake:

1st           (after run off) Gavin Thomson with TRACELYN ASHLEA, GSD, B, 187.5, Q.  A lovely bitch with a good control round, well handled by Gavin.  Well done on your win.

2nd         (after run off) Janet Parker with KHAMYSKER ROMAYA, GSD, B, 187.5, Q.  Another black shepherd that worked very well.  Well done, Janet.

3rd          Elizabeth de Unger with FLINTSFIELD FAITHFUL FELLA, Lab, D, 186.5, Q.  A full mark sendaway in a good control round.  A pleasure to watch.

4th          Mary Prentice with TRICLAN'S ROBBIE, WSD, D, 183, Q.  Robbie only dropped two marks on a beautiful control round, unfortunately no recall over the scale.


Also qualified:

Barbara Brown with EVA PARNASSUS' MUSE, WSD, B, 162.5.

Lynda Levett with THAMESPOL DELTA BAXTER, GSD, D, 161.5.

Shirley Simpson with FERROUS A TOUCH OF BEAUTY, BC, B, 161.


TD Stake:

1st                Andy Baker with RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, WSD, D, 217, Q.  His score says it all; dropped one on sendaway, otherwise a perfect round.  Good luck in Ticket, Andy.

2nd              Peter Brooke with PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, Lab, D, 213, Q.  A pleasure to watch Peter's hard work with Quincey bear fruit with a lovely control round.

3rd               Sheila Margreaves with KHAMYSKER ROCKET, GSD, D, 203.5, Q.  Chesley is an impressive young high drive shepherd, well handled by Sheila.

4th               Don Laskey with SHARDEE'S KOS, GSD, D, 176.5, Kos was the only TD qualifier on Saturday in the rain - you can be rightly proud of your qualification, Don.



STAKE: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Sue Russell, Liz de Unger and Caroline Ashford

Square steward: Lesley Turtill


I would like to thank Stan Ford, and the committee of Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge at this well organised trial.  Thanks also to Christine Brooks for the organisation in the base, and ‘multi-role’ Joyce Tibbetts and the catering team for providing a very welcome hot meal and drinks during the day.

Twelve entered and eleven worked, with eight qualifying the nosework section.  The weather was, shall we say, wet.  Very wet.

All tracks were on good growth grass and were laid in the rain, and worked, if not in rain, then drizzle at best.  So, many, many thanks to my three tracklayers, Sue, Liz and Caroline, for giving every competitor an equal opportunity.  And to Lesley for stewarding a UD square for the first time – I hope you have not been put off.  Thankfully, they all had relatively few articles to find.  These were: Track – 7.5” coloured straw and 4 x 1” beige carpet: Square – 3.5 x 1” leather, 3 x 1” wood, 4 x 1” red flooring, 2 x 4” green checked cloth.

Re the straw.  A couple of competitors found the article and pocketed it, but were unable to present it to me.  Lesson learned; have a pocket specifically for articles with no poo bags or hankies in.  And secure the pocket before you recommence tracking!

Considering the conditions the standard of work was good and we witnessed some excellent tracking.  Typically, the dogs who failed the track then went and found all square articles with ease!


1st           Sandra Jones with BRICKLEHAMPTON BESS, WSD, B, 187.5, Q.  Bess tracked as if on rails, carefully and purposefully.  All articles were found and delivered in just over 2.5 minutes to complete an excellent nosework display.  Congratulations, and well done on this win.

2nd         Steven Osbourne with AVONWOLF ALBERT SID, Mali, D, 169, NQ.  A powerful dog, well controlled by Steven.  A good steady track.  Well done.

3rd          Hannah Hyslop with BONVIVANT INSPIRE, Mali, D, 162, NQ.  Loki is accurate with his indication of the corners, and had no problem in the square.  Well done.

4th          Richard Aplin with KHAMYSKER ROSAMUND, GSD, B, 134, NQ.  Rosie tracked well until the last leg and then encountered what was possibly a “smelly” part of the field, but well done.


Competitors, thank you for letting me judge you - I hope you enjoyed my test.  Good luck at your next trial.


Stake: TD Nosework 


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Tess Shoolbred, Les Allen, and Maggie Stewart.

Square Stewards: Elizabeth Stapleton (mornings), Jennifer Staves (afternoons).


I would like to thank Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the TD Nosework.  Everyone involved worked so hard over both days.  Special thanks to Christine Brooks, who was trials manager once again, for doing a fantastic job.  To Stan and Joyce, many thanks for all your help and hard work.  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen - the food was great, especially the Norwegian Chicken provided by Elizabeth, which went down really well on our return home - excellent as usual.

To my tracklayers and stewards, a very big thank you, you were all great.  A huge thank you to Elizabeth De Unger for looking after Brian and me so well in your lovely home.  Last, but not least, a big thank you to Brian for looking after the two boys so that I could concentrate on judging.

The weather was very wet on Saturday, with continuous rain all day, but Sunday was dry and sunny but very cold.


1st           Andy Baker with RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, WSD, D, 217, Q.  Only lost two marks on the track, the rest was perfect, a joy to watch.  Very well done, Andy.

2nd         Peter Brooke with PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, LAB, D, 213, Q.  A very stylish track, only lost 3.5 marks overall; again, I really enjoyed watching you work.  Well done, Peter.

3rd          Sheila Margreaves with KHAMYSKER ROCKET, GSD, 203.5, Q.  Another very good nosework performance, worked well throughout.  Well done, Sheila.

4th          Andrew Lloyd with STARDELL TARAZED, BC, D, 183, Q.  Unfortunately, missed the end of the track but full marks until then.  He then did a full mark square.  Well done, Andy.   

5th          Don Laskey with SHARDEES KOS, GSD, D, 176.5, Q.  The only team to qualify on the Friday, you both worked extremely hard in difficult conditions; missed the last bit of the track but did a good square.  Very well done, Don.



Stake: PD 


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon and Joyce Tibbetts

Square Steward: Sandra Lewindon

C/A and Patrol Steward: Mark Lewindon

Protected Stewards: Mick Tustain, Ross George, Danny Lindsey and Bob Cooke.


Thank you to the Surrey Committee for inviting me to judge their PD Open.  I was very well looked after – thank you for your hospitality.  Many thanks to my stewarding team, I really appreciated your help and support throughout the day.  An extra thank you to Mick and Lauren for kindly providing me with hides and sleeves.

I was very fortunate that the PD ran on the Friday when the weather was glorious.  No big coats or waterproofs required in the almost unbroken sunshine.  Tracking was on lush grass meadows and all teams worked extremely well – they were a joy to watch.  Stan Ford and Zeus brought home the best nosework marks.

We did the speak and gun tests on the tracking field, leaving just heelwork, sendaway and stays to do on the control field, plus the jumps of course.

Sendaway was an outrun of 140 paces to cross poles, a recall to a point about half way back, then a right redirect of approx 100 paces to the boundary hedge, where no marker had been placed.   Following the C/A sections, there were three teams taking qualifying marks through to the Patrol Round.

I tried to set a Patrol round that flowed well through the different exercises, partly because that’s the sort of round I like to work and partly because, with the short daylight hours, we couldn’t afford to waste any time.

We began with the chase – a protected steward emerged from a hide against the left hand hedge some 100 yards up the field.  Handlers were required to call their challenges and the helper gave verbal as he walked out into the field.  At the moment he turned to run, the dog was sent.  Once the handler joined and controlled the dog, there was a cursory search, followed by an escort back down the field with an attack on handler en route.  This brought the team to the point from which the quarter would start.

I set a left-hand quarter.  There was a hide 100 yards up on the right side of the field to check, then across the field to check the hide where the chase protected steward had been, and then on down the boundary between our field and the woodland.  There was a protected steward hidden just inside the woodland in the bottom left hand corner.  I was looking for good barking in the hide from the dog, and handlers who showed they knew how to bring a man out of the confines of the trees to a point where the search could be safely undertaken.

From the bottom edge of the field and some 50 yards to the right of the dog and handler, the recall protected steward emerged and walked briskly straight up the field some 50 yards, before turning right and starting to run.  When he had covered a certain distance the dog was sent and I signalled the recall as the dog reached the point I had designated.

Finally, we had the test of courage.  One man came noisily forward from the bottom hedge; the dog was sent in and, upon arrival, two more men who had been partially concealed came noisily forward, flapping large plastic sacks, and surrounded the dog.  Once the handler had taken control of the situation and the dog, the test was over.


1st           Ruth Cahill with RASSAU LERA OF VOMKYNA, GSD, CDEx, WDEx. 302, Q.  Our only qualifier, Ruth and Pixi gave very little away.  A great display of teamwork across all sections.  Well done and good luck in Ticket.

2nd         Stan Ford with VONHAUSWOLF RAINBIRD, GSD, NQ.  Stan and Zeus were brilliant in the nosework section, giving away just one point.  Zeus really struggles to control his excitement in the C/A sections and sadly this proved their undoing.  His patrol round was pretty good, one of only two dogs within qualifying marks in this section.  Well done, Stan.

3rd          Diane Ling with LITTLE DEBEN JOE, GSD x Collie, NQ.  Again, great nosework, giving away only three points.  Qualified the C/A, although the uncharacteristic miss of the long jump made it a close-run thing.  However, Joe was enjoying himself too much to heed the recall command in the patrol round, leaving them just four marks short of qualifying.

4th          Ursula Furter with ASALDO DIAMOND SKY LUCY AT AVONWOLF, Mali, NQ.  Very good overall performance from Ursula and Lucy, who were competing in PD for the first time.  Lucy was a little unsure about how to cope with the test of courage, and also failed to respond to the recall.  A team who I am sure will progress well.


Thanks to all the handlers for accepting my marking with good grace and being excellent company throughout the day.  Happy trialling.

In closing I must thank the farmers and land owners for allowing us the privilege to work on their land – we couldn’t manage without them.  


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